These 6 items must be checked during pregnancy, and the results of the examination can be like this!

For a family, pregnancy is a very beautiful thing.And from pregnancy to the birth of children, expectant mothers look forward to the little angels in the stomach every day.In order to give children a better protection, there are very many things that expectant mothers need to do. For example, checking regularly is a thing that needs to be paid attention to.At this time, you need to understand the timetable for pregnant women during pregnancy. Today, I compiled a detailed schedule. Remember to collect it!

The timetable for pregnant women during pregnancy is very helpful for pregnant women to check and watch their children’s living conditions in their belly. For any pregnant woman, if you want to understand the child’s dynamics, you must keep in mind that the pregnant woman’s pregnancy test schedule during pregnancy will be checked.Essence

1, 5 to 6 weeks pregnancy examination

Perform ultrasonic inspections.This test can see the position of the embryo sac in the uterus.If you haven’t seen it, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is doubtful.

2, 6 to 8 weeks pregnancy examination

Do an ultrasonic examination to see if the embryo tissue is in the embryo sac.If you can see the fetal heartbeat, it means that the fetus is currently in normal state.

3, 9 to 11 weeks pregnancy examination

Doing a choric membrane sampling. If pregnant women have genetic diseases, "fluff sampling" should be made at this time.However, it should be pointed out that this test may cause abortion and fetus in pregnant women.Therefore, before continuing, listen carefully to the doctor’s advice.

4. 12 weeks pregnancy examination

The first official examination, at this time, the comprehensive hospital will provide the mother with a "pregnant woman manual".

5, 13 to 16 weeks of pregnancy examination

Do the screening of Donaldiane syndrome and amniocentesis. From this time, basic examinations, including weight, blood pressure, fetal heart sound, etc. pregnant women have been pregnant for more than 16 weeks of pregnancy, you can take blood tests and check the blood test report for the first time.As for the amniotic pest cycle, the principle is from 16 to 20 weeks, mainly to see if the fetus has abnormal chromosomes.

6, 17 to 20 weeks pregnancy examination

Detailed ultrasound examination can reveal the existence of fetal gender, first fetal movement and false contractions.At this time, the doctor will carefully measure the fetal head fence and abdomen to check the length of the femoral and check whether the spine is congenital abnormal.

For women who are the first mother, they do n’t know what to get pregnant. Some are just a state of tension, but at this time, you need to understand the pregnancy posture in all aspects, and what is for pregnant women’s pregnancy examinations.To do enough understanding.

Pregnancy examination refers to a physical examination that women need to accept during pregnancy and childbirth.Pregnancy tests usually need to be performed in regular hospitals, and different stages will have different examinations.This is because during the pregnancy of nearly 10 months, the physical condition of pregnant women and the development of the fetus are changing.

Pregnancy examination can enable doctors to master the physical condition of pregnant women and fetuses, so that everything can be carried out in the plan so that everyone can prepare a new life.In addition, some fatal diseases can be found in pregnancy examinations, which is very important for pregnant women and fetuses.

You need to do pregnancy examination during pregnancy, and the examination of pregnancy is relatively complicated. The disease can complete all the items. So what are the pregnancy tests during pregnancy?

Pregnant women’s examination items during pregnancy are still complicated, because no examination can be completed, but it is necessary to achieve multiple examinations through multiple examinations during pregnancy.Breast examination, blood volume measurement, blood type, anemia examination, electrocardiogram, syphilis serum examination, etc.Due to the different stages of fetal development and level of pregnant women, there are differences in inspection items at different stages.

In the early pregnancy, the first week of pregnancy-12th week, a B-ultrasound examination, intrauterine infection screening, hepatitis virus screening, routine blood test in the middle of pregnancy, the 13th week of pregnancy-27th week, color Doppler ultrasound, B-ultrasoundExamination, examination of gestational diabetes, examination of gestational hypertension, and screening of Tang’s syndrome (congenital gingivitis).In the third March of pregnancy, this is the 28th week of pregnancy. There are fetal monitoring tests, umbilical cord blood flow tests, B -ultrasound, blood type, coagulation, renal function and liver function test to prepare for final delivery.

Many people may be more concerned about the cost of checking the cost, because after all, it is not enough to check for a while.Pregnant women’s pregnancy examinations need to be checked regularly. The cost of each examination may be a question that needs to be followed for some families. So what is the cost of pregnancy check during pregnancy?

Pregnant women’s examination costs throughout pregnancy are about 2,000 yuan.There are many examinations throughout pregnancy, so the cost is not very cheap.The data of 2000 yuan is based on the statistics of many expectant mothers, but different specifications of hospitals may also be different.

The cost of examination during pregnancy also depends on whether there is a disease.Conditions such as hospitalization treatment will affect costs, so Xiaobian can only say that the normal level is around 2,000 yuan.

Pregnant women’s pregnancy examinations are not as many as possible, and everyone needs to pay great attention when conducting inspections. We must be attentive. First of all, you need to pay attention to examination during pregnancy.,Precautions.

Pregnancy test is a very important thing, so we must be careful.First of all, prenatal examination should be completed within 10 weeks of pregnancy, but it is best to go to the hospital two weeks after menstruation.At this time, you can judge whether you are pregnant, you can better cope with your pregnancy, you can also avoid like vaccines and breasts, affecting pregnant women’s things.

Each mother does not encourage amniocemic puncture, because it is an invasive examination.The abortion rate is about 1/100, not too low.Excessive B -ultrasound may cause embryonic cell division, abnormal brain formation, abnormal fetal skeleton development, teratogenic or dead tires, so doctors generally do not advocate women within 18 weeks of B -ultrasound.

Urine can detect many abnormalities in the body, so you should perform urine testing at least once a month in the middle of pregnancy to detect kidney disease as soon as possible.Starting from the 37th week of pregnancy, expectant mothers will monitor the fetal heart rate every week to determine whether the fetus is in a hypoxic state.Expectant mothers need to choose the right gynecologist for herself.She can ask him if he is an obstetrician or obstetric expert, because she is an expert.He has received complete training of obstetrics and gynecology, so that we can rest assured.

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