The woman’s "pregnancy" was not produced in December, and she was abandoned by her husband 60 kilograms in December.

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In 2009, a woman named Peng Xiumei in Guangdong had more than 36 months of "pregnancy", but she showed no signs of production. What is even more scary is that her pregnancy belly is particularly large and weighs more than 60 kilograms, which has tortured her and wants to give birth.

When Peng Ximei was "pregnant" for 12 months, her husband abandoned her.Even when the doctor met, he said that this has never been the case for so many years.

What is the behemoth of Peng Ximei’s belly, so scary?

And can she "produce" smoothly with the help of a doctor and regain health?

● ○ 辛 ○ ○ ○ ● ●

After Peng Ximei grew up to the age of marriage, the matchmaker in the village came to the door and introduced her to a young man in the neighboring village. The family of both sides was right.

Although the family’s family is not wealthy, Peng Ximei also grows up and grows up. She is not disliked at all. I feel that as long as she and their husband’s hard -working hands can change their current life.

Her husband treats Peng Ximei very well. The two are very happy, but the disadvantage of the beauty is that after more than a year after marriage, Peng Ximei has not been pregnant.

At that time, the thoughts of rural people were relatively backward, and it was a top priority of Chuizong.Whose little couple, no good news of pregnancy for a few months of marriage, the village began to speak up.

She hasn’t moved her stomach like Peng Ximei for more than a year, and it has become a hot spot for everyone to talk about. Even Peng Ximei’s mother -in -law said that she is "not an egg hen, what’s the use of marrying back!"

Peng Ximei was very anxious, but she was not pregnant, and she had nothing to do. She was accused of crying every day every day. It turned out that the husband who loved her and had a good attitude also changed her attitude and began to impatient her.

And Peng Ximei’s mother -in -law decided to take a shot, first took her to worship Zi Guanyin, ask for gray, mixed water to drink; and found a remedy, boiled the black paint soup, although she was so hard to swallow, Peng Ximei drank it.

It didn’t take long for it, I don’t know if it was God’s pity, or the prescription of her mother -in -law, and Peng Ximei’s belly became bigger every day.

After pregnancy, Peng Ximei’s life is too much, and she is still lucky. Except for occasional pain in her stomach, she has no adverse reactions during pregnancy, but her belly becomes larger and fast. It is only a few months.The belly is still big.

And Peng Ximei’s body became weaker as her belly increased, and her spirit seemed to be pulled away by the children in the belly.

The husband and mother -in -law felt that this was not a problem. Instead, she felt happy that Peng Ximei was the two children who were pregnant, so she had so big her belly, and she showed off her twins everywhere.

Peng Ximei’s pregnant belly still increased at an amazing speed, her body became even worse, her walking became difficult, and she could not breathe occasionally, but her husband had never taken her for a pregnancy test.

It wasn’t until the 12th month that Peng Ximei’s belly had no signs of production. The village began to gossip in the village, saying that she had a Nezha, and it would take two years to give birth.

The mother -in -law was afraid that Peng Ximei’s child had a problem in her belly, so she was unwilling to let her son and take Peng Ximei to the hospital for examination.

● ○ Being abandoned with cancer, wandering on the street for 2 years ○ ●

After the hospital, Peng Ximei’s status scared the doctor. He said that he had been doing medicine for so many years, and he had never seen so much pregnant belly, as if he had to explode at any time.

I didn’t dare to delay time. The doctor immediately did a B -ultrasound for Peng Ximei, but found that there were children in her belly, and even the organs could not see it.

The anxious doctor immediately proposed to do CT, but Peng Ximei’s belly was too big to enter the CT machine at all.When she finally made a film, the doctor finally saw the things in Peng Xi’s belly. It turned out that she was not a child at all, but an ovarian tumor.

After the diagnosis, the doctor told Peng Xi’s husband and wife that this is cancer and must do surgery. It costs high and may recur. It can only live for two or three years.

After knowing the news, Peng Ximei and her husband were pale and decided to go home and make a decision.The kind Peng Ximei knew that the situation at home was not good, and she lived soon after treatment. She didn’t want to drag her husband. She planned to count this, not cure disease, and go home to live her last time.

What Peng Ximei didn’t expect was that as soon as the husband returned home, she raised her face and said loudly to her, "If you go back to your mother’s house, or I take the daughter home, you look!" "You can have thisDisease, you should know that you have a sense of reason, don’t occupy the position here! "

The attack of the disease did not defeat Peng Ximei, but her husband’s ruthlessness really made Peng Ximei feel desperate. She was not faceless, so she was going to leave her husband.

