The weight gain was 23 pounds during pregnancy, and 98 pounds were recovered in half a year after giving birth!My weight management experience sharing

For a woman, a child is a huge change in life. We not only face the change of the body, but also face the change of identity and the changes in family structure.

I have seen a lot of mothers. When I was young, I was slim and delicate, but after giving birth to a child, I looked like a person.Most of them attributed the reason for "giving birth to children": I was thin when I was young, and then I got pregnant for dozens of pounds. After giving birth, I never lost weight …

As a mother, we all hope that our babies can be healthy and fat, so when we are fat, we will make excuses: I am all for the baby!In fact, this is just to comfort yourself.

Before pregnancy, I weighed only 100 pounds (164cm tall). Because I was stable for many years, I thought I could not eat fat. After I learned that I was pregnant, I took a baby to eat the sea.6 pounds.When I was criticized by a doctor with a single name, I realized the seriousness of the problem, so I started the road of weight management during pregnancy.

I increased a total of 23 pounds (including 6 pounds in the first two months), and I lost weight to 98 pounds in half a year after giving birth.The child’s mother!

Before I was pregnant, my inherent impression of pregnancy was: eat more and lying flat!In short, it should be very enjoyable ~ but this is not the case!For the health and smooth production of mothers and babies, in fact, we must control our diet and persist in exercise during pregnancy.

In fact, controlling weight during pregnancy is not just for its own appearance. The weight increases too fast, which is very harmful to pregnant mothers and babies.

The growth of weight during pregnancy is too fast, which can easily cause pregnancy hypertension syndrome and gestational diabetes. It will also increase the probability of huge children. Once the baby is too large, the problem of difficulty in giving birth, bleeding, and injury will follow.Moreover, after growing up, the chances of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are often higher than normal weight babies.

However, controlling weight does not mean the less weight growth, the better.I have seen a lot of mothers who have only risen less than 10 pounds or even three or five pounds during their pregnancy.

However, if you blindly control your weight, it will lead to too little nutritional intake during pregnancy.The babies in the belly cannot get enough nutrients needed for growth and development, and they will develop dysplasia, and even affect brain supplemental nerve development.

Only through scientific weight management, our weight growth controls within a reasonable range, can we maintain our body shape on the basis of ensuring the healthy growth of the baby.

Most of the advice on weight growth during pregnancy are divided according to BMI values.

The BMI Mass Index is a number obtained from a square meter with a kilogram of weight. It is a standard for measuring the body’s fat and thinness and whether it is healthy.

For pregnant women with twin, women should increase 16.8-24.5kg during pregnancy, and overweight women should increase by 11.3-19.1kg during pregnancy.

It should be noted that although according to the BMI index, it can be obtained by the rational weight gain during pregnancy, but the actual weight growth during pregnancy is not uniform, but faster and faster, because the third trimester is a period of rapid fetal development. This period is during this period.It is more difficult to control weight growth than early pregnancy.

Therefore, in the early pregnancy, we should control the weight growth within 1kg. After all, at the 12 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is only about one black butlin, and the weight can be ignored.

After pregnancy, with the changes in hormone levels and metabolism in the body, pregnant women will experience physiological hyperlipidemia, and the body will automatically reserve more fat for babies’ growth, childbirth and breastfeeding, and due to the sharp changes in various hormones in the body during pregnancyIt is also likely that sugar metabolism disorders and abnormal sugar resistance will occur.

This is why many people (including me) eat without fat before pregnancy, but they can eat fat at once after pregnancy.

Therefore, if you want to control your weight during pregnancy, we need to adjust our diet structure first.

❤️ Three meals a day change to eat less meals

During pregnancy, it will be very easy to feel hungry, and you have to eat when you are hungry, otherwise it is easy to cause dizziness for hypoglycemia, so we need to add additional snack intake between three meals, such as nuts, yogurt, whole wheat bread, and so on.

In addition, the three meals should not be enough to eat, and the amount of intake of a day is dispersed by eating less meals, which is also conducive to maintaining the balance of blood sugar.

❤️ Control the intake of various ingredients every day

We must guarantee enough nutrition for the baby during pregnancy and minimize our accumulation of fat. This requires us to reasonably control and scientifically with the intake of various ingredients.

With reference to the balanced dietary pagoda formulated according to the principle of nutrition, we need to reasonably match the ingredients such as grains, fruits, vegetables, fish eggs, milk, beans and other ingredients.Come to provide nutrition for the fetus.

