The widow is pregnant for one year, the child is not born, the monk takes birth of soybeans: eat it to keep you a fat son

There is a youth fisherman named Liu Ming in Yumen County. Liu Ming is an orphan. When he was a child, his parents died. He grew up eating a hundred meals. LaterLife gradually settled.

Liu Ming, who grows up, knows gratitude very much. Every time she comes back, she will always send a few fish to the lonely old people in the village, and give them to those father and villagers who have helped him, so the folks like this diligent and heart in their hearts.Good guy.

Early in the morning, Liu Ming and the usual boat went to the Sanbai River to catch fishing. These Sanbai River surface wide. It was a traffic road from south and north.

Liu Ming was lucky today. Several nets were scattered, all of which were full. Seeing that the fish that jumped alive in the cabin, Liu Ming was happy to bloom in his heart.

Just as Liu Ming closed the net to go back, there was a screaming shout not far away, come, come, help, come, come, come.

Liu Ming was shocked when he heard the shout, and he quickly followed the reputation. I saw a large passenger boat, a woman stood on the bow and waved her arms, shouted desperately, and then looked at the river not far from the passenger boat.Struggling in the water, ups and downs, a big wave came, almost drowning the man.

Seeing that the life of the falling water was in danger, Liu Ming had no time to think about it, and quickly rushed the boat.

After so many years of fishing in Liu Ming, the technology of rowing must not be said, but seeing that the boat seemed to be away from the arrow of the string, he rushed to the beside the waterfall in the blink of an eye. Liu Ming jumped into the river and supported the falling person to support the falling person.Raising the boat.

After getting on the boat, Liu Ming saw it clearly. It was a middle -aged man who was rescued. He was very generous. At first glance, he was a rich man.

Liu Ming squeezed his abdomen to the middle -aged man. He spit out a lot of water. After a while, he slowly woke up. When he saw Liu Ming in front of him, look at himself lying on a small fishing boat, and he knew he knew himselfI was rescued, thanked I immediately, said, the young man, thank you so much, thank you for your life.

Liu Ming smiled thickly and replied that the officer was too polite, which was nothing.

Just as the two of them spoke, the passenger ship moved closer, and the wife of the ship looked at the middle -aged man safe and sound, and then let go of his heart, saying, master, you are okay, but just scared me to death, I thought I would see it’s your turn.

The middle -aged man replied that, lady, thanks to this little brother to rescue each other, otherwise we are afraid we will never see it again.

The woman hurriedly brought Liu Ming, thank you for saving my master, guy, come, come up for a while, and change to clothes by the way.

Liu Ming didn’t want to go up with the guest boat. The middle -aged man took him not to let go. Hey, brother, you saved my life, I would like to ask you to go to drink a cup of tea, please.

Liu Ming really quit, so he had to follow him on the passenger boat. The servant took clean clothes and asked Liu Ming to change it. The middle -aged man also changed his clothes, and then asked Liu Ming to drink tea in the cabin.

Only then did Liu Ming see clearly that this is a very luxurious passenger ship. The decoration is exquisite and gorgeous. Liu Ming is a eyes today. The life of a rich man is different.

The middle -aged man asked Liu Ming’s name and family world, and Liu Ming did not hide. He honestly said his name and only said that he was a fisherman who was fishing.

Later, I learned in the conversation that the middle -aged man was a well -known member of the county in the county. He was one of the best riches in the city. He brought his wife to visit friends from the neighboring county today, and only stood at the head of the ship at the head of the staff.The scenery, unexpectedly a strong wind scratched, was a stingy outside the staff, did not stand firm, and fell into the river. Fortunately, Liu Ming shot and rescued, otherwise his life would be difficult to protect.

The two talked for a while, and it was not too early to see it. Liu Ming got up and said, saying that outside of the staff, thank you for your fellowship. I still have a boat on the boat.It’s right.

As soon as Yu Yuan waved, the servant immediately brought a tray white flower silver. When Yu Yuan said, Liu Ming, you saved my life, and could not be rewarded. This silver was not respectful. Please accept it.

Seeing so many silver, saying a little bit of excitement, it must be fake. Liu Ming worked hard to fight for fishing, and he couldn’t earn a few or two silvers in a year.People.

But Liu Ming was a sincere guy, and immediately resigned. He said that outside of the staff, my beauty I have received it, but I can’t accept this silver. I see the righteousness.These silver, please take it back.

