The woman who knows the breast best on Taobao has touched nearly 10,000 pairs in three years

Taobao live broadcast has an interesting survey conclusion: Late at night to the early morning of the day, it is the active period of novice mothers, so it is often the hottest time for maternal and infant products.

They stayed up late, holding their waists, pumping milk or feeding the baby quietly.At this time, there are always people with a hand, brushing the live broadcast skillfully, and buying some maternal and infant products by the way.

Because of long -term breastfeeding, some mothers have cracked nipples.But breastfeeding is still uninterrupted. If laziness, mastitis will wait for the opportunity.High fever and coma, breast pain, double torture.While brushing Taobao live broadcast, while lactating, they released their purchasing power and released their physiological pressure.

It is said that in China, a newborn baby fell to the ground every 2 seconds.In other words, a novice mother was born every 2 seconds.

In recent years, a new occupation that helps people can make milk has become popular on Taobao.Just like the Flash Xiu Xia, they take orders online, offline services.

Li Li, a dairy master on Taobao, has to serve 7 or 8 Baoma every day.After a few years, she served nearly 10,000 lactating women and touched nearly 10,000 pairs of breasts.

She witnessed how novice mothers endure the greatest pain in physiology, while experiencing the most thorough happiness in life.

"Flying" milk

Seeing Li Li, Wang Lili seemed to see the savior.

A few months ago, Wang Lili, who was still breastfeeding, came to Hangzhou on a business trip.Because the swelling of milk (novice mother does not breastfeed in time, or the milk does not empty in time, it causes a physiological condition of chest swelling and lump), she placed her order in Li Li’s Taobao shop.

When Li Li saw her at Xiaoshan Airport, Wang Lili could only walk on his back because of her chest pain.At the hotel near the airport, Li Li opened an hour to order the room and helped her make milk for more than an hour, and finally emptied the excess milk.Because of the milk experience, she became Li Li’s old guest.

"Before, the baby bit the nipple and repeatedly ulcers. Later, the place healing was blocked. Now the baby can’t suck it. It can only be rowed with a breast pump for seven days, but it can’t suck clean."

Li Li checked her chest and found that the breast on her right had risen into a large bowl.She quickly washed her hands with hot water, put on a care suit, paved the care pad on the bed, covered other parts of her with a blanket, and only exposed her right breast.After watching it for a while, she frowned, "The milk hole can actually be closed and synthesized."

While soothing Wang Lili’s emotions, Li Li relaxed and massaged slowly on her nipples.Because of nervousness, Wang Lili grabbed the sheets, and the back of her hand was stunned.After about twenty minutes, the milky breast milk splashed out of the fountain.

Feeling the warmth of the milk sprayed on her body, Wang Lili’s body relaxed all at once, and the words box suddenly opened: "I have also found two tutors before, one pressed with the breasts in the heart, and the other was working hardPromote my annual card. "

"Normal milk is generally not painful. The breasts are very fragile and sensitive. Violent milk can cause the breast tissue to be destroyed and induce inflammation."It’s. "

The wrists are swollen for Xue Tong milk arms

Li Li, 37, has a round figure. When he talks, it is "poisonous tongue Max".

"Please be able to break milk (stop breastfeeding), I really make enough money for your money. The children are all one and a half years old. Why can’t we wean?"

"Because the skin is white, the milk is particularly obvious? No, you are small. You are big, and you can’t see that small piece."

"Big breasts are not necessarily good. There is no advantage when you pass the milk. You can’t support it."

Before doing Tongtongmi, Li Li was engaged in international trade work because he was often taken to the hospital because he was often asked for infertility inspections.After leaving, Li Li, who was boring, saw such a message on a website in Hangzhou: "Male passing dairy master, only 5 customers a day, with a monthly salary of more than 10,000." This is the first time Li Li learned on the Internet.There is also such a profession in Tongwai. This job seems high and relatively free, which can reduce the pressure of hospital governance costs. She is excited.It didn’t take long for Li Li to go to all parts of the country to worship and learn about milk.

"At first, the master was definitely unwilling to teach you everything, so I would run their legs, make tea, and carry boxes." Li Li said, "I can follow the master after more than half a year.. When passing the milk, in addition to the accuracy of the meridians, we must also pay attention to strength and skills. The strength of the hand on the acupuncture point is just right. It is light, that is, it can be tickled by the boots, it is heavy, the customer will feel pain. "

After a few practices, Li Li’s arm and wrist were swollen.Around 2000, she obtained a training certificate related to Tongwai.

