The woman was prescribed by her boyfriend after 6 weeks of pregnancy: her boyfriend has been arrested, and the family members want to settle with money

"I have been pregnant for six weeks. My boyfriend was mixed with rice non -olone in brown sugar water. Can the child keep it, you can’t know."

This sentence comes from the mouth of a young woman in Beijing. After this video was sent out, many netizens felt sad and caused the sympathy of many netizens.

"I want to give birth to this child, but my boyfriend, don’t want me to give birth"

This so -called boyfriend, "when I lift my pants and does not recognize people", is already very bad. In addition, it secretly let the young woman abortion, and touched the moral bottom line.

But this man just wants to use money to calm down?What can he make this kind of thing and deal with it so proficient?

After spending the two -person world, the two had no sufficient safety measures, and the young woman checked her pregnancy.

Then explained to the man in time and told the man’s own pregnancy.

But this man didn’t want to give birth to this child.

There are many views in the outside world. I do n’t talk about it here. Regarding fertility, everyone has the right to fertility or not. This is determined by the joint negotiation between the two parties.

In the report, the young woman said very clearly that the man didn’t want this child, and the woman still wanted.

Both sides could not persuade each other, each had their own opinions, so the man did something to be lost.

That is to give this young woman, in the brown sugar water that drinks, the rice non -sisone, that is, an abortion medicine.

The next day, the man told the young woman about the matter because of fear.

In fact, here, the result is obvious. This man wants to run, that is, starting with this man who does not want this child. In fact, this relationship has already ended. There should be no connection.Let’s go, let this young woman refuse to let go.

In the video of the young woman, she described in detail how the man was mixed with the fetal medicine in the brown sugar water he usually drink. After the young woman was informed, she quickly went to the hospital to check the fetus.

As a result, the development of the fetus has been seriously affected.

The advice given by the doctor is to get a fetus, otherwise it is very difficult to accept that it develops into a deformed child.As well as

But this young woman still wants to protect her!This is really hard to believe. Indeed, this young woman has the right to fertility, but the child born will live very painful.

I think that every parent does not want the child to live painful for a lifetime in the illness. Even if you do n’t want to protect the fetus, you have to be responsible for yourself.The behavior suddenly caused a lot of thinking on the Internet.

Netizen: What else do you keep without breaking up?

Netizens’ voices are down on both sides. Some people say that the end of the heat is live broadcast. Sure enough, shortly after the woman burst into fire, the window opened and started selling things.

Some people think that this is the script, but soon after the young woman issued a proof, netizens began to fall again.

He began to sympathize with the woman again, saying that the man’s beast is not as good as, so the news later broke out again, saying that the woman had to keep the fetus anyway.

This incident divided the netizens into two dials. Some people said that the greatness of motherly love, and some people questioned: Why don’t you hesitate to care about his body? Is this man’s family background very good. Want to threaten this man through the child?

In any case, the woman is the victim, the most sad thing is the woman.

No matter what the direction of this incident, we should not, with bad guessing, and doubting the victims, we should look at the problem rationally, we cannot be used as a gun with the waves.

A lot of cyber violence was caused by rumors. Here, I also called on netizens to wait for the full text to come out and suspect that there was no snowflake before the avalanche!

There are two points of this matter, which makes people unable to grasp the mind. First of all, the man’s solution.

The man’s parent, almost at the same time after the alarm, negotiated with the woman through the police, and wanted to solve this matter with a little money, and talked to the woman about compensation in private.

The man’s approach, as well as the man’s parents, seems to be familiar. This is a man who is extremely bad, and he cannot have offspring. He cannot continue to cultivate the tumor of society.

The damage suffered by this woman could not be measured by money. As a man, a man dares to do it, or he cares about some of his behaviors.

The second place with doubt is how the man bought this abortion medicine.

Mepitone is prohibited from selling in pharmacies. Where did this medicine man get it? This is also a place with very doubtful people, which can even show that the man’s identity is not easy.

Whether there are some black markets and selling some illegal medicines, I also hope that the police can deal with it seriously.

To investigate the relationship between the man behind this man, although there is no evidence now, it is better to grab it, and you can’t let go of anyone who wants to do something hurting.

When the flame of love burns two souls, many people will be fainted by passion and cannot think of the consequences rationally.

Pre -marital sex is a kind of controversial topic. When it causes the woman to be pregnant and the man is unwilling to take responsibility, this also triggers the thought of morality and ethics.

In this story, we met a young couple, and they were immersed in the sweetness of love.

Due to lack of sufficient sex education and self -discipline consciousness, they were caught in the vortex of prenatal sex.

However, unfortunately, the woman was pregnant, but the man showed an unwilling attitude.

This incident allows us to reflect on, as well as the attitude of pre -marital sex, and has a fundamental impact on responsibility.

First of all, we need to realize the sexual behavior of marriage, not just a physical behavior, but also an emotional and moral investment.

Everyone participating in it must be responsible for its consequences.

Preparation of sexual behavior not only brings possible physiological risks, such as sexual transmission and pregnancy, but also may cause emotional damage.

When one party is unwilling to take responsibility, the damage to the other is deeper.

This not only hurts women who are pregnant, but also destroy the trust and respect established between each other.

In this story, the man’s attitude is undoubtedly disappointing.

He chose to escape the responsibility and did not care about the woman’s situation.

In this shocking incident, her boyfriend was arrested, but the family members tried to use money to settle the matter, trying to cover the crimes they committed.

However, justice will eventually be manifested, and the fact that money cannot be wiped away from hurting and departing from morality, the eyes of the masses are clear.

Although households may once think that money can be solved through money, they underestimate the pursuit of justice and the power of justice.

Public opinion in society has begun to focus on this case. People have spoken, demanding severe punishment of criminals, and giving victims. The compensation and support should be compensated. The disputes will not disappear. Everyone picks up the firewood and the bad guys will be rope sooner or later.

With the deepening of the investigation, the severe crackdown on the legal system, and the attention of the media and the public, the guilty of her boyfriend can no longer be covered.

He was rope and faced the punishment he had.

At the same time, the support of the victim has become more closely, and she has been helped by psychology, law and medical care to rebuild her life.

And it is necessary to strictly handle some drugs and not be trafficking at will!Some bad people will take these medicines to harm people, and you have become associates invisible!

In addition to the inaction of this man, as a woman, you should also protect themselves. Others do n’t care about themselves. Women need to cherish themselves even more, and they cannot love their brains. They should see the scumbag in time to avoid being hurt in the future!

May the young woman get out of the shadow in time!I hope her life will not encounter this kind of scumbag again.

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