If you do not have a certain concept of the number of ingredients in various types of ingredients, you can use the following palm rule to calculate the daily ingredients:

The amount of dishes that two hands can grasp is about 500g;

The quantity of a fist -sized staple food is about 100g;

The size of the palm, the thickness of the little finger, or the amount of lean meat consistent with the length and width of the two fingers is equivalent to about 50g of protein;

The size of the fingertips of the thumb fingertips is equivalent to 10g.

❤️ Little oil, coarse grains, low sugar

The staple foods we often eat in white rice and noodles are not only high in sugar, but also the speed of raising blood sugar. It is recommended to increase the intake of coarse grains and potatoes, and the thickness of thickness.

I basically eat mixed grain rice throughout my pregnancy, such as millet, black rice, brown rice, sorghum rice, oats, etc., mix and eat at will. Although the taste is not as good as white rice, it is not easy to raise blood sugar, and the nutrition is richer in nutrition.Essence

In addition, less oil and low sugar are also necessary conditions to control long meat.

❤️ Try to choose foods with lower GI values

If you have gestational diabetes, basically doctors will strictly control the diet during pregnancy and require low GI food.

The GI is the sugar lift index. The lower the GI value, the relatively slower the blood glucose level increases after eating.

Generally speaking, the sugar lift index of food is <55, which is a low GI food; the sugar lift index of food is between 55-75 and belongs to the middle GI food; the sugar lift index of food is> 75, which is a high GI food.

In contrast to the following common food GI and heat meter, try to choose foods with lower GI values as much as possible, which will help control the weight during pregnancy.

Exercise can not only consume excess fat, but also help the final smooth production.

At the stage where the fetus is not stable in the early pregnancy, the form of exercise should be mainly based on simple walks. Walking can not only exercise the body, but also promote the sleep of pregnant mothers.

In the middle and late pregnancy, in the case of good physical condition in the pregnant mother, you should adhere to the medium -intensity exercise of 30 minutes a day.

Common sports are swimming, fast walking, pregnant women yoga and so on.If there is conditions, swimming is the best way to exercise, which can not only increase lung capacity, help shorten the output, but also alleviate the back pain during pregnancy.Many stars will insist on swimming during pregnancy, but this sport has higher requirements for the environment.

I basically rely on daily running to exercise during pregnancy, and insist on walking 1W every day. Even in the third trimester, I can be healthy and light like a swallow. In addition, I have taken a yoga class of pregnant women several times. Later, the epidemic situation later.Because of the reason, I changed myself to practice at home.

I have practiced a lot of yoga during the pregnancy of beautiful ballet, the famous ballet "Swan" Helen teacher!Except for her stomach during pregnancy, she was almost fat elsewhere, and she was still a flexible "swan" ~ Her yoga was a bit strong. Pregnant mothers needed to practice with force ~

In addition, it should be noted that not all pregnant mothers are suitable for exercise!

If there is a placenta low, repeated bleeding, signs of abortion, aura premature birth, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to whether they can conduct exercise and need to consult a doctor of birth.

If the weight control during pregnancy is well controlled, it is very easy to restore the figure after giving birth!

Especially for mothers who breastfeed after giving birth, almost they can lose weight in the process of breastfeeding.

I weighed about 118 pounds after giving birth (although the baby was more than six pounds, but in fact, my weight did not decrease too much), and the weight of breastfeeding was 98 pounds after half a year!During this period, there were not too many exercise (because they were busy with the baby), but occasionally did yoga to maintain the shape.

Breastfeeding requires about 500 calories per day. To a certain extent, it is very conducive to postpartum weight loss. As long as the meal is reasonable, postpartum breastfeeding can not only provide babies with better nutrition, but also help weight loss.

Some mothers may be puzzled, and they are breastfeeding. Why are they getting fatter after giving birth?That’s because we have taken too much calories for milk and get fat!

In order to provide babies with high -quality breast milk, we need to pay attention to the intake of high -quality protein and various vitamins in the diet. Usually eat more fish, egg milk and various vegetables.There is no scientific basis that can make lactation, but it will make us grow fat.

During breastfeeding, we need to consume enough moisture every day to ensure milk production, and we do not need to drink a lot of so -called "tonic soup". Most of the nutrition of the broth is in the meat, not in the soup.

Balance our diet, and with an appropriate amount of exercise, it will become easier to lose weight after giving birth ~

Do the above, become a beautiful hot mom with me ~

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