The two former brothers of Douyu were completely cool?Uu show 90W+famous watch, snake 嫂 嫂 嫂 嫂

A few days ago, a group of netizens brought a live broadcast rhythm of Da Ma. Da Sima, who has always been low -key live broadcast, and low -key people, has been full of rhythm after becoming a brother.

Although "Live Broadcast" is difficult to do, the fame and fortune brought by the title of "One Brother" far exceeds the price that the "one brother" needs!Although the two former brothers AAB and Snake Brother were blocked and one was being blocked and one was carrying a penalty of millions of liquidated damages. The first brother of the former Douyu was completely cool in the eyes of netizens, but is this really the case?Intersection

The popularity of the two cool brothers crushed the other anchors of Douyu, and the fame and fortune brought by the high popularity naturally beyond most people’s imagination:

Although my boyfriend is limited to never appear, but failed to organize the update frequency of UU Weibo, recently UU has exposed a selfie on Weibo:

Many sharp -eyed netizens found that the value of UU selfie wearing is as high as 90W+:

After losing the popularity of the live broadcast, UU’s living standards have not declined because of this. Weibo’s selfies are becoming more luxurious. The 90W+famous watches also make many big anchors be ashamed.It’s January 80W!

For many years, coupled with the influence of a brother, although UU no longer eats the live bonus, countless loyal fans’ consumption in Taobao store still makes UU a carefree and food worry -free.

Different from the former brother, the former brother snake brother is like a meteor in the night sky. The fame broke out quickly but died and declined faster -the first two months of popularity in the whole network, and two months became the whole network abandoned child.Before he had time to harvest the popular bonus, the snake brother bears the sky -high liquidated damages of Douyu and Huya up to 7000W. There is no Taobao shop, no news, and the snake brother who has been cut off the economic source must be miserable?

Today, Snake Snake showed her pregnancy beauty map on Weibo. The words were not affected by negative news. It seems that the tens of millions of liquidated damages in the snake brother are not a matter:

Unlike most netizens’ imagination, the image of exiting the live broadcast is cool. Although the two former brothers are full of stains, the standard of living is far exceeding many popular anchors. It can be seen that the value of a brother is large.Multi -anchors want to sit on a brother’s throne!

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