There is no child for 10 years, and his wife derails proves himself. Wife: Can you get pregnant?

Zhang Wei, 36, and Wang Xiaomei, 26, have been married for 10 years. They have no children. The couple are very anxious.A few months ago, his wife gave birth to a daughter, and Zhang Wei couldn’t get together.The mother -in -law even happily notified relatives and friends to participate in the full moon banquet of the granddaughter.However, on the day of the full moon banquet, the banquet was not over yet. Wang Xiaomei suddenly lost his temper and took away his daughter away.

Both mother -in -law and guests felt inexplicable.The mother -in -law hurried forward to stop her daughter -in -law from taking her granddaughter, but her daughter -in -law was furious. Not only did she scratch her mother -in -law’s face and neck, she wounded her mother -in -law’s face and hands, but also leaving her mother -in -law with her luggage and forcibly took her granddaughter away.

Wang Xiaomei’s mother -in -law

On the day of her daughter’s full moon wine, Zhang Wei went out to work.He learned that his wife and mother had a conflict, and he hurried back home.When he returned home, his wife was packing up and preparing to leave.He asked his wife to help the child with milk powder, and his wife ignored him, but fell the bottle to the ground.

Then Wang Xiaomei called her mother, and her mother and sister came to pick her up.Zhang Wei persuaded his wife not to be impulsive.But his wife did not listen to his advice, and he took the child back to his mother’s house alone.

Zhang Wei was confused about what happened between his wife and mother.

What happened to my mother -in -law on the day of the incident?It turned out that her mother -in -law told Wang Xiaomei that let her help her granddaughter to the household registration and prepare the materials needed for the hukou.But the daughter -in -law said to her: Why do you love it so much? You do n’t need to worry about it.

The daughter -in -law’s own bad attitude made her mother -in -law dissatisfied. The mother -in -law accused the daughter -in -law of a few words, but did not expect that the daughter -in -law was even more annoyed.She said to her mother -in -law: This granddaughter is not your house at all. You are not qualified to be a grandma. I want the child to follow my surname.

Wang Xiaomei’s mother -in -law

Wang Xiaomei has never returned after living with her daughter.Zhang Wei wanted to read his wife and daughter, and went to his mother -in -law’s house to pick up his wife and daughter many times, but his wife always avoided him.In desperation, Zhang Wei had to ask reporters to help.

Zhang Wei took the reporter to the mother -in -law’s house.Seeing his wife Wang Xiaomei, her attitude towards Zhang Wei was particularly indifferent.Zhang Wei said to her: Xiaomei, let’s go home.The wife said angrily: I don’t go back.

Zhang Wei said: There must be a reason if you don’t go back. I am the father of my daughter. I have the right to take my daughter home.

Zhang Wei

At this time, his father -in -law’s emotions became excited, and he yelled loudly: Don’t go back, no matter what you say, don’t go back.

Zhang Wei proposed to hold his daughter, his wife scolded him loudly: if you are not allowed, you can try it.He said to stop Zhang Wei from hugging his daughter.The mother -in -law’s whole family was very vigilant about Zhang Wei, letting him get half a step closer to his daughter.This attitude made Zhang Wei very angry with such an attitude.

Father -in -law even pushed Zhang Wei out of the door. He said: Go out from my house, you don’t come to see them for two months.

Zhang Wei said: You are a liar, this is caused by you.

His wife was even more excessive, and she moved Zhang Wei and forced Zhang Wei to retreat tightly.

Wang Xiaomei and Zhang Wei

Zhang Wei said: If you stole the hukou book, you just want to put your daughter’s hukou here.

When Wang Xiaomei saw her husband refused to leave, her emotions became even more excited. She kept hitting her husband, and then sat on the ground and cried.

Wang Xiaomei suddenly knelt down and kept hoeing, saying, "Let me go, you roll, don’t come to my house.

