The woman has not been pregnant for 5 years, her mother -in -law found her, and the request made makes it difficult for her daughter to open up

Wang Ting is a 35 -year -old woman. She married a gentle and considerate husband and made good achievements at work.

However, Wang Ting had a difficult problem. She has been married for 5 years, but has not been pregnant.She and her husband had gone to the hospital for examination, but the doctor said that he did not find any problems.

One day, Wang Ting’s mother -in -law suddenly found her and made a request that made her incredible.

The mother -in -law told her that if she couldn’t have a child for her son, the incense of their family would be cut off.Her mother -in -law also told her that she had found a young woman who could have children, hoping that Wang Ting could accept the help of the woman for the benefit of the family and let her give birth to a child for Wang Ting.

Wang Ting was frightened by her mother -in -law’s request. She felt like a fertility machine and was asked to have a child.However, she also understands that incense is indeed very important for traditional Chinese families.

She didn’t know what to do, she felt that her heart had been torn into two halves.

My mother -in -law saw Wang Ting’s hesitation and confusion. She said, "Wang Ting, I know it is difficult to accept it for you. But you think about it, the incense of our family is going to be broken.This family is going to be a grandson in your generation. You are my only daughter -in -law. I don’t want to see the incense of our family go out. "

Wang Ting listened to her mother -in -law for a long time.She understands the mood of her mother -in -law and understands the traditional concepts of their family, but she does not want to be in such a passive situation.

She said slowly and said, "Mother -in -law, I know your heart, but I also have my thoughts. I don’t want to give birth to children in a way of surrogacy. I think if we really need a child to inherit the fragrance of the family. WeYou can consider other methods, such as adopting a child, which can not only solve our problems, but also give orphans a home. "

After listening to Wang Ting’s words, her mother -in -law was silent.

In the next few days, Wang Ting was in a state of chaos.She and her husband want children, but they can’t get their wishes.Her mother -in -law regarded this problem very important, and even asked her to find a surrogate person in order to maintain the family’s tradition.

This problem became more and more sensitive at home, and Wang Ting’s mood became heavier.

One night, Wang Ting cried secretly at home. She remembered her mother and thought of what her mother said to her before her death.Her mother once told her that life was sacred and could not be arbitrarily.Wang Ting realized that she could not sacrifice her dignity for the interests of others.

So she decided to talk to her mother -in -law.

She told her mother -in -law that she did not want to accept the advice of surrogacy. The mother -in -law was very angry after listening, thinking that Wang Ting’s opposition was irresponsible. She was not too young. If she didn’t hurry to have children, she would lose the chance of fertility.

My mother -in -law believes that surrogacy is just a way of assisting, and it is also a very common choice. She is not wrong.

Wang Ting looked at her mother -in -law deeply, and she knew she had to strengthen her position.She told her mother -in -law that she did not oppose fertility, but what she wanted was a healthy and natural way.She hopes to respect her body and life, not to give it to others.

After listening to her mother -in -law, a little surprised in her eyes.She did not expect that Wang Ting would be so firm, and did not expect her thoughts to be so profound.

She was silent for a moment, shook her head helplessly, and put down: "Don’t regret it in the future."

Since then, the relationship between Wang Ting and her mother -in -law has changed, and Wang Ting is hesitating. Should she be wronged and become a mother -in -law?

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