The whole process of women’s upper ring is distressed after watching it!Both men and women should take a good look and cherish the people in front of you

"Mom, I really envy my classmate. She also has a brother and a sister, unlike only one in our family. Why did you no longer regenerate one?"Ms. Yang’s daughter asked curiously.

"At that time, we only gave birth to only one, and I didn’t encourage more. I went to the ring later."

"Mom, what does Shanghuan mean? How do you get it?"?

Ms. Yang hesitated: "I only know that it is a ring that restricts our fertility. I don’t know how to do it. However, you said, I suddenly remembered that this ring should be taken out.

Doctors guess that many people may know the "upper ring", but they do not know the specific Shelling process and what they need to pay attention to after the ring.So what exactly is the "upper ring" and what is the process?Does it have an impact on the life of husband and wife after the lane?What are the issues need to pay attention to?Let’s take a look at these questions.

So what kind of process is this medical and contraceptive means? Let’s take a look together!After reading it, I really feel bad for women.

The upper ring mainly refers to one of the commonly used women’s contraceptive methods. It is different from condoms, contraceptives, etc. This contraceptive method is safer, effective, reliable and less harmful. Generally, it can be placed for up to 15 years.

The "ring" refers to the in -the -palace biochemical device, placed it in the uterus, so that the fertilized eggs cannot enter the uterus, thereby achieving the effect of contraception.If you want to get pregnant again, take the ring, and you can still return to the state of normal pregnancy.What is the specific process of women’s Sheung Wan?What do you need to pay attention to in this process?

After all, it is an operation, so the sanitary disinfection in front of the ring is very important.Before going to the ring, the medical equipment and women will be disinfected locally.After the surgeon will wait for the women to row the urine, use iodophu to disinfect the vulva and vagina, and other medical devices used, and then lay a fungic cave towel.

This is a crucial step. If it is not disinfected and clean, it may cause bacterial impurities to enter the uterine cavity, and then infection, causing vaginal inflammation and endometritis.

Secondly, the doctor will open the cervix and explore the depth of the uterine cavity.In this process, a doctor will use the vaginal pheasant to fully open the cervix and disinfect it.Then use the uterine probe to detect the depth of the uterine cavity in the position of the uterus, which may be the most painful part of female friends.Some women can have cervical pain, but with the advancement of medical technology, such phenomena will not be so painful.

The last step of the Sheung Wan is to put the birthpool in the uterus. The doctor will put the selected birth ring on the poisonous upper needle, and send it to the direction of the uterine cavity in the uterine cavity.EssenceWhen passing through the endometrium, it is consistent with the direction of the uterine cavity, and placed a good birth ring to prevent them from being crooked or falling out.

In fact, the process of Sheung Wan can be completed within a few minutes. Now most of them are painless upper, and pain generally does not cause pain, so women do not have to worry too much.

After watching this complete Sheli Ring process, do many people have many questions about this? Most people are concerned about whether they can have normal husband and wife communication after the Sheung Wan, or women who need to be on the ring.More appropriate issues.Don’t worry, as a gynecologist, let me continue to answer doubts for you!

Regarding the time of Shekuan, it is best to be 3-7 days after menstruation.Because the endometrium is relatively thin at this time, it is not easy to cause vaginal bleeding.After menstruation or cleanliness, the vagina and vulva must be kept clean, and couples are prohibited from communicating.

Therefore, in order to better maintain women’s health, you should also go to the hospital for some corresponding examinations, such as: gynecological examination, routine blood examination.The most important thing is that the female friends in the ring need to do a good job of abdominal perspective examination. Doctors should carefully check the position of the birth ring to determine that there is no change.

However, it should be noted that women with vaginitis, acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease or other gynecological diseases are not suitable for the upper ring. After a complete cure, they will choose the right time to place the birthplace.

In addition, for the mother who has a child who does not want children to give birth for the time being, it is recommended to place the birthplace after 3 months after delivery.For female friends with caesarean section, it is recommended to place it after half a year after giving birth.Because the postpartum women are generally weak, and the Sheung Wan will affect the recovery of the body.Because it is a contraceptive device placed in the uterine cavity, if it is not restored to the ring after giving birth, the risk of infection may be increased.

So can female friends after Sheung Wan still communicate with husband and wife?The answer is certainly possible!If you have different rooms, you do n’t need to go to the ring.

Generally, husbands and wives can be exchanged after half a month after the female goes on the ring.Because the birth ring and the body of women will have a "running -in period", it is impossible to adapt all of a sudden. If the husband and wife communicate prematurely after the upper ring, it will cause the birth ring to fall off, bend or cause accidental pregnancy.Some body fluids after the exchange of men and women after the lane also easily cause women to suffer from gynecological inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis.

