There are many benefits to eating fish during pregnancy!Eat more of these fish to promote fetal cerebral development and retinal development

Wheat likes to eat fish very much. After pregnancy, I heard that eating more fish can make the baby smarter, so I often let her husband make fish to eat fish.On this day, the wheat and girlfriend were ready to go to a newly opened Japanese restaurant to eat. I didn’t expect her mother -in -law to hear and resolutely let her go.Japanese friends also ate sashimi after pregnancy, and it was fine at all.But looking at her mother -in -law’s firm attitude, wheat thought that she was also for the sake of children, so she had to change her appointment with her girlfriend.

This question has always been what many pregnant mothers want to ask, especially for pregnant mothers who like Japanese materials. It is a painful thing to not eat sashimi after pregnancy.In fact, for pregnant women, raw fish slices can be eaten, but they should be eaten as little as possible, it is best not to eat it.Because although sashimi has been processed, it is difficult for us to guarantee whether it is really clean?Moreover, there are likely to have bacteria and parasites, which will harm the body of the pregnant mother.

After pregnancy, as the uterus becomes larger, these parasites are very likely to move from the abdomen of the pregnant mother to the navel and around the uterus.At this time, you will feel that your stomach is particularly painful. If this pain lasts for a long time, it may cause uterine contraction.Severe, may even cause abortion, or premature.Therefore, even if it is raw, raw fish slices should be eaten as little as possible.

1. Fish with high mercury content

When eating fish, some fish with high mercury content, such as sharks, square fish, etc., are best not to eat during pregnancy.This is because, as a mercury for heavy metals, once you enter the pregnant mother, you will enter the fetal tissue through the placenta, which will affect the nervous nervous system and harm the brain development.

2. Fish near the pollution waters

Near the pollution waters, for example, near the chemical factory or near the rice fields, the waters are contaminated, and the fish must also accumulate a lot of toxins. If the pregnant mother eats such fish, it will easily cause poisoning.

3. Pickled fish

We know that the marinated fish is generally high in salt, and it may contain a large amount of nitrite.If you eat this kind of fish, you may not say that the body of the pregnant mother is not good, and it may also enter the fetus through the placenta barrier to affect the healthy development of the baby.

Generally, everyone will tend to make pregnant women eat more deep -sea fish. This is because deep -sea fish contain a large amount of DHA. This material will promote the brain development of fetal treasure and retinal development, which can promote it well.However, deep -sea fish should be eaten in moderation, especially tuna, etc., the mercury content will be relatively high. If it is often eaten, it will easily lead to mercury poisoning.

In fact, the fish that is most suitable for pregnant mothers is freshwater fish, such as carp, catfish, black fish, catfish, etc.These fish have different effects, and you can choose according to your favorite and current needs.

1. Don’t eat fish every day

Although it is better to eat fish for pregnant mothers and babies, do not eat fish every day, otherwise it will be easy to be unbalanced.Eat 2-3 times a week, and don’t eat a fish for a long time when eating fish. It will be better to eat a kind of fish for a long time.

2. When choosing fish, ensure the freshness of the ingredients

When choosing a fish, you must ensure the freshness of the ingredients. It is best to eat live fish.For example, some signs of corruption or deformity fish must not buy it for cheap.

3. Understand whether it is allergic to fish

Some pregnant mothers will be allergic to fish, especially those who eat seafish are much more than eating freshwater fish.Therefore, before eating fish, pregnant mothers should understand whether they are allergic to these fish, and then eat them.

Eating more fish during pregnancy will indeed have great benefits to pregnant mothers and babies, but some of the "exemption" of some fish, pregnant mothers also need to understand, so it is good for babies and themselves.

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