The true status quo of public high schools in the United States: bullying, sexual assault, pregnancy, and the degree of openness is shocking

The true status quo of public high schools in the United States: bullying, sexual assault, pregnancy, and the degree of openness is shocking

The United States is a country with the best education system in the world. Its level of higher education and the number of famous schools are unparalleled.However, there are many serious problems in basic education in the United States, especially public high schools.In these public high schools, students are facing all kinds of challenges and dangers, from gun violence to racial discrimination, from campus bullying to sexual assault, and never get married to the flood of drugs.These issues not only affect the study and growth of students, but also reflect the deep contradictions and crises of American society.

In order to explore the true status of the US public high school, the American A & E TV station shot a documentary called "Undercover High School".The documentary invited seven young people to impersonate high school students to observe and experience the internal schools inside the school in a public high school in Kansas.Although these seven young people have different identities, some have even been mixed in the workplace for many years, but they have one thing in common that they have experienced the life of ordinary public high schools in the United States.They want to use their experiences and perspectives to help confused and troubled high school students to find the direction of moving forward.

Through four -month undercover life, these young people have discovered many shocking and chills.The following are some of the summary they feel:

Gun violence: In the United States, several shootings in primary and secondary schools occur every year, causing death and injury of innocent students and faculty.And this public high school is no exception. During the undercover, a girl was shot outside the school.In order to help the victims hold a funeral, her friends held a charity meeting at the school.In order to prevent similar incidents, the school still holds a terrorist exercise from time to time, and teaching students should respond to the invasion of the gunmen.However, these measures did not make students feel safe and assured, but made them more fear and anxiety.Every day they are afraid of themselves or those they know becoming the next victim.

Racial discrimination: In this public high school, there are students from different races and backgrounds, including white, black, Latin American, Asian, etc.However, there is no diversified and inclusive atmosphere. On the contrary, racial discrimination and prejudice are common phenomena.The most weak groups are Latin American students, who are often ridiculed, insulted and excluded by other ethnic students.Some Latin -American students are even facing the risk of repatriation because of their own or family problems.These factors seriously affect their learning and life.In the annual campus Queen’s election activities, for several years, the American Blacks from the basketball team won the title of Queen, and girls have never been elected for girls.When a Latin -American girl successfully won the title of Queen, she was attacked and questioned by other ethnic students.

Campus bullying: In this public high school, campus bullying is a common phenomenon.Some students have become the objects of bullying and ridicule of other students for their appearance, sexual orientation, results, family, etc.They are often subject to words and physical violence, and even some students will slander and intimidate them on social media.These victims often have no courage and ways to seek help, and they can only endure or escape.Some victims even have psychological problems such as inferiority, depression, self -harm, and even the idea of suicide.Some bullyers are out of the motivation of boring, jealousy, and revenge to make unreasonable trouble and malicious harm to other students.They lack empathy and moral concepts, nor are they worried about being punished and sanctioned.

Sexual assault: In this public high school, sexual assault is also a serious problem.Some boys will harass, tease, exploration and other inappropriate behaviors such as girls, and even rape or extort girls.Some boys use social media to send indecent information or pictures to girls, or deceive girls’ nude photos or videos, and then use it to threaten or extort girls.Some girls are afraid to report the situation to the school or parents because they are afraid or shame. They can only swallow or succumb to each other’s request.Some boys are because of the openness or misleading of sexual concepts, thinking that doing so is normal or interesting, and did not realize that they had violated the law and morality.

Unmarried pregnancy: In this public high school, unmarried pregnancy is also a common phenomenon.Some girls are pregnant with their children because of their early love, not knowing how to protect themselves, or intentionally pregnant.This is a huge burden and challenge for them and children.Some girls broke with their families because they were pregnant and had to drop out of school or work to support themselves and their children.Some girls have affected their study and future planning because they are pregnant, and even lead to abortion or abandon custody.And some boys abandon their girlfriends and children because they are irresponsible or evaded responsibilities.

The degree of openness: In this public high school, the level of openness of students is also shocking.Some students play mobile phones, eat, chat, and even deliberately put music, but teachers cannot stop them.Some students often skip classes, absent from school, late, and even do not go to school, and the school cannot investigate their responsibilities.Some students smoke, drink, drug use, and even have sex in the toilet or classroom, and other students will turn a blind eye.Some students posted their own private photos or videos on social media, or participated in some unhealthy challenges and games, and parents do not know or do not care.These students lack discipline and norms, do not respect themselves and others, only pursue stimuli and happiness, and do not consider the consequences and impacts.

This documentary shows the true status of the US public high school, and has also aroused widespread concern and discussion in society.Many people are shocked and angry about the problems in these public high schools, and they are also worried and doubts about the future of these high school students.They believe that these problems are the failure and failure of American society, the loopholes and disadvantages of the American education system, and the fallen and corruption of American culture.They call on the government, schools, families, society and other aspects to take effective measures to improve the quality and environment of public high schools, protect the safety and rights of high school students, cultivate the morality and ability of high school students, and provide them with a better growthSpace and future opportunities.

However, some people have different views and attitudes to this documentary.They believe that this documentary is a prejudice and distortion, a selectivity and exaggeration, and a kind of attack and slander.They believe that this documentary only shows the most negative and extreme side of the US public high school, and does not reflect the positive and positive side of the US public high school.They believe that there are many outstanding and hard -working students in the US public high school, many teachers responsible and dedicated, and many effective and innovative education methods and activities.They believe that the problems in the US public high school are not common and serious, but individual and accidental, and are being improved and resolved.They believe that the US public high school is still a place full of opportunities and hope, and it is still a cradle to cultivate talents and leaders.

In any case, this documentary undoubtedly provided us with a window to understand the true status of the American public high school, and also put forward a challenge to think about the problems of the US public high school.We cannot generalize, and we cannot see it. We must objectively analyze the reasons and influences of the problem, and actively seek to solve and improve the problem.We must care about every student in the US public high school, pay attention to their growth and needs, and support their dreams and efforts.We must believe that the US public high school still has huge potential and value, and we can still contribute more wealth and wisdom to American society and the world.

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