When Yu Yuan saw Liu Mingyan sincerely, he couldn’t help but secretly raised his thumbs. Well, this guy is really good, kind in his heart, noble character, and a rare talent, so he appreciates him more and more.

Liu Ming bid farewell to Yu Yuan, returned to his own small fishing boat, scratched the boat back, and his life returned to the calmness of the past.

On this day, Liu Ming picked up two large baskets of fresh fish to sell it to the county seat. He just put down the fish basket, and suddenly he stood in front of him. Liu Ming just wanted to ask, guest officer, do you want to buy fish?When you look up, you will be surprised immediately. The coming is not someone else.

Yu Yuan smiled slightly, replied, Liu Ming, I have been waiting for you for a few days, let’s go, sit on my house.

Liu Ming was stunned and asked, outside Yu, do you find me?

Nodded, replied, let’s go, here is not a place to speak. Let’s talk about it slowly at my home.

Alas, Liu Ming promised to follow his house to his house.

When I came to Yu House, Liu Mingdang was stunned. The mansion outside the staff was too luxurious and beautiful. I saw the towering platform, the luxury of the house decoration was extremely brilliant.

In addition, Liu Ming asked Liu Ming to sit in the lobby, and he asked incense tea, and then asked, Liu Ming, how old are you this year, is there a marriage match?

Liu Ming smiled and replied. Outside Yu, I was 21st this year.

Oh, that’s it, and then asked the Yahuan to go, go, and invite the lady.

Yahuan promised, and after a while, she heard a soft footsteps sounding outside, but saw the curtain provoked and walked into a young and beautiful woman.

At first glance, Liu Ming stayed up immediately. The woman was so beautiful. She saw that she was like a black waterfall, her eyes looked like lacquer daisy, her eyebrows were like the moon, as if the fairy came out of the painting.

Gelly outside the staff, Ya Ting, came over to see Engong.

Yes, dad, the woman agreed, and then gave a gift towards Liu Ming. Having said that, the little girl met En Gong.

When Liu Ming saw such a beautiful girl, she was ashamed when she boarded it. She didn’t know what to say, ah, the lady didn’t have to be more courteous, no more gift.

Looking outside Yu Yuan, haha laughed, Liu Ming, this is my little girl, named Yu Yating, at the age of nineteen years old, I think you are the best of heaven. Today I am the master, and I have made her to you.Will you be willing?

Liu Ming was overjoyed, ah, is this true?

Yu Yuan replied, 婚, how can marriage be regarded as a play, and of course what I said is true.

Liu Ming immediately kneeled down and his father was on his father.

When Yu Yuan was ascending, he couldn’t lit in his mouth.

After some time, the good day of choosing a good day was that under the control of the members, Liu Ming and Ya Ting became married.

After the young couple got married, the husband sang a woman, and she was loving and loving.

After Liu Ming and Ya Ting got married, Ya Ting originally brought a generous dowry. Liu Ming didn’t have to be so busy, but Liu Ming was a hard -working and simple person.The boat went out to fish for fishing, and Ya Ting also appreciated the hard work of her husband. He made the meal at home every day and waited for him to come back to eat together.

Five years have passed, and the little couple live a sweet and happy life. In the early winter of this year, Liu Ming suddenly felt abdominal pain. At first he didn’t take it seriously, but the abdominal pain became more and more powerful.Don’t go to the doctor for treatment.

After the doctor looked, his face was dignified, and Liu Ming asked, the doctor, what is my disease?

The doctor said heavyly that I wouldn’t hide it from you. You have severe liver disease, and you can only live for three months at most.

As soon as this remark, like a thunderbolt, Liu Ming was stunned. If he was young, he was terminally ill, and he lived in a few days.In order not to let his wife Ya Ting feel sad, he did not tell Ya Ting’s truth, but only said that he had no major illness, and it would be fine in a few months.

Ya Ting believed that it was true, so she didn’t ask anymore. Unexpectedly, after a few months, Liu Ming died seriously. In a moment, Ya Ting’s heart was like a knife and was distraught.

Seeing Ya Ting became a widow so young, her beauty was famous in the city. Many Wangs and grandsons in the city, and the nobles of the officials and nobles came to the door to come to the door, but they were all refused by Ya Ting.The dead husband and the festival, vowed not to marry.

