The vertical line on the stomach of the pregnant mother can see these 2 points, which is a bit surprising.

Everyone who has giving birth to a baby knows that when pregnant, the pregnant mother will have a line in the middle of the belly. Depending on the constitution of each pregnant mother, the color, thickness, and length of that line are different.During pregnancy, the pregnant mother will change the body hormone because of pregnancy, so the vertical line will appear on the belly. Some colors are very shallow and almost invisible.Wire.There are legends in the folk that after the pregnant mother is pregnant, the pregnancy line on the stomach is very dark and biased to the left.I am not tired of it, and the pregnant mother’s pregnancy stomach is only a male treasure in the stomach. The probability of the second choice is half and half of the legends of the people.You can see these points.

Through the pregnancy line, you can judge the physique of pregnant mothers

The cause of the pregnancy line is actually a pregnancy reaction. After the pregnant mother is pregnant, the hormone in the body will change, which will cause melanin to increase, resulting in pigmentation in the white line of the abdomen, and gradually becomes a black line, which is the pregnancy line.The pregnancy line on each pregnant mother during pregnancy is different, which is mainly related to their personal constitution, age, skin color, and hormone level.Generally speaking, the skin is white and acne is not easy to leave marks, and the pregnancy line will be lighter; the skin is darker, the wound is prone to scars, and the pregnancy line is more obvious.

The pregnancy line is an important anatomy of the human body

The scientific name of the pregnancy line is the white line. In fact, everyone has different people. The depths are different. It is a thread band made of tendon fusion of the abdomen muscles of the front abdomen. The muscle fiber tissue is attached to it.The pubic bone is united, forming a mid -line on the left and right sides of the belly.Therefore, it is an important anatomy symbol in the human body.

Someone gave it a warm explanation about this vertical line. It is said that each baby was sent to the mother’s belly through God’s hand. Since then, God deliberately leaves this line in his mother’s belly.I hope to tell your mother that whether you are pregnant with men or women, don’t treat your children equally.Don’t reduce love because it is a female treasure, and don’t love more because of a boy.The baby is the crystallization of the husband and wife, caring for their children, growing up with children, and enjoying this process is a very happy thing.Have you remembered this warm legend of the vertical line?

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