There are 15 newly diagnosed cases in Hong Kong. One pregnancy 39 weeks pregnant women are preliminary diagnosis

(Anti -fighting new crown pneumonia) Hong Kong added 15 newly diagnosed cases. One pregnant woman was preliminary diagnosis at 39 weeks of pregnancy

China News Agency, Hong Kong, August 30 (Reporter Han Xingtong) The Health Protection Center of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Health Protection Center reported on the 30th that 15 new crown pneumonia was added.On the same day, the Hong Kong Hospital Administration (Hospital Management Bureau) announced that a pregnant woman at a 39 -week pregnant woman in Tuen Mun Hospital was initially diagnosed.Patients need to accept quarantine.

Of the 15 newly -added cases, 5 were input cases, and the diagnostics were returned to Hong Kong by the Philippines and India; the remaining 10 cases were local cases, of which 5 were related to previous diagnosis cases.

Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Division of the Infectious Disease Department of the Department of Health Protection of the Department of Health, revealed that the intellectual disabilities of the people who had previously had the disease -disabilities of the people of the Zhikang Zhi Limu Tree Dormitory Group had added another three college friends to confirm. So far, there are 11 hospital friends and 6 staff members in the groupConfused diagnosis.

In addition, there are no sources of five cases, and the occupation of the diagnosis is part -time driver, housewife, police officer, and cleaner.Zhang Zhujun said that the diagnosis of police officers worked at the Wan Chai police headquarters and usually did not contact the public, but some colleagues occasionally called takeaway and eat with them, so they would be listed as close contacts.

He Wanxia, the Chief Executive Manager of the Hospital Management Bureau (patient safety and risk management), announced that in the past 24 hours, three more patients have died unfortunately. So far, a total of 88 patients have died.At present, there are still 351 diagnosis patients in the 18 public hospitals and the community treatment facilities of the Asian International Expo Hall. Among them, 23 were in danger, 33 were serious, and the rest of the people were stable.A total of 1,220 staminated beds and 675 negative pressure wards were opened with 46%and 60%.

He Wanxia also announced an incident. At about 11 am on the 29th, a 31 -year -old pregnant woman went to the emergency room for consultation.fever.So after the pregnant woman was tested by the virus, she was arranged to stay in the internal medicine ward.

On the evening of the same day, the test results were released, and the preliminary diagnosis of the pregnant woman was confirmed.The hospital immediately arranged for her to stay in the isolation ward, and she and the fetus were currently stable.Because the pregnant woman has been pregnant for 39 weeks, Tuen Mun Hospital has developed a treatment plan for childbirth and baby birth.

The hospital also launched an epidemiological tracking. During the hospital, the pregnant woman was wearing masks and instructions with medical staff throughout the journey.At present, a total of 10 female patients who have lived with them are listed as close contacts and need to accept quarantine.(over)

Source: China News Network

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