The woman and her husband just got married for 7 days, but were found to be pregnant. Husband: When I am a big grievance?

As the saying goes, the good "home and everything are happy". The happy family can bring people inner strength, so that we can be full of confidence when we are working hard and go forward.

However, if the family relationship is not handled well, it is no less than dripping a drop of water in the hot oil pan. It looks inconspicuous and it will make life be burnt, let alone deal with other things.

There was such a thing. A pair of men and women were originally a feast and happy to marry. Whoever wants to get married for only seven days, the bride was found to be pregnant.Since then, there has been a suspicion between the harmonious couples. This crack has become increasingly larger, and eventually it is difficult to facilitate the degree.

Cheng Cheng was the groom officer who was just married seven days ago, but his face did not have an unsteady joy at this time.His wife Xiao Zhou just told her that she was pregnant, then turned and left the house, hiding back and refused to come back.

He is a more conservative person. He never moved his wife before getting married, but after seven days of marriage, his wife told himself that he had two children?Cheng Cheng was a bit unacceptable, and he knew that his probability was to be deceived.

Cheng Cheng and Xiao Zhou’s marriage are not like the unforgettable encounter in the novel and TV series. On the contrary, the first time the two met were blind dates.

Because of various reasons, they have not gotten married, and the family is more anxious about this matter, so as long as the son is idle, his parents will open up all kinds of blind dates to him.

Cheng Cheng’s character is warm and responsible. Although there is no particularly extraordinary achievement, it is also excellent in all aspects. In addition, talks are more funny and humorous. Soon, he has a good impression with the blind date.

The two were originally on the day, and both sides had no excessive demands. The two soon saw their parents.The parents of both sides are also very optimistic about the young and young people who are loving, so under the discussion between the two sides, the two soon finalized the day of marriage.

Cheng Cheng never thought that his marriage would be so fast. He and Xiao Zhou went smoothly along the way. The two people knew that it was not long before they would get married, which became the other half that it was difficult to divide in the other person’s life.

All of this is too smooth and not so real.There is nothing wrong with the intuition of success, and it is too smooth to point to a cruel reality -this bride either has no picture or concealment.

I did n’t expect that after seven days after getting married, I slept with myself on a bed yesterday and talked about my ideal of life with myself. The next day I left the phrase “I’ m pregnant ”.Nomin

Before Xiao Zhou responded, the bride had already been drawn and left. What is going on?Don’t say that he and the bride just got married for seven days, and it was almost impossible to get Xiao Zhou’s pregnancy in such a short period of time. With 10,000 steps, even if the child was his own, what did Xiao Zhou run home?

Although he and Xiao Zhou had just got married not long, in such a short time, although he had not cultivated any feelings that were not dead, you had no affection, but in any case, the two were also couples who had just got married and were recognized by law.Also witnessed so many relatives and friends.

For seven days, Cheng Cheng has not had any contradictions with Xiao Zhou. His parents at home have also taken care of Xiao Zhou, and there has been no difficulty saying.

Xiao Zhou married for seven days. It can be said that the ten fingers did not stick to the sun and spring water.Bad conflict and gamble home.

What did Xiao Zhou think?Cheng Cheng was a little bit confused. He couldn’t understand the wife who was still a little strange to himself, so Cheng Cheng decided to go to Xiao Zhou’s family to figure out.

The next day, Xiao Zhou took a gift to Xiao Zhou’s house early, but what I didn’t expect was that he didn’t even see Xiao Zhou’s face this trip, and ate a closed door.

Asked Xiao Zhou’s parents, Xiao Zhou, only got the answer "She is your wife, how do you ask me?"

However, he was in the clothes outside the mother -in -law, and saw the clothes worn by his wife, that is, Xiao Zhou was clearly at home, or Xiao Zhou must have returned. Why did the wife’s family hide from himself?Is it really so unlucky to meet the legendary cheating marriage?

In the next few days, Cheng Cheng came to the mother -in -law’s house as soon as he was free, and wanted to solve this matter with his mother -in -law.But what I did not expect was that I only hit my wife a few times, and the rest of the time had never seen his wife.

And the "precious" side, Cheng Cheng only heard the woman who had been a seven -day wife and said, "I have killed the child, don’t come to me again."I haven’t opened it much, all of which indicate that the family does not welcome themselves.

