The woman insisted on having a child 53 -year -old boss, and the boss was rejected with 3 million persuasion: Children are guarantee

Gu Wei, 53, is the owner of a hotel in the center of Hengyang City, Hunan. He has been aware of his destiny age. He has two sons and two daughters under his knees.

His daughter was married and had children, and Gu Wei’s father’s identity also upgraded to his grandfather.Three generations of Tongtang, which is worth a satisfactory thing, firmly believes that the more children, the better, but not long ago, they told his wife Wu Jiangli: a female employee at the hotel was pregnant, and the child in his belly was his.

After hearing this news, Wu Jiangli was hit by a lightning, but for the family’s completeness and the children, she was still very strong and Xiao Sanwan, and finally signed a 3 million agreement with Xiao San.

Unexpectedly, after signing the agreement, Xiao San disappeared, saying that he would have Gu Wei’s child, and Gu Wei, who had an ambiguous attitude, also hoped that Xiao San would give birth to the child.

Wu Jiangli, who is in dilemma, can only invite the mediation column, hoping that through the power of the media, she persuades her husband and who is obsessed with unknowing primary three.

Wu Jiangli, who is fashionable and exquisite, is already the mother of two children.She and Gu Weiyu, 53, have a 8 -year -old son and a 6 -year -old daughter.

Before marrying Wu Jiangli, Gu Wei had two failed marriages.After divorcing the second wife, he married Wu Jiangli, a hotel employee, and the two were just legal couples.

Because of business needs, Gu Wei often entertains outside, but the family is like a hotel.Wu Jiangli also found that her husband had repeatedly fell in love with other women, but she comforted herself: These were the needs of the business field, so she opened her eyes and closed her eyes.

Unexpectedly, a month ago, her husband took the initiative to tell her that a female employee named Zhang Ye in the hotel was pregnant with his child.

The female employee is named Zhang Yan, who is only 29 years old and looks beautiful.Wu Jiangli couldn’t believe that Zhang Ye would fall in love with a man who was older than her mother and became pregnant.

In Wu Jiangli’s view, the reason why her husband took the initiative to tell herself must be that Zhang Yan forced the palace in the child in his belly.Zhang Yan told Gu Wei: He must have this child, and this child cannot be an illegitimate child.

To achieve this, Gu Wei must divorce Wu Jiangli before Zhang Ye’s production, so that the child’s identity is bright.

So Gu Wei hesitated and threw the problem to Wu Jiangli.

In Wu Jiangli’s view, Zhang Ye’s purpose is nothing more than wanting money.As a result, the couple of Gu Wei and Wu Jiangli made an appointment for Zhang Ye for a negotiation.

As soon as Zhang Yan opened, it would be 5 million as a breakup compensation. Under the negotiations of Wu Jiangli, the last three agreed to be sold with 3 million.

Wu Jiangli signed a breakup compensation agreement with Zhang in the name of Gu Wei, which stated that Gu Wei gave Zhang Ye 3 million as a compensation for spiritual and physical, and paid in 5 years, while Zhang Ye had to perform his pregnancy.

Looking at Zhang Yan, who was crying, Wu Jiangli thought that the other party had suffered the condemnation of conscience and morality.Zhang Yan’s third party completely disappeared in her and her husband’s life.

Wu Jiangli thought it would calm down.Because at the negotiation site, Zhang Yan admitted: he was with Gu Wei in order to get a lot of money.In that agreement, Zhang Ye has also signed paintings.

When Wu Jiangli took a big breath, her husband Gu Wei was frequent.

Wu Jiangli first discovered that he and Zhang Ye were contacted privately in Gu Wei’s mobile phone. Gu Wei asked Zhang Ye to send him the report of the report of the production inspection, and even transferred the operating right of the hotel parking lot to Zhang Ye, and transferred it from time to time to transfer it to from time to time.Zhang Yan.

These actions of her husband Gu Wei made Wu Jiangli very puzzled.

Wu Jiangli was also a subordinate of Gu Wei at the beginning. During the empty window period of Gu Wei and the second wife after divorce, the two fell in love and registered to get married.

Although Gu Wei was nearly 20 years old, in addition to being a good mother and wife, Wu Jiangli also helped Gu Wei manage the hotel together.

In the 8 -year marriage of the two, Gu Wei has been derailed many times, but Wu Jiangli has endured it. The wedding child has touched her bottom line, and she decided not to bear it.

Because Zhang Ye avoided seeing, Wu Jiangli had to take a reporter to find her husband Gu Wei, but Gu Wei had been pushing off.

Gu Wei said, "If you want to have a child, it is Zhang Yan, I can’t decide. If you want to live a good life with me, don’t do these things anymore."

As a biological father of Zhang Yan’s fetal, Gu Wei’s words can be said to have no sense of responsibility. It can be seen that he wants this child.

The husband’s rejection made Wu Jiangli struggling. Fortunately, Gu Wei’s mother Wu Jiangli’s mother -in -law Zhang Jinping has always stood firmly on his daughter -in -law.

In Zhang Jinping’s opinion, Wu Jiangli, who was born in Gu Weisheng, was worked hard and worked hard. He paid too much for this family, but he couldn’t get the corresponding return of his son. It should not be.

Zhang Jinping, who lives in Changsha, immediately rushed to Hengyang after learning that Gu Wei and the female employee of the hotel had an improper relationship and gave his son two slap.

Unexpectedly, Gu Wei, who did not enter the oil and salt, drove the sick mother out of the house and let her live in the hotel.

