The woman has not been pregnant for eight years, but has a son with a male colleague: I am for this family to be good

Marriage and having children are the choice of life on the road of life.

After each woman enters the palace of marriage with the beloved man, most of them are eager to give birth to a healthy baby for the husband’s family.

Because children are not only the crystallization of love, they are also inherited by family blood.

However, in real life, the common things such as having children are expected for some people.

Imagine that a woman still has no pregnancy and children after many years of marriage, and the husband’s family is still looking forward to the child, so no matter how loving the affection of the couple may have a hint of influence.

Severe may be discriminated against by the mother -in -law, and even the neighbors will be looked down on.

In the long run, the original happy family may not be able to choose to divorce the pressure, but some people will make confusion and eventually hurt themselves.

Event review:

Liu Lihong (pseudonym), who was working in Guangdong, suddenly received a call from his mother. As soon as the phone was connected, Liu Lihong heard his mother crying heartbreaking: "Red, you hurried back, your son was snatched away."

The words of her mother made Liu Lihong’s heart tight. She understood that her husband must have taken her son Liao Hui (a pseudonym).

Later, Liu Lihong called Liao Hui, but the phone could not be connected.

In desperation, Liu Lihong immediately asked the leader for leave and bought a train ticket to return to his hometown that day.

As soon as he entered the house, Liu Lihong’s mother pulled Liu Lihong and said, "Look at it, they not only snatched Liang Liang (Liu Lihong’s son), but also smashed our house."

What Liu Mu said was Liu Lhong’s father -in -law and husband Liao Hui.

Liu Lihong looked at the messy house and the broken furniture. She said angrily, "I’m going to find them to settle accounts."

Liu Lihong’s father pointed at her and scolded her face: "You still have a face back. If you have not done such a bad thing, do they dare to come to our house like this?"

Liu Lihong explained: "Isn’t it all for their family? Why don’t you understand?"

Father Liu went on to scold Liu Lihong: "You have a child with others, not the kind of people in the Liao family, you still have reason? You roll me, I don’t have a daughter like you."

Liu Lihong also wanted to argue with his father, but was pushed by Liu Father to launch the house. Liu Lihong wiped tears with grievances. She understood that what she had to do at this time was to return to her son.

After Liu Lihong contacted Liao Hui many times, he decided to come to the door for discussion, but when the Liao family saw it, she refused it. Later, Liu Lihong had no choice but to contact the reporter. She hoped that with the help of the reporter, she hoped thatOne by one.

Liu Lihong told reporters that she and Liao Hui are elementary school classmates. The two can be said to be a bamboo horse with deep feelings.

After the two people got married, they lived very happily, but several years have passed, but Liu Lihong’s belly has not moved. This can make Liu Lihong anxious. The honest Liao Hui persuaded her not to worry about everything.

However, Liu Lihong’s mother -in -law was very dissatisfied. She even said in front of Liu Lihong’s face to say that her son was unlucky and married a chicken that would not lay eggs.The generation is going to be a must.

At first, Liu Lihong didn’t care very much, but Liao Hui began to dislike her, and the couple often quarreled because of the trivial matter.

The cold words of the in -laws, her husband’s indifference and ruthlessness made Liu Lihong have no nostalgia for the family. She went to work in Guangdong alone.

In the process of working, Liu Lihong had a relationship with a male colleague and became pregnant with his child, but then the two broke up.

Speaking of which, the reporter asked Liu Lihong: "Do you like that male colleague?"

Liu Lihong admitted that she had no feelings about the man. She said she just wanted to see if she could get pregnant. She didn’t expect she was really pregnant.

After pregnancy, Liu Lihong returned to his hometown immediately. In order to convince her husband to believe that the child was his, Liu Lihong went home with her husband.

Liao Hui, who was in the drum, learned that his wife was pregnant, and couldn’t get together: "It’s great, you have finally been cultivated by me."

Liao Hui’s father, Liao Zhengliang (pseudonym) and his mother Li Yun (pseudonym), even said, "The daughter -in -law is pregnant, this time is really happy."

Although Liu Lihong, who has a ghost in her heart, has a trace of guilt deep inside, but she is very calm on the surface. In order to prevent her husband’s family suspect, when she is about to produce, Liu Lihong will give birth to the next boy in advance with pain.Liang (pseudonym)

But grow up slowly with Liang Liang, Liao Hui always felt that his eyebrows were not like himself, so he couldn’t help but mutter.

Once, Liao Hui and Liu Lihong had a contradiction because of a small matter. Liao Hui couldn’t help saying, "Which one do you say this child looks like me?"

As soon as Liu Lihong heard this, she didn’t hit it. She said smoothly, "How can you give birth to such a beautiful child, do your family have this gene?"

Liu Lihong’s words made Liao Hui confirm his guess. He was so angry that he beaten Liu Lihong and questioned who his child’s father was?

Liu Lihong, who was beaten, ignored Liao Hui at all. She packed things that day and hugged her child back to her mother’s house.

Liu Lihong’s parents returned with the child with a small package, and thought it was the two quarreling.

Although they repeatedly asked the reason for the quarrel, Liu Lihong did not reveal too much about what he did, but just said that he was angry with Liao Hui and had to live in his mother’s house for a while.