In 2011, Li Li opened the shop "Guru Guru Breastfeeding Guidance" on Taobao.

In 2013, Li Li was pregnant.8 months after giving birth to the baby, Li Li resumed the work of the door.

During the breastfeeding period, every two or three hours, if the milk is secreted in time, it will form a physiological swelling milk.Li Li is no exception.

"During that time, when I was often helping others, my milk also wet my clothes." In order to accumulate food for my baby, Li Li bought an ice bag and a breast pump on Taobao, and in the work gap in the work gapPump milk, store it and take it back.

Many lists come from workplace mothers

Like Li Li, after many Baoma produces, they choose breast milk to feed the baby until one year old or even longer.

But unfortunately, some workplace mothers did not have so much time to bring their baby.

Duda works in a state -owned enterprise in Hangzhou.After 4 months of breastfeeding leave, she resumed her job."No way, no longer go back, the position may be pushed by other colleagues."

The first two months before work were the most difficult time for mothers in the workplace."After leaving the baby, I always want to save more breast milk grains in the refrigerator at home." So during that time, Duda chased milk at night (some mothers were not milk. By emptying the breast milk, it was to stimulate the breasts to stimulate the breasts.The process of secreting more milk.), Basically only sleep for three or five hours a day.

In addition, she bought ice packs and breast pumps on Taobao, becoming a "back milk" family.During the day, she often nesting in the bathroom with breast pumping.Duda said that sometimes the hard block that the breast pump could not suck, he had to lie on the sink with his hands.

She faced her colleagues and customers with dark circles and embarrassed.There are a lot of work pressure, and all kinds of problems in blocking milk and feeding have come.

It was also at this time that Duda found Li Li on Taobao.

Li Li took the list of many mothers in the workplace, and most of them immediately returned to work as soon as maternity leave ended.Li Li said that most of the time, Baoma asked Li Li to arrange the milk during the period from 12 noon to 2 o’clock, and the location was the company’s conference room or a rest area.

Novice mothers of many companies are Li Li’s old guests.In general at noon, Li Li pulled up the curtain in the company’s rest area.Essence"Even in this case, there are a lot of Bao mom replying to the work information with their mobile phones." Li Li said, "There is more exaggerated that I saw a treasure mother wearing a handless lip -up coeck, hanging on her chestThe breast pump, then pulled the curtain and a group of female subordinates to meet. "

Tongwai found the most fertile soil on the Internet

He has been engaged in the milk industry for many years.Now, most of Li Li’s customers come from the word of mouth between friends.Because of the work, many Baoma finally became friends with Li Li.There are some milk mothers who want to give them free of some mothers for free.And some of the mother with less milk will also ask Li Li to find "rich milk sources".

Li Li said that she would no longer participate in the presence of her milk after the two sides."Bao Ma who needs milk will ask the mother who gives milk to the mother’s health. At present, the most popular is the milk of nurses, doctors, and teachers."

There is a mother, less than a month after giving birth to a baby."She has less milk, so I beg me to introduce the mother with a lot of milk." Li Li recalled, "I introduced her to the nurse mother who had sufficient milk and was willing to give excess milk."

On one occasion, Li Li went to the nursing nurse Bao Ma’s house, and happened to meet Bao Ma who had previously introduced to "ask for milk."She saw her "all the milk in the refrigerator was going."

Li Li said that Tongwai is a newly born industry.What is new?It is said that there is no such thing as a dairy division in the professional directory announced in China.However, Li Li’s Tongwai service shop has been launched on Taobao for 9 years.

In 9 years, she experienced the replacement of two "Baoma" after the 80s and 90s.

"The older generation is used to feeding the baby with milk powder. One is that you don’t need to fed himself, and will not delay your work; the other is that there are prejudices in the past.More nutritious value. "

In fact, in recent years, breastfeeding has become the consensus of society.

Studies have found that in Africa, even those malnourished mothers can still produce qualified milk.This is because the principle of making breast milk is provided from the mother’s own storage, rather than immediately made from the mother’s diet.

Breastfeeding this concept is accepted by more and more post -80s and 90s, and has become the mainstream culture of society.

"Although we are all offline services, my customers are all netizens."

The emerging profession of Tongwai is like a seed, and found the most fertile soil on the Internet.

The shop interviewed in this article: Guru Guru breastfeeding guidance

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