The youngest mother in history: At the age of 3, she has a tide at the age of 5. She has a child at the age of 5. The child’s father’s identity has not been solved so far

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According to our country from ancient times to the present, the minimum age suitable for marriage is the regulations of the Song Dynasty "15th year, 13 women, and listening to marriage".In ancient my country, such regulations were because the environment at that time was all early marrying and early childbirth. The physical development of the girls was in line with the ability to have fertility around the age of 13.

However, in the 1930s, there was a five -year -old girl in the Tikrapo district of Peru. Because of her amazing stomach, she was taken to the hospital by her parents.The 5 -year -old girl is 7 months pregnant.

This discovery shocked the doctors in the entire hospital, because according to a medical perspective, a 5 -year -old girl could not get pregnant.

However, two months later, the girl gave birth to a child in the hospital and became the youngest mother in the history of the world.

After the girl gave birth to a child, everyone was asking who the child was, but the five -year -old mother closed her mouth without talking. Until now the children’s father is a mystery!

what on earth is it?Why can girls be able to give birth to a child at the age of five?

The girl named Linna, born in 1934 in the Perphon Clarbo area, is one of the poorest regions in Lu nationwide.

There are 4 brothers and 5 sisters in Linna’s house. She is the youngest tenth child. Her father is the famous silvermaker where they are. The mother is an architect. Linna’s 4 brother can already go out when she was bornDo some simple bitterness, so the economic conditions in Linna’s family are okay.

As the youngest child in the family, Linna is naturally very favored, and she looks very cute. His big eyes seem to be talking. Several sisters usually do what Linna is dressed as a doll.

Linna’s brothers will also bring some candy to their young Linna every time they go home, and Lena naturally likes to play with her brothers.

At a blink of an eye, Linna was five years old. That day was her birthday. Her parents had a rich dinner. Everyone ate a gobbled. After all, dinner was some simple food.

However, Lena started to vomit after only a few mouthfuls. Her parents thought that Linna had a bad stomach. After pouring a cup of hot water for Linna, she didn’t care too much.

But the time passed day by day, and Linna’s body was getting more and more incorrect, and her belly was bigger every day. At this time, Linna’s parents were surprised that Lena might have a strange disease!

After Lin Na’s 5th birthday, the whole person became strange.The most disliked thing in Lena is sour, but now the taste has changed greatly. Not only does it like to eat sour, but she also eats a lot of food she likes.

Linna’s family thought that the child was growing up, and she was also linked by Lena, but occasionally Linna would suddenly vomit abdominal pain and made her parents feel helpless. HoweverI didn’t take Lena to the hospital.

By the time Linna was 5 years old and 6 months old, her stomach was a little abnormal, and she was frequent abdominal pain. However, Linna was rosy, and she didn’t look like she was sick.

The neighbor of Linna’s house was a "witch". After seeing Linna’s little body holding a big belly, she asserted that Linna was selected by the demon and hit the evil!

As soon as this statement came out, Linna’s parents were so pale, because during that period, the ghosts and gods were very popular, and their neighbors were also famous local witch. Many things that had evil spirits were settled.

The witch asked Lena to lie on the bed, tied her limbs with a cloth strip, and then invited Linna’s parents and brothers and sisters. In the small room, only the witch and Linna were left in the small room.

Linna was scared to cry by the battle in front of her, and kept crying her mother. After hearing it, her mother also paced back and forth in distress outside the door.

The witch waved the so -called god stick at Linna, and she still read words in her mouth. After an hour of "exorcism ceremony", the witch came out and shook her head to Linna’s parents, "I have nothing to do, you please Gao Ming."Let’s go away.


Parents looked at Lena, who was still holding a big belly, and a weak sense of weakness swept the whole body. They loved this smart and lovely little daughter very much, but now they are helpless.

Lena’s elder sister proposed, "I think we should go to the hospital!"

When Lena’s parents heard it, thinking that she should go to the hospital. Linna seemed to have something in her belly, or maybe tumors.Several people packed things and immediately hugged Linna to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Linna’s condition immediately got the attention of the doctor, and was the same as Linna’s parents’ speculation, thinking that Linna may have tumors in her stomach.

