These 5 "particular" of the older generation after pregnancy are not just superstitions, but they are really good for you.

Pregnancy was originally a very happy thing, but the older generation of "exquisite" is extremely many. You can’t say, can’t hold children, can’t participate in happy events in the first three months after pregnancy …

Although these "particular" sounds strange, it is not unreasonable to think about it carefully. Let’s analyze it in detail.

1. Can’t say three months before pregnancy

Police rumors: The first three months of pregnancy cannot be said, otherwise it will be frightened by the fetal god, which is not good for the baby.

I often listen to the elderly at home that it must not be announced to the outside world in the first three months of pregnancy. Although the fetal god is superstitious, it is not unreasonable for the good news that it cannot be announced in the first three months.Early pregnancy embryos are relatively fragile and the possibility of miscarriage is prone to abortion. In order to avoid embarrassment, it is best to wait for the baby to stabilize.

2. You can’t hold a child when you are pregnant

Police rumors: If you are pregnant, you ca n’t hold a child. You will be sucking the fetal spirit of the fetus. The gender of the fetus will be converted. The fetus will be jealous, making the child you hug will get sick or become difficult to bring.

After listening, although it is ridiculous, expectant mothers still recommend holding less children. One is that the abdomen becomes larger after pregnancy, and it is prone to waist fatigue.The accident was lost, so expectant mothers should try not to hold children.

3. Red and white happy events cannot participate

Police rumors: If you are pregnant, you ca n’t participate in red and white happy events, and it will hit the fetal gas, which is not good for the fetus.

It is absolutely a child deficiency, but the wedding or funeral, the noisy people in the field, are really not suitable for expectant mothers. If they are accidentally knocked down or eat bad belly, it is not good.

4. Pregnant women are not suitable to visit patients

Police rumors: Pregnant women should not go to the hospital to visit patients, and they will enter the body.

The evil spirit is too fantasy to explain scientifically!However, expectant mothers should not go to the hospital to visit patients. There will be various bacteria and viruses in the ward. The resistance will weaken after pregnancy. One accidentally is easily infected, so it is best not to go to the hospital during pregnancy.

5. Can’t move pregnant

Police rumors: Moving or moving the furniture position during pregnancy will alarm the fetal god and let you have a miscarriage.

In fact, it is not recommended to move during pregnancy. Moving is mainly worried that expectant mothers will be overworked and have physical discomfort. If it is a house that is just renovated, the formaldehyde is exceeded, and the taste is very heavy. It is not suitable for expectant mothers to live, so it is best not to move during pregnancy.

For the health of the baby mothers, these "particular" can not be done as much as possible.

Interactive topic: What similar folk rumors did you hear when you were pregnant?

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