The woman did not know if the woman was pregnant for 2 weeks, and the dog desperately reminded the owner to successfully save the baby’s life

Do you believe a Husky can also save the baby’s life?

In the eyes of most people, Erha is unruly. Except for the disaster and dismantling family, who can believe that the "infamous" Husky can save people one day?

But Er Ha in the following story did.

Erha noticed that the woman was pregnant, and reminded the owner for his life.

The story takes place in Jilin Province.

The woman raised only two haha with her husband before marriage, named "Sunday".Different from other Erhae slightly, although it is also demolished, it is also very sensible.

Just a few months ago, Erha became very "abnormal".

The couple agreed to go to the hospital for injections on a week, but on Sunday, Erha deliberately "moved" to alert the couple.

Er Ha who usually likes to flutter people has a distinction between male and female masters. She only flutter the male owner, but it is extraordinarily gentle to the woman, and even the claws are not revealed.

After repeated this move, the couple noticed this abnormality. I heard that Erha could feel pregnant, would it be a woman pregnant?After buying the test strip, they tested it. Sure enough, the woman was really "recruiting."After going to the hospital for examination afterwards, it was confirmed again that the woman had been pregnant for 2 weeks.

Without Erha’s reminder, and the woman did not respond during pregnancy, she had a needle without knowing it. The consequences were unimaginable.The couple were also grateful for Er Ha, raising a good dog.

The elderly in the family proposed to send Erha away

After learning about the woman’s pregnancy, the parents of both husband and wife proposed to let them send Erha away, saying that there are parasites on pets, and they are strong.

But the woman insisted on leaving the dog, because she obviously felt that Erha started to become "different" after predicting that she was pregnant.It never fluttered a woman, and she slept beside the woman every time.

At the same time, the woman also gave a report on the health of the dog’s health. This favorable evidence also made parents who want to send the dog away.

Facts have proved that the couple’s decision to leave the dog’s decision is not wrong. Until the baby was born, Erha did not break through. Not only that, with the existence of Erhafun of.

Accompany the little owner to grow up together

Later, after the baby was born smoothly, they also assured that Erha had to contact the baby up close, because they firmly believed that it had no hostility to the little owner.

Now, Erha gets along with the baby, just like a patron saint, with the baby day and night, the couple believes that with the existence of Erha, the child’s childhood will definitely be happier.

Harm, I believe there are a lot of shovel officers who have raised Erha. After reading this story, they are also envious, jealous and hate. Erha of others can save their lives, and their own Er Ha is still busy breaking up the house.EssenceTherefore, people cannot compare with people, and dogs and dogs cannot be compared with dogs, hahaha.


Do you have to send your pet away when someone is pregnant?

In particular, the older generation has a deep obsession with this idea. It feels that the existence of pets will affect the health of newborns, so many pets are sent away because someone is pregnant.

But the story like the above is strongly proved that even if it is nourishing during pregnancy, as long as it is scientific and healthy, it will have no impact on the baby.Therefore, I hope that the shovel officers should not send the pet away because they are pregnant, it seems too irresponsible.

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