There are a lot of bags like mosquito ding around the stomach.

There are many bags like mosquitoes that are very itchy around the stomach, the more itchy, the greater the more itchy, the greater the more itchy. According to the symptoms, it can basically be diagnosed with urticaria.

When urticaria occurs, wind group damage will occur on the skin. Urticaria will become more urgent. Patients often feel severe itching, and some patients’ urticaria will also occur repeatedly.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Case: Patient, female, 18 years old, complained: After climbing the mountain half a month ago, after playing with mosquito bite, a lot of colorless rashes on the stomach are particularly itchy.Essence

He Shengkun Wuhan Zhongyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital special expert

See Chinese medicine for the red winds of the waist and abdomen, the red retreat, the scratching marks are obvious.Asked about it, I know that the stool is dry and less, and the urine is yellow.The left pulse is slippery, the right pulse is slightly white, and the tongue coating is thin white.

Syndrome discrimination: It belongs to the inside and is hot, and it is bitten by mosquito, and it is made as a wind.It is better to clear the heat and cool the blood, and the wind and the wind should be solved.

Composite prescriptions: Daqing leaves, gypsum, ephedra, purple grass, kimonic grass, raw land, white cotton roots, red peony, white moss skin, nepeta, windproof, cinnamon, Salva, Sichuan army, etc., One dose a day.

Patient feedback: After ten days of medication, the body temperature gradually became normal, the skin red gradually retreated, and it still felt itchy.Adjust the prescriptions of the symptoms, prescribe 5 doses of traditional Chinese medicine, decoction and warm water, and the usage is the same as above.

After the ten doses of ten doses, itching stopped, the rash faded eight or nine, and the wind group occasionally repeated. It was given to the upper to nourish the cooling blood, and then took 3 doses.

Urticaria is a type of wind. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that itchy on the body is often caused by wind. The wind is divided into cool and hot wind. Some urticaria patients will occur when the cold wind will occur.Cool wind is cold, so when treating such urticaria, it often uses drugs such as nepeta, windproof, and cinnamon branches.

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