After Liu Ming’s death, Ya Ting did not return to her mother’s house, but continued to live in Liu Ming’s old house, living a simple and quiet life.

The days passed quietly like flowing water, and a year passed. The weather was fine that day, and Ya Ting replaced all the sheets in the house and cleaned it carefully.

Just as Yating stood on the stool to dry the sheets, suddenly the wind was blowing, Ya Ting’s center of gravity was unstable, and she fell to the ground at the moment, and fainted when she boarded it.

The moment Ya Ting fell, it happened that a young man passed by. This man was not someone else. It was the shopkeeper of the medicinal shop in the city, named Nie Haoyu.

On this day, Nie Haoyu came out of the city to visit a friend. He just passed by here. He just saw Ya Ting falling back his back. He had no time to think about it, and he hurried to the medical hall when he left Ya Ting.

After watching it, Lang Zhong said it was okay. Ya Ting just suffered a little skin trauma and did not hurt the cranial. As long as he took a break, it would be okay.

Seeing Ya Ting was okay, Nie Haoyu was relieved. After a while, Ya Ting finally woke up, saw himself lying in the medical hall, and then looked at Lang Zhong and Nie Haoyu in front of him.When the bed sheet fell, it must be rescued by the son in front of him, so he hurriedly brought it and said, thank you for saving each other.

Nie Haoyu replied that the girl didn’t have to be polite. This was nothing, and then sent Yatting back home.

After that, Nie Haoyu often came to visit Ying Ting. After a period of time, Ya Ting gradually understood Nie Haoyu.

This Nie Haoyu was born in the poor farmhouse, and his brothers at home passed away.

Nie Haoyu had a hard time at home when he was a child, but Nie Haoyu was very ambitious and did not feel inferior because of his poor family. Instead, he was even more struggling. Later, under the guidance of an old predecessor, he started a medicinal business. After years of hard work,Become one of the best riches in the county.

Nie Haoyu had suffered when he was a child. Now that he is getting rich now, he still retains the original nature. There is no bad hobby. Instead, he often relieves the poor people, so his reputation is very good.

With the deepening of the relationship between the two, the hearts of Nie Haoyu and Ya Ting are getting closer and closer, and they gradually have a deep feelings. Nie Haoyu likes Ying’s gentleness and beauty. Ya Ting appreciates Nie Haoyu’s upright and noble. LaterWhen he came to the door, Ya Ting agreed to the family.

The two brothers in Nie Haoyu’s family, his brother married Alan, the woman in the neighboring village, and the two raised a son and called it as a little tiger.

Originally, his brother’s family of three lived was very happy. He didn’t want to die in the past few years, Nie Haoyu’s younger brother died of a serious illness, and Nie Haoyu bears the burden of raising his younger sister and nephew, and promised that his family business in the future was left to the nephew Xiaohu.Inherited, Alan agreed to stay at Nie’s house.

Nie Haoyu Xu’s promise was thought -provided. He had married once. In the early days of his entrepreneurial business, his family life was very difficult to suffer. His wife followed him a lot, but his wife had no complaints and supported him wholeheartedly.Work.

When Nie Haoyu’s medicinal business had just improved, his wife suddenly died of a serious illness. Nie Haoyu was confused and vowed not to renew his string, so he promised to leave the industry to his nephew.

Nie Haoyu is going to marry Ya Ting this time. Alan is concerned. Nie Haoyu told Alan, brother, rest assured, although I marry Yating, but the promise to you will not change. Xiaohu is still the heir of our Nie family.Essence

When Alan saw Nie Haoyu said so, he finally relieved. After Ya Ting married the Nie family, he tried his best to take care of Nie Haoyu’s life. It was also very good to treat the Alan mother and son. It was very harmonious like Alan who got along like Alan.In the heart, you are in your heart.

After turning to the New Year, Ya Ting was pregnant. Seeing that his belly became bigger day, Nie Haoyu looked at his father, and he was naturally happy in his heart. He specially arranged a careful Yahuan to serve Ya Ting.

It is said that in October, she was born in October, but when she saw Ya Ting’s pregnancy for more than ten months, the fetus in her belly was not born. This time, Nie Haoyu was so anxious that he asked Lang to diagnose and treat.

After looking at the pulse for Ya Ting, Lang Zhong shook his head and said that he was helpless, because Lang Zhongxing Medical for many years, he never encountered such a strange disease.

