The warmth of health and physical inspection section prompts "smoking is harmful to health" is not just a slogan

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Regarding the origin of the six words "smoking is harmful to health" on the cigarette case, there are two versions circulating: one is that a grandma died of lung cancer because of his long -term smoking.The short six words were won on the cigarette case; the other version was once an American died of excessive smoking. The doctor was identified as Nicotine poisoning, so his family told the smoke factory to the court and said that he said thatThe tobacco factory is responsible, knowing that cigarettes will cause death but not indicated on the cigarette case. This incident has been recognized by the court, and it is stipulated that any cigarette case will be indicated in the future.We will not explore these two versions of the authenticity, but the World Health Organization "Tobacco Control Framework Convention" (officially approved in 2005 in my country) stipulates that: the health of tobacco products must have the health of the harmful consequences of tobacco use. Alert.Now the six words "smoking are harmful to health" have become a slogan, but is it just a slogan?


Direct impact of smoking

Since the middle of the 20th century, people have greatly improved their awareness of global tobacco.Although it may be difficult to fully understand from the perspective of our 21st century, the impact of tobacco on human health is still a fierce argument until not long ago.Through the joint efforts of workers from many different fields, the relationship between smoking and respiratory diseases, malignant tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and other diseases are becoming increasingly clearer.It shows that at least 25%of the continuous smokers develop into patients with chronic obstruction [1-3].


Indirect hazards of smoking

Second -hand smoke contains a large amount of harmful substances and carcinogens. Those who do not smoke are exposed to second -hand smoke. The risk of various smoking -related diseases will also increase.Studies have shown that there are 1.52 times the risk of second -hand smoke exposed smokers who are exposed to lung cancer. The risk of increasing the risk of lung cancer exposed to family and working environments increases by 48%and 38%, respectively.[4].The exposure of second -hand smoke is related to the occurrence of asthma in children. The risk of second -hand smoke exposing children’s asthma is 1.51 times that of children’s exposure. [5]Smoking during pregnancy may have a lifetime impact on the child. The exposure of the fetus in the smoke can cause premature birth, low birth weight, and certain birth defects.


The impact of smoking on drug treatment

Tobacco changes the pharmacological effects of the drug by affecting the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs.The liver enzyme system in the liver can promote the transformation of a variety of drugs, and the compound contained in tobacco can enhance the activity of liver enzymes, which accelerate the metabolism of some drugs and reduce the pharmacological effects [6].In addition to affecting the metabolism of the human body to the drug, smoking can also affect the effectiveness of efficacy by directly affecting some organic functions such as the human body, such as delaying gastric emptying time and changing intestinal peristalsis and affecting drug absorption.The instructions of drugs such as aminocate, catexine, chlorodatarian, ozine, ozetin, hydrochloride, and rinzole have clearly stated that smoking will affect its metabolism in the body.In addition, the clinical research of a variety of drugs also indicates that smoking is likely to affect their metabolism or efficacy in the body, including vitamin C, opioids, Simiidine, Renitidine and other drugs [6-9].


Pharmacist tip

1. When you need to receive drug treatment, you should inform the medical staff’s history of smoking (including starting/stop smoking, smoking, and second -hand smoke exposure) to help medical staff judge the current impact of tobacco on your body.It is conducive to your more accurate and effective treatment.When smoking people are treated with drugs, the interaction of smoking and drugs may cause smokers to increase the dosage or increase the number of doses to achieve the corresponding curative effect.Pay attention to the treatment of smoking quit people when receiving drug treatment. For patients who have increased doses due to smoking, they need to closely observe whether adverse reactions occur after smoking quitting. Especially for drugs with narrow safety scope. If necessaryDose provides a basis to improve the safety of medication.

2. For the health of you and the people around you, it is more important to stop smoking.Smoks who accept medical care professionals quit smoking are more likely to be successful than smoking quitting smokers who have not accepted the proposal.Although some people can quit smoking without help, the combination of consultation and drug treatment has increased the number of successful smoking cessation.In any case, it is not too late to quit smoking at any time.

Source: Health Medical Examination Division

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