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Speaking of gynecological surgery, people are always afraid, especially for women who love beauty, they are even more concerned. They not only want to cure diseases through surgery, but also hope that scars will not be left after this influence.

In the past six months, Ms. Ren (pseudonym), who lives in Hunan, found that her abdomen is getting bigger and bigger, and it looks like 6 months of pregnancy, and frequent urination and emergencies have obvious symptoms.After going to the local hospital for examination, it was found that there was a huge tumor in the uterus.In September this year, she was introduced to Shenzhen Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for consultation.

A few days ago, Mao Dongwei, director of the gynecological department of the hospital, performed uterine fibroids under the umbilical ligaptus, and the surgery took 2.5 hours to successfully remove the tumor in his body.The postoperative patients recovered well, and they were recovered after 3 days. The superb medical skills of the team were praised by patients and their families.

There is a huge tumor hidden in the uterus, but she doesn’t want to open abdomen resection

As early as 2012, Ms. Ren found an uterine fibroids about 2 cm during a physical examination. She didn’t care because she had no symptoms.Until in recent months, Ms. Ren suddenly felt that her abdomen was getting bigger and bigger. I thought I had eaten fat and blessed.In the previous medical examination, she was not assured that she went to the local hospital for examination.

Who knows that after the doctor’s examination, she found that there was a huge uterine fibroids in her belly, and the local hospital suggested that she have an open abdomen surgery.Open abdomen surgery means that there will be a more obvious scar on the stomach accompanied by, and Ms. Ren cannot accept it, and even refuses the operation.

Later, she found out from a friend to hear the technical and mature minimally invasive minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery of the Gynecology Department of the Shenzhen Hospital of China, and the department has many surgical cases in gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts and rich experience.Director Mao Dongwei.Ms. Ren has only one requirement: there is no scar on the stomach after surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery can remove the "time bomb" in the palace

On September 26, Director Mao Dongwei took the diagnosis of Ms. Ren. After further examination, the color Doppler ultrasound reminded that the size of the uterine fibroids was about 16 × 16 × 10cm."Because the fibroids are too large, the measurement range is beyond the measurement, and it may be even greater." Director Mao Dongwei told reporters, "The patient’s fibroids are almost filled with the entire pelvic abdominal cavity, and the standard of huge tumors has been reached.At that time, it was suggested that she was best to perform abdominal surgery, but the resolute request of the lady, coupled with the rich experience of the huge fibroids in a single -hole laparoscopy, decided to implement it under the umbilical umbilical single -hole laparoscopy.Uterine fibroid removal. "

According to Director Mao Dongwei, single -hole laparoscopic technology is currently one of the most advanced minimally invasive technologies in the world. It only needs to make a small incision in the umbilical laparoscopy in the umbilicus.Complete surgical operations, and use the natural depression and wrinkles of the umbilicus after surgery to perfectly hide the surgical incision.Compared with traditional abdominal operation, this type of surgery has the benefits of less bleeding during surgery, less damage, and fast recovery after surgery, which can achieve the "scarless" beauty effect.

Because the patient had no history of abdominal surgery and had clear minimally invasive needs, there was greater concerns about the size of the surgical knife mouth, and it was extremely sensitive to pain.After detailed explanations with Ms. Ren and her family members, Director Mao Dongwei arranged for Ms. Ren to prepare for admission and surgical treatment for Ms. Ren.

Live 2.5 hours to successfully remove huge uterine fibroids

"Generally, uterine fibroids are performed under laparoscopy. If the patient’s tumor exceeds 8 cm, even if it is 4 -level surgery, the patient’s fibroids have been large to more than 15.9 cm, and there is no enough activity space in the abdominal cavity. The difficulty coefficientIt is conceivable. "

Figures of the patient in the patient’s body in the patient’s body

After improving the relevant examination and excluding the taboos of the surgery, after discussing with the surgery team, Director Mao Dongwei formulated a detailed and thorough surgical plan for him.

During the operation, the doctor made a incision of only 3cm in its umbilical holes. After the single -hole laparoscopy entered the abdominal cavity through the navel, we can see that the uterine fibroids are huge spherical lumps with a pelvic cavity.The side pelvic cavity is very difficult to expose, and the operation of surgical equipment in the abdominal cavity is also limited.Director Mao Dongwei innovatively cut the umbilical hole incision, cut the surface muscle layer of the uterine and expand as much as possible, use his fingers to separate the fibroids and the uterine muscle layer as much as possible, and then use a "cut apple" to use the clamp to hold the muscle to put the muscleTumor tissue is cut into strips a little.

After two and a half hours, the fibroids and uterine muscle layers are repeatedly cut again during the period. Director Mao Dongwei overcomes difficult difficulties. In the end, when a single -hole laparoscopy only adds one auxiliary hole, it completely removes this behemoth, surgery, surgery, surgery.It is estimated that the maximum meridian of fibroids exceeds 20 cm.Fast pathological test shows that the tumor is benign.

After the operation, on the basis of conventional western medicine treatment, the doctor also gave Ms. Ren supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine treatment such as acupuncture acupoint applied, intraward, and four -grind soup, which effectively promoted the recovery of gastrointestinal function in patients, and helped patients supplement qi and blood by righteousness.

"The experience of the medical treatment is great this time! The recovery after surgery is very fast, and it can be recovered and discharged in three days. The key is that my abdomen can not see the traces of surgery at all.Satisfied. "Mentioned the medical experience, Ms. Ren said with a smile.

Doctors suggest: Adult women do at least once a year health checkup

Each woman will be more or less troubled by gynecological diseases in their lives. Uterine fibroids are one of the most common gynecological diseases.

"The cause of the occurrence of fibroids is not very clear. However, it is a hormone -dependent tumor. Staying up late, smoking, alcoholism, and frequent adoption contraceptives will cause estrogen disorders.A large amount of foods cooked by hormones can cause risk of fibroids to increase risk. "

According to reports, although uterine fibroids are benign lesions, increasing fibroids can cause a large amount of abnormal uterine hemorrhage, leading to secondary anemia, infertility and bladder rectal compression, which causes difficulty in urination.Women’s uterine fibroids will also change badly, so it is not easy to let it go.

Director Mao Dongwei specially reminds the majority of women’s friends that they should eat reasonably and eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, shiitake mushrooms, yogurt, etc. to avoid poultry and eggs raised by edible hormones; strengthen exercise and improve physical fitness;Various drugs or hormones such as weight loss, milk, skin care products such as weight loss, milk, and skin care products must be used under the guidance of gynecologists; adjust the mentality in a timely manner, be open -minded, and maintain a comfortable mood.

In addition, women should usually pay attention to observing obvious changes in the body, such as excessive menstrual flow, abnormal leucorrhea, irregular vaginal bleeding, consciousness of the abdomen, frequent urination, constipation, etc., and seek medical treatment early.Adult women conduct health check -ups including color Doppler ultrasound and cervical screening at least once a year to achieve early discounts, early intervention, and early treatment.

Writing: Ai Yiyi Journalist Li Shanshan

Correspondent: Ma Xiaoqun

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