There are many progesterone hazards, so how to scientifically nourish progesterone during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women are troubled by low progesterone.Low progesterone will not only affect conception, but also cause abortion after pregnancy.At the same time, progesterone is an indispensable estrogen during pregnancy. This progesterone will have a significant impact on the endometrium of estrogen exciting in the body.So how can we improve progesterone value?Let ’s give you a popular science.

1. Oral and injection of progesterone

Oral progesterone is usually menstruation from 3 to 8 after stopping the drug.Oral progesterone must also be selected according to the situation of women, and some can use the injection method.The supplementation of this progesterone can be used for injection or adjustment through our daily diet, so that our progesterone can reach the normal level.

2. Food replenishment of progesterone

The best food to supplement progesterone is soybeans, because soybeans contain soybean leuciders, which can effectively supplement the hormone in our body, and soybeans also contain rich essential fatty acids, which can make us ourBody nutrition is well supplemented.

There are also some foods that can achieve good supplementation effects, such as lemon, which are rich in vitamin C in lemon juice, and biological progesterone. Vitamin C can help women promote their blood circulation and help us absorb iron in foods.quality.Chicken, rich in protein and vitamin components, can help qi nourish qi and nourish blood, improve our elegance levels, and help us get a good replenishment effect.

3. Take and apply fresh royal jelly

Fresh royal jelly is a natural health food.There are trace estrogen in royal jelly, which can properly supplement women’s estrogen, and there are many amino acids, vitamins and trace elements in fresh royal jelly, which can meet the physiological needs of the body.

4. Foods with richer plant estrogen

In addition, in daily life, eat more foods with rich plant estrogen, such as beans, grains, fruits, vegetables, etc., which are not only easy to be available and safe.

Soybean is rich in progesterone, which is the best choice to supplement progesterone.Vegetables such as spinach and celery also contain a certain amount of progesterone.Kiwi, strawberries, grapefruit, lemon and other fruits can help women supplement vitamin C and vitamin E to restore progesterone to a normal value.

In addition, drinking black bean glutinous rice porridge can also help women replenish progesterone.Use 30 grams of black beans and 50 grams of black glutinous rice to boil porridge, and add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, but this dietary method is mainly suitable for women who need to nourish blood or anemia.

During conditioning the body, you should avoid irritating foods such as cold and spicy, while paying attention to ensuring sleep quality.

Good pregnancy and pregnancy experts prepare for pregnancy.

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