These 7 kinds of fruits, pregnant women have eaten nutrition enough! Want to make up for A. Remember to eat more 4

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After conceiving the baby, the pregnant mother often patronizes is the fruit shop.One is because the taste of the fruit is very sweet and sour, which is very helpful for alleviating pregnancy. The other is that the fruit contains a large amount of vitamins and other substances, which can supplement all the nutrient elements that the baby needs.

There are so many types of fruits in the market. Which fruits are better for pregnant mothers? Today I will introduce to you 7 kinds of delicious and nutritious fruits to see if you like it!

The vitamin C content in strawberries is very high. For pregnant mothers who often bleed gums, eating more strawberries can supplement vitamin C, which can effectively relieve oral problems.

In addition, sour food can promote the absorption of iron in the intestine, and the strawberry itself is also rich in iron. Therefore, the pregnant mother eats more strawberries to effectively supplement the iron, which is very beneficial to the pregnant mother and the fetus.

In the early pregnancy, if the pregnancy reaction of pregnancy is severe, eating grapes can achieve more effort.Because of the sour grape taste, it can effectively prevent pregnancy, and it can also have the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizers.

Can pregnant mothers eat avocado?sure!Avocado has natural folic acid and various cellulose. These substances can promote the growth and development of the fetus and help pregnant women’s physical functions.It should be noted that avocado is cool, and pregnant mothers should pay attention to controlling the amount of consumption.

Speaking of cherries, I believe that many pregnant mothers have coveted three feet.Cherry not only has a good taste, but also has a very high vitamin A content.Vitamin A is beneficial to the baby’s nervous development, so pregnant women eat more cherries, the baby will be smarter ~

Ritzi is a relatively common fruit in daily life. Temples will feel better than grape mouths. Eating raisins will have the effect of tires and alleviate pregnancy edema.However, the sugar content of the shit is relatively high, don’t eat too much ~

A recent study in the United States shows that pregnant women drink pomegranate juice to reduce the chance of fetal brain development.In addition, pomegranate juice has the effect of anti -aging. If it is okay, come to a cup of pomegranate sauce!

Snake fruit is similar to apples, with high nutritional value, rich in potassium and fiber.The glue inside the snake fruit can absorb a lot of water, soften the digestive residue to prevent constipation.

In addition to the above 7 kinds of fruits listed above, such as apples, oranges, bananas, dragon fruit, etc. are also fruits favored by pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers can choose according to their needs and preferences.

Note: The time to eat fruit should be about one hour before meals and two hours after meals. Because the nutrients in the fruit are mostly water -soluble, eating before meals will be more conducive to the absorption of nutrients.So pregnant mothers, have you eaten fruit today?

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