There is frequent urination symptoms in the middle of pregnancy, which is mostly related to these 4 guys. Don’t worry too much

Many pregnant women have abnormal symptoms of their bodies during pregnancy. If there is any change in the body, it will usually cause pregnant women to worry very much.Women are prone to frequent symptoms in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. After being plagued by frequent urination symptoms, it will cause pregnant women to sleep poorly and unpleasant. Some people even find that they are pregnant after frequent urination.Most pregnant women must go through.

What are the causes of frequent urination in pregnancy?

1. Pregnant women are pregnant in the middle, and the uterus has gradually become larger in women’s pelvis.Therefore, the organs in the pelvic cavity will also be affected, and even the position changes will occur. After the size of the uterine increases, it will be involved in the surrounding bladder.As a result, the bladder was pushed upward, and the symptoms of frequent urination occurred in the bladder.

2. The enlarged uterus will oppress the bladder, so the bladder needs to withstand greater pressure. The ability to store urine in the bladder will also decrease than during pregnancy.Therefore, the urineness appears after the toilet, and the amount of urine decreases.

3. The uterus of pregnant women in the middle of pregnancy will also be lifted to the abdominal cavity. The phenomenon of frequent urination still exists, but it improves better than early pregnancy.In the later stages of pregnancy, frequent urination symptoms will appear again.The reason is that the fetal head or fetal hip fall into the pelvic cavity, which will be pressed again to the bladder of the pregnant woman. Therefore, the capacity of the bladder decreases, resulting in frequent urination symptoms.

4. There is a problem with the metabolism of the body in the middle of pregnancy. The metabolism will gradually increase. Many metabolites of the fetus need to rely on the mother to discharge the body.Therefore, the workingload of the kidney will also increase, and the amount of urine is more than usual.

It can be known through the above content that if the knowledge of frequent urination in pregnant women in the middle of pregnancy, there is no other symptoms of physical discomfort, then it is a normal physiological phenomenon and there is no need to worry.If you want to relieve frequent urination, do not drink too much water before going to bed. When you have urine, you must go to the toilet immediately. Do not hold your urine, otherwise it is easy to cause cystitis or bacterial infections.In addition, it is also necessary to choose underwear suitable for pregnant women.

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