These "natural contraceptives", couples who are preparing for pregnancy must pay attention not to eat these

The first is papaya. Everyone knows that papaya has a breast enhancement effect, so many young women often eat papaya, but if you are preparing for pregnancy, then this kind of fruit must not be eaten, because papaya contains a large amount of proteases such as proteases, and and with and with, as well as the substances such as itPeridone in women is likely to cause infertility.

In addition, the milk tea that everyone likes to drink is very sweet. Many people like to drink. Some people even drink milk tea as water even if they do n’t even drink water a day.But if you are a man who is preparing for pregnancy, you must drink less milk tea.The milk sperm in milk tea contains a large amount of trans fatty acids, which will interfere with the activity of sperm, affect the secretion of male hormones, and may even interrupt the development of sperm in men. Therefore, men must drink less milk tea when preparing for pregnancy.

Tofu is also a kind of vegetable that everyone likes very much. It has tender taste, very silky, and has high nutritional value of tofu. Girls eat more and have a whitening function.However, men must eat less tofu, because there are also rich in female plant estrogen in soy products, long -term consumption of men can cause the number of sperm to greatly reduce the number of sperm, so you can eat less, but do not have too much.

In addition, pickled foods should not be eaten. Many people like to eat pickled kimchi pickles and so on. The taste is very good.However, during the production process of these foods, a amount of salt will be enlarged. After storage for a period of time, it will be converted into nitrite. It is easy to cause miscarriage after the use of pregnant women, and it will also cause the activity of the eggs and sperm.Eat more.

Garlic is also a kind of condiment that everyone likes. Many people are inseparable from garlic, and garlic also has a good sterilization effect, and can also prevent cancer. HoweverMen’s eating more has a great impact on sperm.

There is also a drink that is coffee. Many office workers like to drink very much, refresh their brains, and taste good, but if you are preparing for pregnancy, coffee must drink less, because coffee will stimulate people’s nervous centers, and successive will affect men.Sexual desire is even less conducive to conceiving children.

In addition to these "natural contraceptives" that are not conducive to pregnancy, some foods are very conducive to pregnancy. Eat these foods, and the chance of pregnancy will greatly increase.

The first is red dates. The nutritional value is very high, and it can replenish qi and blood. It is a good supplement.And there are a large number of vitamins. Women eat more red dates and can also care for the ovaries, which is more conducive to pregnancy.

Another kind of food is vitamin E. Girls who usually like whitening should have eaten. This can not only maintain the skin, but also help women to regulate qi and blood, increase ovarian related functions, and the chance of pregnancy will be greatly increased.

In order to be able to conceive their children as soon as possible, both the couple should pay attention to their diet.

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