However, after careful inspection, the results made everyone surprised and shocked!Linna is actually pregnant!And it’s 7 months pregnant!How is this possible? Linna is obviously only 5 years old.

Linna’s parents could not accept this result and questioned whether the doctor had an error.As the attending doctor of Lena, Jelar also suspected that he had checked the problem, because he could not accept a 5 -year -old girl who was 7 months old.

After the re -examination, Linna was still diagnosed with pregnancy. The doctor at the hospital got the news like exploding the pot. According to their many years of medical experience, the 5 -year -old girl could not conceive naturally.X -ray photos of the inner fetal bones are placed there, which makes people have to believe.

However, after being confirmed that Lin Na was pregnant, her parents were her parents. They did not understand why the little daughter she cared about encountered such a thing.Linna’s mother was very blame and did not take care of her children.

After attending the doctor Jerar’s parents who appealed Linna, she asked whether Linna was different from ordinary people when she was young.

My mother recalled that Linna started menstruation when she was 3 years old, because this incident was still frightened for a period of time, and found that it was the same as adult women’s regular menstruation, and she did not take Lena to the hospital.Thinking that maybe everyone’s system is different, and there is, Linna’s breasts began to develop when she was 4 years old, and there were obvious development of mass and pain.

After asking the doctor’s heart, there was probably the answer, but for the sake of insurance, she still had a bone examination for Linna, and found that Linna’s bones were completely mature, and the pelvis was also expanded to normal adult women.These signs show that Linna is a rare "sexual precocious disease" disease, and the maturity period of sexual organs and reproductive systems far earlier than her peers.

The chance of such diseases in children is about one ten thousandths. Girls generally develop sexual development before the age of 8; boys generally develop sexual development before the age of 9.

However, Lina can get pregnant and have children at 5 years old.Because Linna is still a 5 -year -old child, in the development of embryos, the continuous increase in volume and weight will cause compression and pain in Lena’s internal organs and chest cavity.s reason.

Although I already know Linna’s "cause", why is she pregnant?

Linna should be produced in two months. The birth of a new life was a happy thing. However, when the object of pregnancy was a five -year -old girl, no one could be happy.

Linna’s mother was sitting beside her daughter’s bed and gently stroking her daughter’s face. She wanted to ask her daughter who harmed, but she couldn’t ask her daughter’s naive face.

Later, Lena’s mother found the attending doctor Jelar, and asked him to ask his daughter for herself. Jelar looked at the middle -aged woman who was crying in front of her, and had to nod to agree.

After arriving in the ward, Jerael chatted very gentlely with Linna. Linna also performed well and answered what she asked, but when Jelar asked if there was a man or a boy, LinnaBut she looked at her face, and she didn’t even know Linna herself.

Yes, what can a five -year -old child understand?After Jerar’s mother’s inquiry, Jerael left.

But how could her mother make her children so confused? Linna’s mother decided to call the police, but Linna’s father did not agree.positive effect.

But at this time, the mother could not hear any persuasion and insisted on calling the police.When the police came, she caught Linna’s father and pointed out that her father was suspected of obscenity of children.

Linna’s father was released less than a week after being caught. The reason was that the evidence was insufficient. Then she called Linna’s brothers to the police station to ask, but she found nothing.

And the real reason for catching Linna’s father is: Linna has been unable to depict who invaded her, so the police decided that Linna may be violated after sleeping, and only Linna’s father and brothers who met the crime time were in line with this crime time.Essence

However, after investigation, it was nothing to obtain. It was still a mystery until now, and no one was until Linna was pregnant.

The two months have passed in a blink of an eye, and the days of Linna’s production have also arrived. Due to Lena’s physical reasons, the risk of this production is very large. It cannot be used in traditional production methods and can only be carried out by caesarean section.

Everyone was anxious to wait outside the ward. After an hour, they heard the cry of the newborn Hong Liang.The doctor walked out of the ward to inform everyone: mother and child were safe.Everyone was relieved, and Wan Xinglina had no accident.

On May 14, 1939, Lena, 5, produced the next baby boy in a caesarean section in the hospital.The baby is healthy, good, and weighs 2.7 kg., And named Graldo.

