The woman was more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, and her boyfriend was stolen by a non -olone, and the netizens were not calm.

The woman cried for more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, and her boyfriend didn’t want this child.So he excused the woman with brown sugar water, secretly mixed with "rice non -schoin" in brown sugar water.

The day after doing these things, the boyfriend informed the woman who stole the fetal medicine.

Because the woman wanted this child, she quickly went to the hospital to hung an emergency clinic and wanted to keep the child.

The doctor prescribed a fetal medicine for the woman, but even so, the fetus may not be kept.And even if it is maintained, the risk of teratogenic is still very high. It needs to be excluded by the later professional diagnosis, such as Tang’s screening, amniotic fluid puncture, and genetic testing.

Hearing this news, the woman’s eyes were swollen. She said that she was still looking forward to a small life yesterday. Suddenly, she couldn’t hold it today. She was a bit unacceptable.

It seems that this woman really loves this child. Even if her boyfriend does not want this child, she still insists on having to give birth, so her boyfriend will take the humble means of secretly taking medicine to try to kill the fetus in the woman’s belly.

Many netizens couldn’t understand the baby’s fetal protection behavior.

"He treats you and children like this, do you still want to give birth to his child? Why bother."

"Please incorporate the love brain into the category of major mental illness."

"The point is to apply the medicine! Even if you are not uniform about whether this child’s opinion is not uniform, you can’t apply the medicine. Can your boyfriend do such behavior, don’t you feel terrible? Don’t leave, next time it is as simple as mefzone.sisters."

Netizens are really bitter, but everyone doesn’t have to worry too much.

The reason why women choose to protect their fetuses is due to their love for their children, not because of their love brains, and excessive obsession with her boyfriend.

Women said indignantly that she had called the police, and she was bound to hold her boyfriend’s responsibility.

Mi butterone is a prescription medicine. It is generally not available in pharmacies. You must also undergo strict control to buy, ask for specific uses and need to provide the buyer’s ID card and other documents.

How did this man buy mefei?

Moreover, he can do things that secretly joining the fetal medicine. It is not a probability that it is not a gentleman.Indirectly shows that he does not love the woman at all, let alone the child in her belly.

This also allows girls to recognize the man’s ugly face in time and stop loss in time.

Nowadays, I only hope that girls can recognize it in time, do what they do, and face such a complicated situation, and they can clearly clarify their heads in time and make the most suitable choices.

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