The word becomes larger, the coded drug manual "transforms" is "transformed" suitable for aging

Speaking of the pharmaceutical manual, I believe that most people’s feelings are the same: the characters are very small and dense, which makes people unclear; the content is professional and lengthy, which makes people understand.Some media are vividly displayed in the report that a thumb can cover 40 words on the drug manual."Words are as good as ants" drug manual, young people look very strenuous, not to mention elderly people with high demand for medication?

The people are calling, and politics should respond.Recently, the State Drug Administration has publicly solicited documents such as the "Pilot Work Plan for the Reform of the Pharmaceutical Manual".The "Plan" clearly states that the holders involved in the pilot shall print the QR code on the pharmaceutical packaging or pharmaceutical manual (simplified version), and obtain the electronic drug manual (full version) by scanning the QR code;The texture of the Quality Simplified version of the instructions is No. 4, and the full version of the electronics instructions is used in the text.

A magnifying word and launching a brief version will help the safety of medication.According to the "Plan", compared with the existing pharmaceutical manual, the paper name size of the paper version instructions after the reform pilot will increase significantly, and the electronic version instructions that can be obtained by scanning code will be supplemented, so that the elderly can see that the drug manual will be clearly difficult.EssenceAnd because of the simplified version, how to take medicine and require taboos and other key content will be more clear and distinguished. For elderly patients, medication will be safer, accurate and more convenient.

Try first, and then summarize the promotion, and the step -by -step progress will help scientific advancement.The pilot of the aging reform of the drug instructions was carried out in some oral and external drug preparations commonly used in elderly patients, and it was determined that Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hunan, and Guangdong were determined as pilot provinces.First pilot and open the rules, so that relevant manufacturers can be based on, regulatory and can be followed, and they can also summarize their experience from the medicines and regions that are first tried first to form a demonstration effect.To better implement in more areas.

Of course, the size and content adjustment of the pharmaceutical manual are just the "first step" of aging.Can the electronic version of the pharmaceutical manual try to embed the clearer and more understandable pictures and video medication guidance?With the instructions, can hospitals and pharmacies provide more intimate pharmacy services for elderly patients?These require more intimate refinement and landing.

The optimization and adjustment of the pharmaceutical manual seems to be a trivial matter, but in fact, it is a key matter that is related to the happiness and security of drug people, especially elderly patients, especially elderly patients.As of the end of 2022, there were about 280 million people in my country, 60 and over, accounting for 19.8%of the national population.Everyone is old and everyone is old.From this perspective, optimizing the management of drug manuals is a very important part of the entire society to carry out aging and transformation.

To enjoy the elderly in the old age, there are more pragmatic actions that optimize the drug instructions to focus on the details and solve practical difficulties from details.The aging transformation must be more attentive and intimate, so that the elderly and their families can be more at ease and comfortable.The use of "small transformation" with aging dots to support the "big happiness" of the elderly in the old age of the elderly in old age is the meaning of building an elderly friendly society.

(Text 丨 Dong Zhu)

Source: CCTV News Client

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