The woman was asked to take the initiative to leave by the company for 5 months.

Recently, Ms. Wang Wu, the public of Wuhan, reported that when she was more than 5 months pregnant, the company suddenly asked her to submit the application form for resignation, which actually changed to dismiss her, and so far she did not give her a statement.

Ms. Wang introduced that she only asked for four days off for her pregnancy, or because she was a production inspection. Once the boss said, "How do you always ask for leave?" I called him, and he said, "You have to ask for leave for leaveAre we only one month here for maternity leave. "Ms. Wang said that the country is 128 (158), and the company’s personnel say that the country is the country’s regulations, the company is the company’s system, and the company is one month.

Ms. Wang, the public of Wuhan, has been pregnant for more than five months. Shortly before she received a notice from the company, she hoped that she could take the initiative to resign, but she refused, and then the company fired her.In the case, she removed her company group chat directly.

Ms. Wang said, "Over the other, and I emphasize that I need to rest when I am pregnant. I tell you that you go to the boss, I know what you mean, and then she wants me to submit a resignation application form.I negotiated with her, and I said to give me a dismissal certificate, she said that there was no formal removal document. "

The employer believes that the workers take the initiative to leave, and the workers think they are fired during pregnancy. How should this be calculated?

Ms. Wang said that the two sides had negotiated before, and the company proposed to give Ms. Wang’s salary compensation for half a month, but she stopped social security during pregnancy. Ms. Wang’s fertility allowance could not be received, which made her difficult to accept.Regarding the company’s maternity leave system, the reporter also asked questions, and the personnel commissioner also emphasized again: this is the company’s regulations.

In the end, the staff member stated that he could report the situation to the company leader and arrange time to negotiate.However, after a week, the negotiations between the two parties have not made progress.

The staff of the Labor Supervision Brigade of the Wuhan Passing District of Wuhan City said that the specific situation must be investigated before they have conclusions, and the two parties submit evidence.Generally, it is 158 days. In other cases, cesarean section, twins, and second biblis are added. The company must not be adjusted, and the company’s system cannot be greater than the law.

The intervention of the labor department believes that Ms. Wang’s rights and interests will definitely be guaranteed. This incident also hopes to promote it as soon as possible. Here, I also persuade employers to not have a chance.

Source: Hubei Jingshi "Live Vision" Reporter: Lei Xue, Sun Yatuang

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