After reading these, do you have a certain understanding of the Shanghuan?Although Sheung Wan is a relatively safe and reliable contraceptive method, it also has the front and back like a coin, which will also have certain harm to women’s bodies.Many husbands and wives are worried that they will be harmful to their bodies after sheer?Can I remove the birth ring in the future?

In fact, there are indeed some points that need to be paid attention to after the upper ring.Some women will have a small amount of bleeding, which are mainly manifested in 3-4 days after the lane, because the birth ring in the uterus stimulates uterine contraction, and can also rub the inner membrane of the cervix and cause bleeding.However, it is normal, and it can usually return to normal in about a week.

In addition, it may also cause menstrual flow and increase in leucorrhea after the upper ring.This is due to endometrial contraction, and the body balance has changed. Among them, vaginal secretions increase significantly, resulting in irregular menstruation, extension of menstruation, and leucorrhea increases, which may also cause local infections.Therefore, we must pay attention to local care and personal hygiene.

In addition, the retractable uterine shrinkage of the upper end of the ring may also cause backache, muscle weakness, or abdominal pain. These situations vary from person to person.If these symptoms exist for a long time, you need to seek medical treatment in time!

The above is some of the symptoms that most women will have after the ring, so you must pay attention!Many women now feel that they can have good contraception after the Sheung Wan. Do n’t worry about getting pregnant by accident, they are used to the existence of the birth ring, so they will forget that they will be harmful to the body if they are not taken off for a long time.

Before the doctor, the doctor encountered serious consequences that did not take the ring in time and caused serious consequences.Ms. Zhang told her grandmother when she was young, and she had not removed the birth ring for dozens of dozens of now. It was not until she was hospitalized that she knew that the birth ring had grown with meat.Through this case, it can be explained that the female friends of the Sheung Wan must remember to take the ring at a certain time!It is also introduced in the above -mentioned birthday.

Generally speaking, the silicone and plastic materials can be placed for about 5-7 years, and the metal can be placed for 15 to 20 years. When the service life of the nursery ring is fast, remember to take it out.Because women are in the period of menopause, the uterus begins to shrink, and the birth ring may grow in the uterus, affecting physical health, and severe gynecological diseases.

So when is the best time to take the ring?The ring should be within two years after menopause or about 50 years old.For ordinary women with childcare age, the better loop takes time is 3 to 7 days after menstruation, and most women may need to prepare for pregnancy, so doctors recommend 6 months or a year in advance.

After reading the above, will the boys compatriots cherish the wife who loves themselves in the future?So what necessary matters should we pay attention to in the last section of the ring to better maintain the health of the body. The doctors below list some key points for everyone.

① Pay attention to local care and maintain hygiene.In order to prevent the breeding of various diseases and bacteria, it is necessary to keep the vagina and vulva clean and diluted underwear after the surgery is over.In addition, you should not wash your underwear with other clothes. You can use warm water to wash your lower body with very hot water.Do not need to take a bath and bath, it is recommended to shower.

② The husband and wife are prohibited from communicating within two weeks after the upper ring.For your lover’s health, don’t be fast!Otherwise, it may cause internal infection of the cavity and cause complications of other gynecological diseases.In order to prevent postoperative infections and protect your health, it is best not to do the same room in the short term after the lane.

③ Be sure to pay attention to the appropriate rest. After the upper ring surgery is performed, try not to do heavy physical work within a week. If you don’t pay attention to rest, you may easily induce the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage.

For mild vaginal bleeding after the Sheung Wan, as long as the bleeding symptoms of proper rest will disappear naturally, if you do not pay attention to rest, bleeding will only become more and more serious, and even uterine disease and pelvic inflammatory disease will even occur.Moreover, a large labor may cause the fell from the cervix of the cervix, which is not conducive to the endometrium self -repair, resulting in the failure of the loop.

④ In the diet, pay attention to the light taste. It should be eaten less for the heavy taste foods of spicy and heavy oil. Eat more vegetables and fruits, milk and other foods, supplement vitamins and high protein, and promote physical recovery.

In short, the women’s Sheung Wan can indeed greatly reduce the chance of pregnancy, but after menopause, or to meet the above conditions, we must take the ring in time.After taking the ring, you should also pay attention to conditioning.When you want to take out the ring, the difficulty will increase, and it will not even be removed.

The above is some precautions related to the Sheung Wan introduced by the doctor. I hope that it can help the women who need to be on the ring!


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