These "abnormal senses" appear when pregnant women sleep, indicating that the baby is warning to you, you should pay attention

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After being a mother, women must bear the responsibility of their mother, and often ignore their feelings.

Marriage and having children are a process that each of us needs to go through, and it is also a milestone on our lives. If we have not experienced life, it is incomplete.

For our women, giving birth to children is a kind of "talent" for us, and it is also a responsibility and mission we need to shoulder.

I believe that many women still remember the happiness and joy of their hearts when they first learned that they were pregnant. This feeling could not be expressed in words.

However, after the emotion in the heart fades, women must meet the changes that they bring to themselves, and they must also start to meet the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy.

During the whole pregnancy, women’s body will change a lot. Whether it is physical or psychological, there will be obvious undulating situations.

Moreover, the most important thing is that during pregnancy, women are not only psychologically tired, but they usually want to rest well when they want to rest well. Even the simplest sleep cannot be in the most comfortable state.

Especially in the middle of pregnancy and the second trimester, the pregnant woman’s belly began to bulge slowly, and it was difficult to sleep well at night. No matter what posture, it was uncomfortable.

I have seen such a news before, a treasure mother who is 7 months pregnant, at the beginning, there is no pregnancy reaction. The baby has always been obedient, and pregnant women have not been guilty.

Moreover, the baby is very healthy at each birth check, and the pregnant woman is not guilty during pregnancy. It is really "eating it", and the whole person’s mental temperament is also very good.

In 8 months, pregnant women always felt that the baby in the belly kicked himself, thinking that the baby woke up and wanted to play with himself, but if he was too sleepy, he didn’t take it seriously.

Later, when the hospital was given a birth check for the baby, the baby’s heart monitored the baby was very weak, and the frequency of fetal movement was not very high.

Fortunately, the baby is just an umbilical cord around the neck, and the situation is not very serious. Because of the timely medical treatment, the baby is separated from the danger of life. Otherwise, pregnant women can easily cause the baby to surprise the baby.

1. The fetal movement is too abnormal

When the baby is in the stomach, their lives have certain rules, such as waking up in a fixed time every time, sleeping at a fixed time, and so on.

And the mother who feels the change of the baby for the first time, if the baby does not move at the time of waking up, or is extremely active in the sleeping time.

The pregnant woman must be careful. It is likely that the child has an accident. For example, frequent fetal movement is likely to have a umbilical cord around the neck. If it is not found in time, it is easy to suffocate.

2. Always have fetal dreams

Many pregnant women always dream of some weird dreams when they sleep, such as dreaming of the baby, dreaming of the baby to speak to themselves, dreaming of some small animals into babies, and so on.

Everyone must know that a person’s sleep quality is closely related to his body. If he always dreams when sleeping, it is likely that this is the case for pregnant women because of excessive hard work.

1. Do not drink water 1-2 hours before going to bed

An experienced mother knows that in the second trimester, because the baby is older and bigger, it will oppress the bladder, that is, pregnant women at this time cannot urinate.

If you drink water or drink anything before going to bed, it is easy to go to the toilet in the middle of the night or even frequent urination, which will affect the quality of sleep and indirectly affect the baby’s sleep quality.

2. Don’t watch horror movies or touching movies before going to bed

Women are naturally emotional animals, and they are also very emotional. Seeing a touching movie or fragment can be sad for a long time, and the pregnant woman is even more emotional after pregnancy.

If pregnant women watch some scary movies before going to bed, it is likely to be infected with emotions. After sleeping, she will do some "nightmares" about the movie, which will cause unsatisfactory when sleeping, which will not only affect sleep, but also affect the baby.

Or watching some touching movies, it is likely that it is likely to bring himself in, which will cause emotions to be too bullying, and it is not good for pregnant women themselves.

After reading this article, do you think there are any "unusual" during pregnancy?What do you think of your pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

Regarding children’s psychological, education, personality, etc., you can answer your doubts. I hope my suggestions can help everyone and make every baby grow up healthily.

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