In order to prevent rumors from hurting her daughter, Lena’s parents announced that Geralo was his own child.

When Linna was discharged from the hospital, she seemed to understand something. She was no longer as lively and cheerful as before, but became much dull. Sometimes she looked at the Geralo in the cradle.

Ten years have passed, and Linna is 15 years old. In the past ten years, she has a lot of cherish her brother Geraldo in her name. What are the delicious and fun, Linna gives Geralo for the first time.

The 10 -year -old Grauldo also seemed to understand that this "sister", who was 5 years older than herself, seemed to love himself more, so Graldo was very close to Linna since childhood.

Until a journalist’s door broke everything, in fact, after Lena was 5 years old, their family became a celebrity.outside.

However, one day later, a reporter directly found Graoldo who went out to play, and let Graldo bring him into his home through the almost successful success.

Lena’s parents were not at home that day. The reporter began to communicate with Geldo. Through a exchange reporter, she found out that Graldo didn’t know that Linna was his mother.

Perhaps it is a mentality that is not chaotic in the world. The reporter told everything in Gelaldo, who was only 10 years old. Parents who went out happened to see this scene. He could not stop Grailo who knew everything about the reporter.

Even this did not affect the relationship between the two. In order to allow Geralo to be educated, Lena took the initiative to go to the former attending doctor’s clinic as assistant, earning all salary for Graolo to complete high school studies.

The two have always been commensurate with their siblings, and Graldo is also very angry. After graduating from high school, they found a decent job.

Lena has been running for Gelaldo over the years. She has not considered her life events, so she is still single until she is in her thirties.

Until the 1970s, Lena, 38, entered the palace of marriage. Her current husband was full of love to her, and the two were also loving.

One year after marriage, Linna became pregnant again. She gave birth to her second son in her life at the age of 39, and was 34 years younger than her first son.

In recent years, Gloaldo has also played the role of Linna’s younger brother, and often brings some snacks and toys to Lena’s younger son.

It’s just that he wished that Geralo died at the age of 40 because of bone marrow disease.Get this bad news, Lena cried a few times and fainted.Although Lena produced Graldo is very young, but the relationship between the two in the past 40 years is also very deep.

After Graoldo’s death, Linna had a serious illness, and then looked at her second son, and her husband who loved her, and Linna regained excited.

In 2002, 68 -year -old Lena and her husband lived in the slums in the Peruvian capital. They were not rich in their lives, and sometimes food and clothing became problems.

However, Linna also rarely accepted an interview with Reuters and told people about her ups and downs in this ups and downs, but when the reporter asked who Geralau’s father was, Linna still couldn’t say anything.

By 2009, 75 -year -old Linna appeared again in the media reports. She still lived in slums, but she had become an orphan, her husband had died, and her second son would occasionally come to visit her.

In fact, her second son wanted to pick up Lena more than once, and was rejected by Linna. She said that she was not willing to leave the little home with a sweet memory with her husband.

However, there was no news from Linna. Today, if Linna is still alive, she should be 88 years old this year.

Perhaps this story is incredible. After all, how can a 5 -year -old girl get pregnant?But for many years, the doctor’s biopsy, the X -ray photos of the fetal bones in the uterus, and the photos taken by her doctor who took care of her proved that this was by no means false.

And according to an article in 1955, there are often carnival activities where Lena lives, but women are raped often in such activities.

Therefore, Lena is likely to be violated at that time. The reason why Linna never remembers who had infringed herself, perhaps because of ‘post -trauma stress disorder’.

Lena may be frightened to protect herself, so selective forgotten is related to trauma.This trauma is often not recovered.

And in the 1930s, DNA testing could not be performed, so until more than 80 years later, Graol’s biological father identity was not announced.

But behind this event is a harsh case of obscenity of minor children.

Surging children have always been out of disadvantages in the human world, especially when children are very fragile in their childhood, they need parents’ protection and care.

And it is necessary to popularize the relevant knowledge to children from an early age. Boy and girls must learn to protect themselves. You must not take off your clothes casually. Let them know that some places cannot be touched.

And for some strangers for no reason, they must learn to refuse, and they can’t refuse to go like parents, teachers, and police to seek help.

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