These "Chinese medicine gynecological rumors" are cheating me so hard

These Chinese medicine gynecological rumors can’t hear

Speaking of gynecological rumors, which kind of flower girl has not been brainwashed by the palace fighting drama?

Because safflower is used in palace fighting dramas to fight for pets, will there be abortion in Chinese medicine?

"I usually drink Chinese medicine to regulate menstruation, but I am preparing for pregnancy recently, will I have an impact?"

In a pain, that palace is Gonghan, can you not set up a full -scale tonic?

Wake up, you have been cheated for too long!

Weng Xiaochen

The Department of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University

Zhang Qinhua

Director of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Chief Physicians, Director and Chief Physician Affiliated to Tongji University

Will drinking Chinese medicine affect pregnancy?

There are often some patients who come to see menstruation to see menstrual disorders, and they will ask this way in the end:

"I usually drink Chinese medicine to regulate menstruation, but I am preparing for pregnancy recently, will I have an impact?"

The answer is: No.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the production of menstruation is related to the viscera, meridians, qi and blood, and it is also closely related to the flourishing of kidney qi and the flourishing of the second pulse.

It should be noted that the "kidney qi" here does not refer to the gas produced by the kidneys, but the kidney refinement of the kidney., Reproductive, urinary, endocrine system.Don’t confuse it.

Menstruation is adjusted, which means that the kidney is strong and rushing, and at this time, it will be conducive to breeding healthy babies.

However, here is to remind everyone that once you find pregnancy at the stage of drinking Chinese medicine, inform and ask the doctor if you are suitable for continuing to take the original Chinese medicine.

Because some traditional Chinese medicines are regulated by strengthening the spleen and liver and kidney, and there is no problem to continue taking; while some are regulating menstruation by promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, they need to determine whether the patient can continue to take it.

Therefore, when drinking Chinese medicine to regulate menstruation, you can get pregnant and help pregnant, but you must pay attention to your menstruation!Once the menstrual time is pushed, the "little red light" is about to light up, indicating that it may be pregnant, and the Chinese medicine used may need to be adjusted!

Is it harmful to use blood circulation drugs before pregnancy or IVF?

We use the heparin of anticoagulation in Western medicine to make analogy. Some pregnant mothers have previously aborted many times and need to be used to protect the fetus every day because she is in a high -coordinated state.

Similarly, the Chinese medicine is added to the hypertrophy of the blood because the pregnant mother has the problem of "blood stasis". "Blood stasis" can cause miscarriage and bleeding. The subordinate blood of the choric membrane is a manifestation of "blood stasis".

The blood circulation medicine in Chinese medicine often has multiple effects. For example, safflower can nourish blood or promotes blood circulation. Sanqi can promote blood circulation or stop bleeding.

According to the patient’s condition, doctors will choose proper drugs and will not affect the baby. Chinese medicine is called "there is no reason or no 殒".

We have also encountered patients who drink traditional Chinese medicine before the test tube infant fertilized egg transplantation. Will there be red flowers in Chinese medicine that will affect the fertilized egg bed?Because safflower is used in the palace fighting drama to harm the concubine.

That’s right, a large dose of safflower may indeed cause miscarriage.However, for women with stagnation, endometrial blood stasis causes blood supply to insufficient blood supply, nor can the fertilized eggs in bed successfully bed.

Therefore, the use of small doses such as safflower blood circulation is mainly to improve the blood circulation of pelvic cavity, promote ovarian and endometrial blood supply, improve nutrition and improve function, and blood prosperity can take pregnancy.Success rate.

Dysmenorrhea is so painful, am I Gonghan?

Many patients who look at dysmenorrhea sit down and say, "The doctor is my palace Han, you can see what medicine is prescribed for me."

However, after seeing the doctor, I found that most of them were Gonghan!

Dysmenorrhea may be qi stagnation, blood stasis, qi deficiency blood stasis, and even inside the inside.

Now the outside Gonghan advertisement is really "good", but it is necessary to seize the name!

So, what kind of talent is Gong Han?There are mainly the following performances.

Cold abdomen pain when menstrual or before menstruation, covering with hot water bottle or warm baby will improve. The menstrual color is dull, the texture is thin, like black bean juice, and (this "and" very important) symptoms of cold waist and cold limbs, cold limbs, cold limbs, cold limbs, cold limbs, cold limbs, cold limbs, cold limbs, cold limbs, and cold limbs.Essence

There is another word here. Some female friends are easy to be cold in hands and feet. This may often only indicate that you lack nutrition, and blood deficiency leads to insufficient body temperature!

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