Before Peng Ximei left, her husband was not assured and asked her to make a word, indicating that she was willing to leave by herself. What are the problems in the future? Don’t come to him to trouble.

Walking on the dark street, Peng Ximei did not know where she should go, and she was unwilling to drag my mother’s house, and she didn’t have a drop. I came to the bridge on the river by the river unknowingly., So liberated.

Standing on the side of the bridge and preparing to jump down, Peng Ximei heard the name of her mother called her, but looking at the Quartet, there was no one. When she thought of her elderly parents, Peng Ximei was really hard and left them.go.

So, Peng Ximei began her wandering life. She was hungry and begged on the street. When she was sleepy, she slept under the bridge hole. Sometimes there were good people who saw her belly so big and would send her some food and clothes.

In this way, she wandered for two years, and her belly became bigger, which completely affected her life. She could only move, and her breathing became difficult. Peng Ximei suddenly felt that she was going.

However, Peng Ximei didn’t want to die outside, so no one must have collected the corpse by herself. She thought of a good place, that is, the hospital. In case of leaving the world, not only decently left, but also someone helped to collect corpses.

● ○ When you die, you meet your nobles.

Sitting in the hospital and waiting for the death of Peng Ximei, she did not expect her decision to save her life.

Xu Kecheng, the dean of Guangzhou Fushang University, came to this hospital on a business trip and noticed that Peng Xiumei, who was so unusual, was so keen from him as a doctor. He felt that this woman must have a disease.

Dean Xu Kecheng stepped forward and asked what happened to Peng Ximei. After she talked about her experience, Dean Xu Kecheng immediately invited Peng Ximei to resume the hospital for treatment.fee.

Seeing Peng Ximei, who was young, Dean Xu Kecheng was really unwilling to die like this. To Peng Ximei, "You can rest assured, I will help you for free treatment."

Hearing Xu Kecheng’s words, Peng Ximei couldn’t help leaving tears, which made her not only see the hope of living, but also made her see the true feelings of the world.

Subsequently, Dean Xu Kecheng arranged an ambulance for Peng Ximei and sent her to Guangzhou. It was really a dangerous situation, and she would be surprised a little careless.

When she arrived at the University of Hospital, Peng Ximei called the weight, 220 pounds of weight, the big belly was 120 pounds. Her body was thin and skinny, her belly couldn’t breathe, and her heart followed the failure.

A normal adult has a heart beating 60 to 100 times per minute, while Peng Ximei can only jump 50 times per minute, and the oxygen division is less than 60mmHg, which is already a respiratory failure.

In order to treat Peng Ximei, Dean Xu Kecheng set up a treatment team to analyze her condition and treatment plan. After examination, everyone found that the difficulty of treatment was not only tumors in her ovaries, but also a large number of ascites.

These ascites have been oppressed to Peng Ximei’s organs, and the organs are ruptured and dangerous at any time. Therefore, the primary task is to pull out the ascites in her belly, and they cannot be pulled out at once. They must be divided into several times.

After the efforts of the doctor, the ascites in Peng Ximei’s belly have finally been pumped, and there are more than 50,000 milliliters. This is the weight of more than 100 bottles of mineral water. It is difficult for an adult man to carry so much water.Peng Xiumei.

After the ascites are pumped, you can perform surgery for Peng Ximei. Dean Xu Kecheng personally fought himself. After a dozen hours of fighting, he successfully removed the tumor in Peng Ximei’s belly.Watermelon is the same.

At this moment, Peng Ximei finally got away from her big "pregnant belly". She was no longer afraid that she could not breathe, and would leave people at any time.

When Peng Ximei recovered and discharged from the hospital, she was afraid that she had no money to live. Dean Xu Kecheng also prepared a living expenses to her.

And Peng Ximei doesn’t want to trouble Dean Xu anymore, and he quit, but Dean Xu said: "You can survive, it is a kind person and the society to help you, you have the ability to help others in the future!"

Dean Xu’s words were firmly remembered by Peng Ximei, and stayed in Guangzhou to become a volunteer in the hospital. He helped patients with cancer, and also joined the volunteer organization.

For 14 years, Peng Ximei has helped countless patients. She has also been better and better, and she has good health. She also encountered like -minded husbands and three little angels.

Peng Ximei’s life was unfortunate. She changed her cancer and was abandoned by her husband. She almost said goodbye to the world.

And she was lucky. She met Dean Xu Kecheng, a life -saving benefactor, and gave her a second life.

At the same time, she knew how to be grateful and passed Dean Xu’s kindness to more people.

Her story also tells us that maybe persistence, we can see the dawn of life, and we must not give up at will.

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