The days have lived fast. Seeing Ya Ting’s pregnancy has been pregnant for almost a year, she holds a big belly every day, and she often feels unbearable abdominal pain.Essence

Early in the morning, a monk came from outside Nie Haoyu’s mansion, saying that it was traveling from Jiuhua Mountain to the cloud.

Nie Haoyu was kind, and specially arranged a table of fast meals to ask the monk to eat, and took out three or two silver to give it to the monk.

The monk took the silver and thanked Nie Haoyu, and then asked, outside Nie, seeing you frowning, what difficult thing to encounter?

Nie Haoyu said, and replied that the master was unknown. I am now worrying about my wife, so I was pregnant for one year, and the child was said to have said again.

The monk listened to it, and it was a moment of time. Oh, there was such a thing. Outside Nie, Lao Ye also understood some of the techniques of Huang Lao. I might as well ask me to see it in my wife’s room to see the clue.

Ah, right, that’s great, Nie Haoyu was so happy that he immediately invited the monk to Ying’s bedroom.

The monk came to Ying’s room and took out a raw soybean to Ya Ting and said, lady, eat it.

Ya Ting was unsatisfactory, but when she saw a serious look of the monk, she endured it.

The monk asked, lady, did you taste the smell of soybeans?

Ya Ting shook his head blankly, and he didn’t taste any taste.

The monk listened, his brows frowned, and blurted out, and you were slapped.

The monk immediately looked around in the room, and suddenly stopped by Ying’s bed. He said with a serious expression. Outside Nie, his wife, who could not give birth for a long time, was under the bed.

Nie Haoyu listened to the faith and doubted, so he ordered the people to open the bed. Sure enough, he found a clay sculpture wooden puppet under the bed. Looking at this puppet, it turned out to be described as Ya Ting’s appearance.Stick against the mantra paper.

Seeing this, Nie Haoyu was horrified, master, what’s going on!

The monk said calmly that outside Nie, you want to figure out the reason, and go to your brother’s room to see it.

Nie Haoyu was shocked to hear here, and quickly took everyone to search in the Alan room. Sure enough, she found an exactly the same puppet in her cabinet, engraved with Ya Ting’s name, and was full of silver needles.

Seeing this, Nie Haoyu was furious and asked, Alan, you said, what’s going on!

When Alan saw the incident, she didn’t dare to conceal it anymore, so she had to honestly explain the crimes.

It turned out that Alan learned that Nie Haoyu was going to marry Ya Ting, and Alan murmured in his heart. After thinking about it, if Ya Ting gave birth to a child for Nie Haoyu, Nie Haoyu’s family property must be inherited by his child. Where can I get my son Xiaohu?

In order to endure forever, Alan found his cousin A Gui. This ghost once studied art in deep mountains and understood some witchcraft techniques, so according to Ya Ting’s appearance, he carved two similar puppets.The name of Ya Ting and the birthday of the birthday were portrayed, and then he dropped his head to the puppet.

The night when Nie Haoyu and Ya Ting got married, Alan secretly put a puppet under her bed while Ya Ting was not in the bedroom.Tips, tie silver needles.

Ya Ting over there often feels unbearable abdominal pain. Because of being witch, Ya Ting was pregnant for one year, and the child was not born. This is the past.

Hearing this, Nie Haoyu became angry and scolded, Alan, you are not as good as beasts. Ya Ting and I are so good to you. You are madly framed by her, are you still a human!

At this moment, Alan also knew that she was wrong and cried. She urged Nie Haoyu to understand that Nie Haoyu looked at her dead brother and gave her a maintenance fee. She expelled her from the Nie family.He did not let him go, and twisted him to the government, and A Gui was later sentenced to ten years of imprisonment by the county magistrate.

The case ended, and the witchcraft on Yating were finally completely eliminated. Soon they gave birth to a white and fat boy.

In order to thank the monk’s grace, Nie Haoyu stayed on the house for a while for a while. He was waiting for good wine and good dishes every day. It was not until his son’s full moon, and the monk left.

After Nie Haoyu’s son grew up, he married the baby’s baby Qianjin. Now the Nie family can be considered a face, and the adults of Zhifu became a family. The Nie family suddenly had the background of the official family.In endless, Nie Haoyu and Ya Ting later lived to Gao Shou in their 80s, which can be said to be a complete life.

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