The woman had a foreign boyfriend and found that the pregnant boyfriend lost contact 3 days later. Who should blame?


My name is Lin Jiajia. At the age of 23, I graduated from a well -known university. I am currently doing marketing in a foreign company.I am petite and sweet, and I have always been held by my family in my palm.

Michael is a Canadian businessman who has long been in China and has worked in China for 5 years.One year ago, he came to our company for a business trip, and happened to be responsible for receiving his schedule.As soon as I met, I was deeply attracted by Michael’s personality and gentle consideration. He also praised my lively, cheerful and intelligent machine.

During the business trip, I took him to taste authentic food and appreciate the beauty.Before leaving, Michael invited me to visit his city, so I spent a happy week during the National Day holiday that year, but we are just a good friend.

Since then, Michael will come to my city to visit me on a regular basis, and we usually chat.Until two months ago, Michael finally confessed to me. I was surprised and readily accepted.

Three days ago, I finally gathered the courage to announce to my family that I was in my relationship with my foreign boyfriend Michael and announced in the official circle of friends.When I heard the news, my parents were dumbfounded.

Especially my mother, she just grasped her heart, and stomped his feet and said, "If you don’t say a word, you will be with other foreign men without discussing it with us."

I quickly comforted my mother to ensure that Michael would be good to me.But the accident happened.


Without two days, I started to suddenly feel uncomfortable and felt a little bit uncomfortable.I remembered that because we had had intimate activities before, and the month was not coming, I was a little worried, so I went to buy the test strip. I did not expect that the pregnancy test paper was actually positive.I was a little panicked.

A few days ago, Michael said that he would go back to his hometown to deal with something. It was about a week. Yesterday we were still talking on the phone, and I quickly contacted him.Unexpectedly, one day and night passed, Michael did not return my information, and no one answered the phone. I was so anxious that I was looking for him, but I still had no news.

At the beginning, I was still comforting myself, saying that he might not contact him for a short time, but there was no echo in a few days, and the more anxious my heart was: what happened? Is he just let me go and leave me like this?

I was at a loss for a while.I am only 23 years old, and I have just entered the society for a long time. How can I get pregnant so soon? And Michael now lost my contact. What should I do?——I obviously not long before we were together. Why did you leave me like this?

I am also looking forward to and longing for him, but found that I didn’t know much about him -what kind of person he was? Is the love that I said to me true? Now I don’t even know his whereabouts. II feel so stupid and naive.

I think about it, I still decide to confess to my parents.After listening to the pommembling chicken after listening, how can I think that the baby daughter will have children so early!Mom said with heartache: "You look at you to do your own good things.",


Mom and Dad blame me too stupid and naive, so that I have children now, but Michael is unknown.I felt confused for a while, and I was stunned by love. Now that people have lost my children, my life is dim.All three of us were hit and grievances, and the atmosphere at home was sluggish for a while.

Compared with my parents’ blame, I blame myself that I can easily believe in love too much, so that I will ignore everything with him.

He didn’t say so much, making me feel like a joke.I began to question my judgment, and I was afraid to believe in others again, for fear that I would experience the pain of being abandoned again.

Mom and Dad scolded me half to death.My neighbors also rumored that I was looking for foreigners as a result, and I was annoyed by rumors.

I really couldn’t stand the ridicule of my family and the outside world, and I decided to hide in the outside world for a few days.In the hotel, I can finally calm down and think of Michael.

Where did he go? What exactly is there? I have too many questions but have no answer, and my life is terrible.

Unexpectedly, my own situation was worse. In the hotel, my stomach hurt to her eyes in the middle of the night. I went to the hospital to check that it turned out that the intestine had a tumor!It turned out that I was not pregnant, which made me cry and laugh.

After a period of time, I have been nourishing and my parents’ care, my body is much better, but I am still full of heart -Will he again appear in my life?


After a year, I slowly walked out of the shadow of the past. When I thought everything was over, this day Michael suddenly appeared in front of me and told me what happened a year ago.

It turned out that on the third day after returning to China that year, he had a car accident and led to amnesia. He did not restore his memory until recently, so he came to me as soon as possible.

I burst into tears, and my heart was infinitely moved, but I was also sad that we lost the year. After all, it was created.To make matters worse, I now have a new boyfriend …

Michael appeared again in my life. The relationship between us has not disappeared over time. I face the dilemma: the sincerity of the new lover or the original intention of Michael?

How would I choose and what new twists and turns would I encounter? This is the most moved scenery in my life journey.

Love is like a trip, and will not be calm forever, the key is who can face it with you.Although Michael and I have been hastily, they once loved each other. This love is the best scenery in this journey.

As Ba Jin said: "Love is a kind of courage, a kind of true meaning of boldness and the true meaning of life.

The end

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