There is a round belly and a sharp belly, which is related to the gender of the fetus?Except for these 6 reasons, everything else is all rumors

Everyone has a curious heart, and the woman after pregnancy is better.Most pregnant women have a curiosity of knowing the gender of the fetus early. In order to know that the baby is a male or female early, they change the doctor when they are in the birth check.

Don’t think that the doctor does not say, they will lose curiosity.There are many methods for predicting fetal gender in the pregnant women’s circle, such as the pregnant belly is a boy and the pregnant belly is a girl.These "experience" spread widely among pregnant women. Is there any scientific basis?

There is no scientific basis for this so -called experience. The reason for occasionally predicted is because any answer has a 50%correct rate!

Let ’s take a look at what are the real reasons for the pointed belly and the circle?

The so -called fetal position is the position of the fetus in the mother’s uterus. The fetal position is different, and the shape of the woman’s belly will change.If the fetal position is cross with the mother’s spine, the pregnant belly will be a bit round; if the fetal position and the giving of the pregnant woman are vertical, the pregnant belly will be a bit sharp.

In addition to the absence of the shape of the pregnant belly, in addition to the fetal position, the body of the pregnant woman will also affect the shape of the pregnant belly to some extent.Some petite figures, thin pregnant women’s abdomen space is originally small. Once the fetus is full of horizontal space, it can only grow vertically. This pregnant belly will look sharp.

Conversely, the abdomen of the pregnant woman with a slightly fat body is relatively large, which is enough to accommodate the fetus that develops horizontally. The pregnant belly will naturally be rounded.

Not only will the body shape of the pregnant woman affect the shape of the pregnant belly, but the body’s body has a great impact.If the fetus is relatively large, the pregnant woman’s belly will look sharp; on the contrary, it will look round.This is why pregnant women are unpredictable.

The pelvis, as its name implies, is composed of a pelvic structure of sacrum, spine, tail and hip bone.If the pregnant woman’s pelvis is wide, the fetus can accommodate a larger fetus, and the belly looks a bit round; if the pelvis is narrow and the fetus grows slightly, the pregnant belly will protrude and look sharp.This reason is almost the same.

The hip shape of pregnant women will also affect the shape of the pregnant belly. Generally, pregnant women with hips will be a bit sharp.This is because the tailbone of the pregnant woman with hips will be backward, and the lumbar spine is protruded, which will cause the uterine position to move forward, and the stomach will naturally be more sharp.

The abdominal muscles of pregnant women who often exercise are relatively thick and strong in strength. They can withstand greater uterine pressure, and their stomachs will look more round.Conversely, those pregnant women who lack exercise have less abdominal muscles, insufficient strength, poor muscle fiber elasticity, and the belly looks sharp.

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