Wang Xiaomei kneeling to the ground

Ten years ago, Wang Xiaomei and Zhang Weijing introduced them.Zhang Weimei is 10 years older than Wang Xiaomei. Wang Xiaomei’s parents strongly oppose their daughter and him.But her daughter did not listen to advice and secretly married Zhang Wei.The two had a daughter for 10 years before they got married. It should have been a happy thing.However, because of the daughter’s household registration problem, there was such a big contradiction between the two sides.

Soon, Zhang Wei received a subpoena from the court, and his wife sued him for divorce on the grounds of the breakdown of the husband and wife.The child’s custody right belongs to his wife and does not require Zhang Wei to bear the daughter’s support and economic compensation.

Zhang Wei said that his wife had a good relationship with him before having a child. After giving birth to a child, he changed his attitude and suddenly remembered divorce with himself.On the day of the full moon wine, the mother quarreled with his wife. When the mother -in -law took the wife, she also said that they would calm down for a while.

After a few days, he went to pick up his wife, and his wife said: The child is not yours, you can do parent -child identification.

The words of his wife made him like a thunder, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Zhang Wei

Zhang Wei thought that his wife was angry, and later he was skeptical of his daughter’s life.Because he has been married to his wife for ten years, his wife has never been pregnant.

A few years ago, because both husband and wife were eager to want a child, they had two IVF surgery, but they both failed.After a year of recuperation, his wife was naturally pregnant, and Zhang Wei was so reluctant that he had no doubt about his wife.But what his wife said was uneasy.

Zhang Wei and his wife have always been good. He believes that his wife may say angrily.He wants to do a parent -child identification with his daughter.

Zhang Wei took the reporter to the mother -in -law’s house again.When he explained his intention, his wife expressed strong opposition and did not agree with him to hold his daughter.

Wang Xiaomei said: The child is not his, why let him hug him.

Wang Xiaomei

Zhang Wei said: It is impossible to be mine. Our feelings have always been very good. You must say that you are angry, you are deliberately angry with me.

Wang Xiaomei told reporters that on the day of her daughter’s full -moon banquet, she and her mother -in -law quarreled and took her daughter to leave on the spot.

Zhang Wei said to his wife: I’m here to pick you home.

Wang Xiaomei said: I can’t go back with you, and I have no feelings anymore.

The reporter persuaded Wang Xiaomei: Do not affect the relationship between the husband and wife because of the contradiction with her mother -in -law.

Wang Xiaomei said that when she conflicted with her husband, her mother -in -law always protected her husband.Her contradiction with her mother -in -law is not a day or two.

Wang Xiaomei once again emphasized that her daughter was not her husband. She was derailed before she was pregnant, and she wanted to prove whether she could get pregnant.

Wang Xiaomei

Zhang Wei once again proposed to be a parent -child identification with her daughter.Wang Xiaomei said: I am not afraid of being a parent -child identification. The child is really not Zhang Wei.

The reporter asked Wang Xiaomei: The child is not your husband, you are derailed, why can you still be so straightforward?

Wang Xiaomei said: derailment is derailed, and now it is not a derailment.

Wang Xiaomei

Zhang Wei asked for a parent -child identification with his daughter, and he believed that his daughter was him.

Wang Xiaomei’s father strongly opposed, he waved his hand again and again, "Don’t go.

Wang Xiaomei took out his inspection records. She said that after pregnancy, she had paid money for the production inspection. She asked her husband to give money before he gave it. During the pregnancy, her husband only gave her 1,000 yuan. When she gave birth to a childEssenceHer husband and mother -in -law’s approach hurt him, so she didn’t want to put the hukou on her mother -in -law, and then quarreled with her mother -in -law on the day of the full moon wine.

Wang Xiaomei said that she was with Zhang Wei at the age of 16, and she secretly married her parents and Zhang Wei.At first, the two were sweet and happy.Later, because of family chores, there were more and more contradictions.

Later, her mother advised her to have a child while she was young. She did not tell her mother Zhang Wei with infertility, and her son said it was her own problem.

