The woman fell in love with the "police officer" of the post -80s of Sanya, and found that the other party was married after pregnancy!Next …

Women fall in love with "police"

After being cheated and cheating

I am still pregnant …

See this plot

Are you a little bit as stubborn as me?

Where is this?

When everyone thinks this is a paragraph

In fact, it really appears

What kind of plot is this?


Li Moujia, a unlimited man in Sanya 180, concealed the fact that he had been married and had a child, and also showed the "People’s Police Certificate" to the victims to deceive the color.

Girlfriend reveals its true identity after pregnancy

The man escaped

After 7 years, he was cast by himself


After review by law

In October 2012, the victim Zhang Moumou met with Li Moujia by a friend.

During the dating period, Li Moujia showed Zhang Moumou with his photos and names similar to the "People’s Police Certificate". He placed police -oriented clothing in his own car for a long time.Called him to work in Sanya Prison.Zhang Moumou believed that he was true and established a relationship between men and women with Li Moujia.

The next plot

It’s too bloody …

Zhang Moumou was pregnant after a period of time

Then discovered the fact that Li Moujia married

Zhang Moumou and his relatives

Multi -time with Li Moujia

A negotiations on this matter

And ask Li Moujia to return

Use during the period of duo

The money consumed by the credit card under Zhang Moumou’s name

In September 2013, Li Moujia fled Sanya City to work in Qionghai City.On January 29 this year, Li Moujia went to the Tianya Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Sanya Municipal Public Security Bureau.

This is too irresponsible, right?

Xiao Bian saw here

I’m already angry

Sanya City People’s Procuratorate believes

The defendant Li Moujia pretended to be the people’s police to deceive, and his behavior violated Article 279 of the Criminal Law. The facts of the crime were clear and the evidence was indeed and sufficient.The defendant Li Moujia pleaded guilty and punished, and according to relevant regulations, he could handle it from wide.According to relevant regulations, a public prosecution is filed, please sentence according to law.

Fake the police, cheat money and cheat

Li Moujia’s operation is absolutely …

So find an object

Be sure to polish your eyes

Source: Hainan Special Economic Zone reporter Chang Kai, the cover map is not related to the network diagram and text

Source: Hainan Special Economic Zone News

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