The traditional Chinese medicine stalk in "Yanxi Raiders" is very wrong!Shinye new leaves are toxic?Talk!

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A Qing Palace was on fire!

The story tells the harem dispute of Emperor Qianlong

The heroine Wei Yan (Wu Jinyan)

To follow the truth of my sister’s death in the palace

So she entered the palace as the palace girl

The heroine opens all the way to climb up

Eventually, Emperor Qianlong Lingfei

(Yes, it is to return to Zhugegery

Ling Fei, who often helps Lagerstroemia’s Little Swallow)

Generally speaking, there are places with palace fights

Naturally, traditional Chinese medicine stalks!

In the past few years, "Zhen Huan Biography", "Female Doctor · Ming Fei Biography"

Until now "Yanxi Raiders"

The most common plot is the protagonist to see a doctor

Old Chinese medicine prescribed prescription …

In reality, some people even start to be based on

The recipe in the play to keep health and cure the disease

Is it right to do this?

Lao Lao Ye is non -toxic

But the new leaves are poisonous?

In the play, the first life -threatening "breakthrough game" encountered by the heroine Wei Yan is because helping the noble nobleman find the murderer who hurts her, and boldly says that "the old leaves are non -toxic, but the new leaves are poisonous"theory.

However, in the common sense of ordinary people

Loquat leaves are flavored lungs and livelihood

Good medicine to relieve cough

How can it be toxic?

Chen Renshou, director of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told reporters: "This is wrong to be toxic. It is not toxic whether it is new leaves or old leaves."The so -called "poisonous new leaves" may be a layer of hair on the sources of the new leaves. If it is not removed, it will cause cough.

Therefore, people generally choose to eat dry loquat leaves. After the leaves are dry, the fluff will fall automatically.If you want to use the new leaves, you can remove the surface of the surface.In addition, the taste of coriander leaf is cold, which can easily lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, poor physique or physical deficiency or cold body, or pregnant women with caution.

Expert conclusions: Nothing of new leaves or old leaves is not toxic.

Pearl powder and shell powder

differ greatly?

With the intensification of "Gong Dou", the "Chinese Medicine Stalk" is constantly upgraded.The weird concubine took the professional route, and God came to a "raccoon cat to change the prince" without knowing it.

Then the problem comes

This pearl powder and shell powder

The difference between the two is really big?

Chen Renshou said, first of all, pearl powder, like shell powder, is a powder made of shellfish.Different, pearl powder has medical value, and shell powder is developed by various small shells. The medicinal value is far less than that of pearl powder, and the price is far from the difference."Both of the two in terms of medicinal value and price are very different." In addition, pearl powder can not only be beauty, but also surprised.Chen Renshou explained that most people believe that pearl powder is beautiful and beautiful, but ancient books record that pearl powder has the effect of "fixing gods". For example, children are frightened, adults are suspicious, and ancient people are used to taking pearl powder to be shocked.The shell powder does not have a shocking effect.

However, the play says that "shell powder is not only good for the second time, but also hurts her mother." Chen Renshou believes that this is not very reliable. "It may be because of sexual cold, pregnant women should not eat."

Expert conclusion: The medicinal value and price are indeed very different, but the shell powder is unreliable.

Eat too much sweets

The child who gave birth to a natural pupil?

There are always some "surprising" plots in the harem drama. For example, in the recently updated episodes, the little brother born in the nobleman is full of yellow and natural golden pupils.Facing the risk of being executed.

Seeing this, mothers are going to laugh.Even the novice parents know, what is ominous signs, isn’t this newborn jaundice?Too common!It’s just that the situation of this little brother should be very serious.In the play, a folk sacred man later said the truth: the little brother suffers from neonatal jaundice.

Chen Renshou said that neonatal jaundice is a very common disease, mainly in the 28 -day newborn. Due to abnormal bilirubin metabolism, the level of bilirubin in the blood increases, so the skin and eyes appear yellow.symptom.

In the play, the reason why the little brother got newborn jaundice was because the mother was caused by eating too much sweets and hot food during pregnancy. Is there a basis for this statement?Chen Renshou said that it is possible.Because this disease is mainly caused by the lack of ability to excrete and intake of bilirubin in the liver. The mother eats more sweets and fishy things during pregnancy, and the dampness is accumulated, resulting in weakened liver function, which may cause newborn liver liverThe function is not good, so it suffers from neonatal jaundice.

Expert conclusion: This is possible

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