The woman claims to be a virgin and her boyfriend only kissing hands but testing her pregnant for two months, 28 -year -old Xiaoli (pseudonym) with her first love A Liang (pseudonym). The two have been in love for one year. As the relationship heats up, the two are also ready to enter the palace of marriage and choose to be on June 16th.On the day of the number, I went to a health hospital for marriage.However, something unexpected happened.Thinking of the marriage inspection, Xiaoli and A Liang also got a certificate of marriage.However, sweet days stopped to abruptly on July 10.Because of that day, Xiaoli received a inspection report sent by the hospital, which reads: The woman has been pregnant for more than two months.

Xiaoli: The report said that I was pregnant, this is absolutely impossible.Before I received a certificate, I had no relationship with any man.

During the inspection, how can the report show that she is pregnant?Xiaoli said that she knew that there was a problem with the report, but she still showed the report to her husband A Liang.Unexpectedly, after reading the report, A Liang turned his face on the spot.

Xiaoli: I explained to him, he said that he didn’t want to listen to my explanation so much, he said he was annoying, and then hung my phone … the most worried about the relationship in the future, now there is such a problem… According to Xiaoli’s own statement, her husband A Liang was her first man, and before doing a marriage inspection, she and A Liang Dingtong were holding hands and kissing.How can this marriage report show pregnant?Is the hospital made oolong, or is there any other hidden feelings?

The relevant person in charge of the Health Hospital said that the report from Xiaoli was indeed not Xiaoli himself, but from a person with the same name as Xiaoli.The reason why it is mixed may be that the pre -pregnancy eugenic system, between the relevant systems of the hospital, errors occur during the process of data transmission and matching.

Mr. Xia, a pre -pregnancy eugenics system engineer: This is because there is just a person with the same name, and then a report made in those days. The system made errors and confused the data.After negotiation, the hospital stated that it can be issued to prove that the report of this pregnancy is not from Xiaoli himself.The hospital will also handle relevant personnel based on further survey results.In addition, the hospital has instructed the operating company of the pre -pregnancy eugenic system to upgrade the system to avoid making such oolong again.

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