In order to prevent her daughter from being wronged, Liu Lihong’s parents did not continue to ask, but only let her daughter live with peace of mind. Who knows not long, Liu Lihong proposed to let her mother look at her child. She went to Guangdong to make money. She promised everyThe month will send money to her mother, and she will spend all the children’s spending.

Mother Liu was poor, she agreed to her.

Who knows that after Liu Lihong left, Liao Hui took his parents to the house. They first took the child away for the children, and then took a wooden stick and chair to smash the Liu family.

At this time, Liu Lihong’s parents knew that Liu Lihong had done something to be sorry for the Liao family.

Having said that, Liu Lihong once again said that he did these for this family. She didn’t want others to look down on her, but also for the Liao Jianeng successively.

Liu Lihong also said that she now misses her son, and also miss her husband Liao Hui, saying that she begging that reporters must help her solve the problem.

Later, the reporter came to the Liao family with Liu Lihong, but the door of the Liao family was locked. Liu Lihong shouted for a long time and no one responded.

After hearing the sound, the neighbors of the Liao family came out. When she saw Liu Lihong, she pointed at her nose and said, "You still have a face back? The old Liao family is not thin, you just shameless."

Liu Lihong was scolded with a thick neck. She stepped forward to catch the neighbor’s collar and said, "You scold me to try again, and go a spare time."

After seeing her daughter scolded, Liu Lihong’s mother scolded each other unwillingly. Seeing that the two parties were about to fight, the reporter quickly pulled them away.

Later, Liu Lihong took the reporter to the Liao family’s land to find the Liao family. After about 20 minutes, Liu Lihong pointed at an old man who worked in the ground and said to the reporter: "He is Liao Hui’s father Liao Zhengliang.","

When the reporter explained his intention, Liao Zhengliang said that the Liao family would solve them, and did not need outsiders to participate.

Liao Zhengliang also said that Liang Liang is his grandson and the bone blood of the Liao family. It is normal for the Liao family to bring back Liang Liang, not to grab the Liu family.

The reporter said that Liang Liang was Liu Lihong’s son after all. Why not let her see Liangliang?

Liao Zhengliang said that no one would not let Liu Lihong see his son. The contradiction between her and my son was resolved by them. We do not participate in our hometown.

According to Liao Zhengliang, as long as Liao Hui agrees to accept his wife, Liu Lihong can go back to Liao’s house to continue living.

Under the persuasion of the reporter, Liao Zhengliang agreed to let Liu Lihong meet his son Liao Hui, so the party followed Liao Zhengliang back to Liao’s house.

This time Liu Lihong finally saw Liao Hui and his son Liangliang, and her eyes flashed with tears, and she thought about her words before.

When Mother Liu saw her nephew Liangliang even rushed over, she shouted, "Baby, you want to die."

Seeing this, Liao Mu grabbed Liang Liang and said, "What are you doing? My son is going to divorce your daughter."

Liu Lihong heard her mother -in -law’s words, her tears flowed down like opening the flood of the gate, and her emotions stabilized for a long time.

In order to restore this broken family, Liu Lihong whispered to Liao Hui to give her a chance. Liao Hui said indifferently: "From the moment you betrayed me, we would not be possible, you go."

Liu Lihong said: "I’m really good for our family. You see that we have no children for eight years together. Others have been joking us. I just want to try whether I have this ability to have this child …"

Liu Lihong also said, "I really love you, I can’t bear to leave you and this family, and the child needs a mother."

But Liao Hui was not moving. In the end, Liu Lihong had to walk out of the Liao family’s door disappointed.

Liu Lihong told reporters that everything she did for this family was good, but she did not expect that she had a son, but was swept out by her husband’s family. Even her father didn’t understand herself. She really didn’t understand why?

Liu Lihong’s words made the reporter cry and laugh. The reporter could only persuade Liu Lihong to follow his mother home, and everything was discussed.

Liu Lihong wandered at the door of Liao’s house for a long time and followed her mother three steps back, and she could see that she was very reluctant.

End words:

Marriage is a siege. Those who walk in must follow the sense of boundaries of the siege. This sense of boundaries is loyalty.

If a person is with others at will, and the name is good for the family, it is not only ignorant, but also selfish and narrow.

As a woman, it is understandable to have a baby who belongs to himself.

However, in order to have children like Liu Lihong, he chose to betray her husband and betray the family not only as immoral, but also brought a devastating blow to the family.

In my opinion, Liu Lihong and Liao Hui can go to the hospital to find out which problem is that the problem is that the treatment is so well -developed that the treatment is still very promising.

If you can’t heal for a long time, you can communicate with Liao Hui in sincerity and want to have a child. If you can choose to support or do not recognize the other party, you can choose to divorce, instead of violating the moral bottom lineThis is not only irresponsible to yourself, but also irresponsible to the family.

As a husband, Liao Hui’s unable to forgive his wife is understandable, but he took his parents to the Liu family to smash a mess, and it should be condemned.

Although the Liao family insisted that Liang Liang was the bone blood of the Liao family, they could not let Liu Lihong look at the child’s behavior. After all, Liu Lihong was the child’s biological mother.

If the two are deadlocked, Liu Lihong wants to fight for the child’s custody, maybe it can only be solved through legal channels.

Betrayed only zero and countless times.

Regardless of men or women, if you want to have a long -lasting marriage, you must adhere to the bottom line of loyalty. Otherwise, once you have crowded behaviors, you will put yourself in a state of moral degradation. Not only will he be cast aside, but you will lose everything.

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