Seeing that his son was unmoved, Zhang Jinping had to find Zhang Ye and persuaded Zhang Ye to persuade Zhang Ye: "You are only 29 years old, you don’t worry about finding a good family, why should you find him (Gu Wei)?"

But Zhang Ye was ironic to the original match from a young age. Zhang Jinping, who was unbearable, won the watch given by Gu Wei, who was worn by Zhang Ye, threw it on the ground, and yelled at Zhang Ye.Zhang Yan was indifferent.

Seeing Gu Wei’s ambiguous attitude, Wu Jiangli’s mother -in -law was unable to apply, and reporters in the mediation column could only find the local community for help.

Community staff said that they also knew this.But the key figures of this matter Gu Wei and Zhang Ye could not show up.

Community staff said that they had contacted Zhang Ye’s father, and Zhang’s father said that he could not control his daughter.Zhang Yan’s mother is the same as Zhang Yan, hoping to give birth to the child.

In the end, the program team could only contact Zhang Yan himself. On the phone, Zhang Ye said reasonably: The child’s removal problem in his belly was completely determined by Gu Wei.

Zhang Yan even said that he understood Wu Jiangli’s concerns as a legal wife, but the child had existed, which was a fact that could not be changed.This shameful remark made her say so much, which was really thick.

Zhang Yan showed that before she was pregnant, Gu Wei borrowed 700,000 from her.This money was cash out from the online loan platform and credit card from the money of Zhang Ye’s mother.

When she was 3 months pregnant, she discussed with Gu Wei for staying.Zhang Yan said that he had told Gu Wei at the time that if Gu Wei returned 700,000 to her, she would not have children and leave Gu Wei.

But Gu Wei rejected her proposal, hoping that she would leave the child.

Listening to Zhang Yan’s words, the reporter couldn’t help but question: If Zhang Ye really decided to give birth to the child for this 700,000, why did he regret it with the Wu Jiangli couple at the beginning?

Zhang Yan said that he wanted 5 million. Although he signed on the breakup agreement at the time, there was no ID number on the agreement and no proof of legal protection.

And after she signed the agreement, Gu Wei sent a message to her and asked her to have a child. This was the best protection for her.

Zhang Ye’s words repeatedly emphasized that Gu Wei asked her to be born, and she also showed that her child must not be an illegitimate attitude, and Gu Wei agreed.

Hearing this, young and vigorous reporters couldn’t help but persuade Zhang Ye: "You are an independent individual. You can make your own decision on your child to leave the question!"

But how could Zhang Yan, who had to be a third party, could hear it. She insisted on kicking the ball to Gu Wei, saying that as long as Gu Wei does not want a child, she will not ask, but now Gu Wei has no statement, and she insists on the child.born to.

Gu Wei’s mother Zhang Jinping was angry about Zhang Yan’s state of mind. In her opinion, Zhang Ye’s mother did not fulfill her responsibility of her daughter, and let the unmarried daughter intervene in the marriage of a man who is already a grandfather.

But angry, Zhang Jinping only hoped that Wu Jiangli would not divorce Gu Wei because of this.

However, in Gu Wei’s view, this marriage does not seem to be very important.When Wu Jiangli and Gu Wei communicated, Gu Wei said: "The cub was born with wealth."

This nonsense talked made Wu Jiangli angry.In Wu Jiangli’s view, Gu Wei just stepped on two boats and pleased it on both sides.

Gu Wei’s mother Zhang Jinping felt that her son was unreasonable.Because Gu Wei is usually not a qualified father.When did he even know when his big daughter’s birthday was, how could he be attentive to Zhang Ye’s child?

Zhang Jinping also said that if Zhang Yan played the business and home property of Gu Wei Hotel, she would make a mistake in Ruyi.

Because Gu Wei’s hotel business seems to be beautiful, but it is just rented.And because of poor management in the past two years, Gu Wei himself owed a lot of debt.Driving a luxury car, making the boss’s head, is just a superficial scenery.

Wu Jiangli, who is in danger of marriage, can only find the national second -level psychological counselor consultation in the end.

Wu Jiangli said that when she was married to Gu Wei, she had no wedding and no gift, but she was willing to marry a three -married man who was almost 20 years old to have a child.

The psychological counselor said that Wu Jiangli put her status too low at the beginning, and Wu Jiangli burst into tears.

On the other side, the psychological counselor called Gu Wei, and Gu Wei said: If the child in Zhang Yan’s belly really threatens Wu Jiangli, then he can divorce Wu Jiangli and draw the matter.

Seeing that Gu Wei was so stubborn, psychological counselor could only explain to Wu Jiangli that he hoped that she would not compromise again. She could pick up the legal weapon to protect her legal wife’s rights and interests, otherwise she would only be led by Zhang Ye.

Gu Wei is really a scumbag. The current wife is young and beautiful, and a pair of lovely children, but he does not cherish it at all, but also wants to have children out of marriage.He is really a failed father and husband.

The 29 -year -old Zhang Yan, if he was willing to put his mind on the right, he would not worry about finding a good family, but he had to have children in his 50s with a family.

Zhang Yingding hopes to use the child to become the name of Gu Wei’s legal wife, and thus becoming a well -known boss.And she forgot that Wu Jiangli was once young and beautiful, and also raised her children for Gu Wei’s children.

After all, it was not herself. Gu Wei would throw her wife and her child and abandon her son. One day, she would repeat the fate of being abandoned.

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