After giving birth to her daughter, the attitude of her in -laws disappointed her.After giving birth to a daughter, she was confinement in her mother’s house.

On the day of her daughter’s full moon wine, her mother -in -law asked the child’s household registration.Wang Xiaomei told her mother -in -law that the child’s household registration is not in her mother -in -law, and she goes to her mother’s house.

My mother -in -law was annoyed and said, "How can our granddaughter’s household registration go to your mother’s house?"What contributions did you have come to our house for ten years?You eat all our family.

Wang Xiaomei

Wang Xiaomei was furious by her mother -in -law’s words, so she said that the child was not their family.It was precisely because of this quarrel that she was determined to divorce Zhang Wei.

Wang Xiaomei told reporters that when she was an IVF with her husband, she was pregnant for the first time, and two months later.The second time has not succeeded.As a woman, she is also eager to become a mother.Because her husband had no fertility, she derailed her daughter.The daughter’s biological father did not know the existence of her daughter.

Her husband once persuaded Wang Xiaomei to support a child. Wang Xiaomei was unwilling. She could have children and did not want to support other people’s children.

After having a daughter, she wanted to hide her husband and him.However, because of the contradiction with her mother -in -law, she revealed her truth and asked to divorce her husband.

Zhang Wei’s friend said that Zhang Wei was very good for his wife. Wang Xiaomei was derailed and his children were born in the wedding. It was immoral and unfair to Zhang Wei.At that time, when I saw Wang Xiaomei pregnant, my friends were happy for Zhang Wei.When they learned that their children were not Zhang Wei, they were aggrieved by Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei’s friend

Zhang Wei said that his wife’s verandant character was used to himself.He was 10 years older than his wife, and his wife was with herself at the age of 16. Her parents strongly opposed it.His wife ran out secretly, and he was determined to be good for his wife.After ten years of marriage, he loved his wife very much, and his wife became unreasonable.

Zhang Wei has not had children for ten years because of physical reasons.But his wife wanted a child very much. The wife had been derailed once. He found that he did not blame his wife after discovering, but persuaded her back.She understands her wife’s desire to be her mother.

Zhang Wei said that even if his daughter was not his biological child, he was unwilling to divorce his wife. He was willing to forgive his wife. After all, they had 10 years of feelings.

Zhang Weiyu’s local village secretary went to his wife’s house to mediate.The village secretary told Wang Xiaomei that her husband wanted to reconcile her.

Wang Xiaomei said: There is no possibility of reconciliation, I just want to divorce, my child belongs to me, and I and he have no feelings.

Wang Xiaomei

Wang Xiaomei complained that she had a child with her husband. She had two IVF surgery, and she suffered a lot.She was too tired to live with her husband.

Wang Xiaomei said that after the divorce, she intends to leave her child in her hometown to bring her parents and go out to work to make money by herself.As long as Zhang Wei is willing to sign, she should not compensate for a penny.

Wang Xiaomei’s parents said: No matter how hard they are, they are willing to help their daughters bring their children.

Wang Xiaomei said that she would not withdraw the lawsuit and let the court solve the divorce problems.

Ten days later, the court’s decision came down and felt that Zhang Wei and Wang Xiaomei divorced.Although Zhang Wei was helpless, he no longer retained this marriage. He felt meaningless.He agreed to divorce and did not ask Wang Xiaomei for any economic compensation.

1. Wang Xiaomei wants a child of his own. The wrong thing is to have a child who has been derailed in marriage and hurt her husband’s feelings.If she wants a child, she can get a child after divorce her husband.

2. This woman is also very pitiful. She was with her husband at the age of 16. Because her husband could not have children, she had two IVF surgery and suffered a lot of pain.

3. There is a strong mother -in -law at home, which is also one of the reasons he is determined to separate from her husband.When he and her husband contradicted, the mother -in -law always protected her husband.When she was confinement, her mother -in -law didn’t care about her and made her chill.

4. The most important thing between husband and wife is loyalty, understanding each other, and tolerance of each other.Only in this way can you live better.

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