The wife of a colleague who is more than 7 months pregnant suddenly has a sudden abortion, and it is really important to check and control blood sugar during pregnancy.

"Control blood glucose" during pregnancy is really important.My colleague’s wife transformed from gestational diabetes during pregnancy to lifelong diabetes.Now every morning, morning and evening, you need to play three insulin to control the stability of blood sugar.

The colleague’s wife is 32 years old and pregnant. It can be regarded as an older pregnant woman. The symptoms of war abortion in early pregnancy are obvious. After lying on the bed for a long time, the fetus was kept.

Because long -term fetal protection cannot be moved, coupled with its own physical reasons, and different absorption of food, the constitution during pregnancy is special.At about 7 months, the blood glucose was found to be high.

Due to the medication during pregnancy, the doctor recommends diet control first, but the effect is not good.

When I was about 8 months old, I returned to my hometown in the countryside for the New Year. I may not go to the hospital for a medical examination in time. It may also be tired when I returned to my hometown, or the changes in diet and living habits. His wife felt a stomachache in the middle of the night., The fetus is dead.

It really makes people sad, and it is easy to protect it for 8 months, and it is about to produce.

Colleagues regretted that they had a cesarean section when they knew 7 months, took out the children, and kept it in the insulation box. Maybe they could still be kept.

However, the doctor said that the fetus suddenly stopped breeding, and it had a certain relationship with the high blood sugar of pregnant women. It may also be that the fetus developed inherently. In short, the child who couldn’t keep it.Intersection

Eugenics are important. From the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women must always pay attention to their own indicators. If there are abnormalities, they must be treated in time. They must listen to the doctors’ suggestions to avoid regrets for life!

Don’t control it because you are pregnant.Everyone has a different constitution. Like my colleague’s wife, it is estimated that the islet function is not very good, so it has caused lifelong diabetes.

Many people do not deliberately control, but all indicators are normal.Therefore, after pregnancy, you must combine your own physique, as well as a family genetic history. It is better to be careful.

I was pregnant from 110 pounds to 160 pounds. I had a family diabetes history and a history of hypertension. I was panicked every day. If I was a little windy and dizzy, I hurried to the doctor to measure blood pressure and measure blood sugar, for fear that my blood sugar and blood pressure was high.[Cover your face]

Fortunately, although I have grown too fast, the results of my indicators are normal.And I go out for a walk every day in the next three months. As long as I have no abnormalities, I can walk for more than an hour.

However, in the last month, the weight control was a bit severe. The re -examination of the due date was reviewed. The doctor said that I was anemia. I shouldn’t control it in this way. [Cover your face] Let me eat more blood supplement, but after I gave birth to a child, I still have a little postpartum anemia.

Alas, this is not good for control, and the control is too bad. In any case, for the health of yourself and the doll, you still have to believe in doctors and science.


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