The woman wants to return to her husband’s house to live in her husband, and when she heard her husband’s voice chat late at night, she cried out in a loss

Li Xiulan and her husband met in the factory two years ago, and they got married for one year.For a long time, her husband has been relying on her. As long as she made the request, she did not satisfy her at that time.But she always felt that her husband’s attitude towards her has changed since she was pregnant.Because she mentioned several times with her husband, she said that she had nothing to do at home alone and panicked. She wanted to go to the country’s family for a while for a while, but she was opposed by her husband every time and did not let her go.

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For this reason, she did not make a noise to her husband, but her husband refused to give up, saying that she was pregnant, and she was not assured that she went to the countryside to live in the countryside. When she gave birth to a child, she wanted to live as long as she wanted to live.This made Li Xiulan particularly depressed. What happened to her pregnancy. She went to the countryside to take care of her. Isn’t it good to take care of her?Why do n’t she let her go?

Later, because of this, she also called to complain to her mother, and what made her feel more sad is that because her father died early, she always regarded her as a baby’s mother who was looking at.Even if she went to take care of her, let her listen to her husband, staying at home, relieved her fetus, do not make noise with her husband, and she didn’t want her to go back.

After hanging up the phone, Li Xiulan cried for a while, and when he didn’t eat at night, he fell asleep.She felt not only her husband changed, but even her mother changed.

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That night, her husband returned home late at night, and Li Xiulan, who was lying in bed, did not fall asleep at all. Although he heard the door open, he did not react, but pretended to fall asleep.Because she has been used to it, her husband’s company recently launched a new project, working overtime every day, almost all of them go home.It is precisely because of this that she was lonely and scared by her own, and she wanted to go to my hometown to live with her mother for a while, and when her husband was busy, he returned.But just such a small request, her husband was not satisfied with her. The more she thought about it, the more sad she was, and she couldn’t help sneak and burst into tears.

Immediately after the husband was washed and entered the bedroom, she called her a few times, but she pretended to fall asleep, just ignoring her husband.The husband shook his head and laughed and raised her quilt for her. In this gentle move, Li Xiulan gave birth to a trace of warmth. When she was about to speak to her husband, she saw her husband pull out his mobile phone and chat through WeChat voice.He whispered: "Mom, I have been home, Xiulan sleeps very fragrant, everything is good, you can rest assured." After a while, someone came back to the voice, although the husband tone the phone sound very little,But Li Xiulan could hear, that was her mother’s voice.

But she didn’t understand that her mother lived alone in the countryside, usually at 9 o’clock in the evening, and she was resting. Why didn’t she sleep so late tonight?Is her husband and mother hiding her?

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Li Xiulan was doubtful in his heart, and he was thinking about it. He also heard his husband and his mother say: "Mom, Xiulan has told me many times, I want to live in the countryside for a while, and we have noisy for two or three frames.I. You have to relax your mood in the hospital, recover as soon as possible. At that time, I will send you back to the countryside first, and then send Xiulan. Otherwise, once the time is dragging, if Xiulan knows that you are sick and hospitalized, and you againIf she hasn’t recovered yet, she has to be scared again. You also know that Xiulan is not in good health. As long as she is frightened, she will be cold. I am really afraid that her and the fetus in the belly will be affected. "Li Xiulan clearly saw thatWhen the husband finished his words, tears flashed in his eyes.

It turned out that during this time, her husband was not a busy company, but a mother who went to the hospital every day to take care of her sick mother. This was the fundamental reason why her husband did not let her go to the countryside with her mother.In fact, her husband and mother’s love for her never changed, but they did not want her to be bold and stimulated.

Li Xiulan was full of psychology, and she did not feel any discomfort after hearing the news of her mother’s illness and hospitalization.She suddenly got up from the bed. Under her husband’s face was shocked and overwhelmed, she took the phone in the hands of her husband and dialed the mother’s number directly.In severe, otherwise you won’t hide from me … "

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After the mother and daughter passed for more than half an hour, Li Xiulan just hung up the phone, and then rushed into her husband’s arms. She cried like a child, and kept saying "sorry" to her husband.While comforting her, her husband opened his arms tightly and hugged her tightly. The strong emotions between the husband and wife suddenly turned into silent words, lingering in each other, and lingering.

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