What did you do wrong?Cheng Cheng didn’t understand. If he was really cheating, Xiao Zhou married himself just to deceive his colorful gift, so why should he return to his mother’s house after seven days of marriage?

Why do you say that he is pregnant, Cheng Cheng hasn’t figured out who this child is, and a few days later he hurriedly destroyed the child?

After a few days, Cheng Cheng found it again. Even if the two had no feelings and did not want to continue living, they had to sit down and make it clear.

In order to make Xiao Zhou feel wronged, it can be said that it can be said to have exhausted everything. The savings of their own family are used on Xiao Zhou.gone.

However, when Cheng Cheng and his parents came to the Xiao Zhou family again, the scene in front of him made Cheng Cheng feel chilling.The door of Xiao Zhou was closed tightly, and the door that had been knocked for a long time did not see Xiao Zhou’s family responded. When he asked the neighbors around him, he knew that Xiao Zhou’s family went out of far away yesterday.

I said that I was pregnant for seven days, and then hid back to my mother’s house and no longer showed up. When I wanted to make it clear about it, the whole family disappeared without a trace.He encountered cheating marriage, and he didn’t want to be a big grievance.

For anyone, getting married is not a trivial matter, especially today.Many people are scared by the sky -high gifts. The original gifts and gifts that originally represented beautiful wishes seemed to be the price of "selling" daughters in the eyes of many people. Many feelings ended in unreasonable gifts.

In order to avoid such bad comparisons brought worse results, my country has long introduced corresponding policy management and control. There are strict prices for issues in various places. However, there are still unreasonable phenomena in many places.

Cai Li was originally a gift to the woman’s family in order to show the attention of the woman. I did not expect that today it has evolved into the price of selling daughters, becoming a high wall that hinders a lover.

Although Cheng Cheng’s colorful gift to the Xiao Zhou family did not reach a very outrageous point, it also tried to make all the savings. If this colorful gift could not be returned, Cheng Cheng really couldn’t say.

At the moment when Xiao Monday went out to travel, Cheng Cheng finally did not hope, understanding that he should have encountered a cheating, and helplessly became ready to ask the media for help.

Once the successful encounters are exposed, many netizens have ushered in discussions. Everyone says that everything is said. Some people think that this money must be returned.It has already given the property of the woman’s side, and the man has no right to return.

Of course, netizens standing here still account for the vast majority.Regardless of the starting point of netizens, it is worthy of our attention that it is possible to give this money back in law.

In order to prevent the occurrence of the incident of "deceiving marriage" and the spread of bad atmosphere, in judicial practice, my country has long identified Cai Li as a situation that can be returned. After the "People’s Republic of China" There is a clear legal support:

One has given color gifts, but has not yet completed the marriage formalities; the second has completed the marriage registration procedures, but there is no common life; the three gifts are given before the third marriage, but the life of the party who gives the gift is difficult

Cheng Cheng’s almost exhausted the family’s wealth only to hope that the life of the small couple can be smooth in the future, but I did not expect that in the end, it was really encountered. Although the gift of Xiao Zhou did not reach the level of sky -high price, in factThe normal life brings a lot of unnecessary difficulties.

Although Cheng Cheng and Xiao Zhou lived for 7 days after marriage, from the perspective of Xiao Zhou’s behavior, there is indeed the possibility of hypothetical marriage in order to seek money, and there are certain subjective and maliciousness.

Although the "no common life" mentioned in the second case is not in line with the law, this "improper" behavior will not be supported, not to mention Xiao Zhou’s behavior is suspected to be what we usually say."Cheating marriage" is a behavior that destroys good customs.

Therefore, Cheng Cheng advocated that Xiao Zhou’s return part of the gift can actually be established.At this time, his wife Xiao Zhou stood out and said that because the husband did not believe herself when he heard that he was pregnant, she killed the child.

Later, I saw my husband many times to make trouble at his own house, which affected his normal work and life. For himself, this has caused an indelible shadow. It is impossible for him to return to life with her husband.

Obviously, her claims are not in line with common sense. Whether it is a legal perspective or a moral perspective, Xiao Zhou’s behavior seems to be difficult to stand up.

If you really want to live a good life, you should take the initiative to solve the problem clearly, instead of blindly avoided, and finally lead to a scene that both sides are unhappy.

Marriage is a big event for a lifetime. It is too ugly.What are the different views on this matter?

References: "Civil Code"

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