These 9 common fruits, pregnant women eat with caution!

Be a quasi -mother’s attention!Doctors will recommend that pregnant women eat more fruits, but don’t eat more of any fruit. Pay special attention to these 9 common fruits. Do you often eat it?

(Pregnant women, eat carefully;

Pineapple is a common allergen. It is recommended not to eat more for pregnant women. If you want to eat, remember to soak it with saline and eat it.

(Pregnancy, breastfeeding cautiously; you can eat confinement)

Proper consumption of longan is good for pregnant women, because longan is rich in iron, multiple vitamins and minerals, but it is not suitable for excessive consumption, because its sugar content is relatively high.

(Pregnancy, breastfeeding cautiously; you can eat confinement)

Durian is rich in folic acid, and high sugar is high, and it is prone to suffering from too fast weight gain. If a large amount of consumption will cause constipation, etc.

(Pregnancy, breastfeeding, confinement cautious)

The sugar and tannic acid of persimmon are very high. Too much consumption can cause blood sugar fluctuations and gastrointestinal discomfort.

(Pregnancy, breastfeeding, confinement cautious)

Although hawthorn can relieve pregnancy, excessive consumption of hawthorn can stimulate the stomach and teeth.

(Pregnancy, confinement, breastfeeding carefully)

I believe that many people like to eat watermelon. For pregnant women, they are "fatal" for watermelon. High watermelon has a high sugar content. Too much consumption will lead to too much weight gain, and at the same time, it can cause symptoms such as diarrhea.

(Pregnancy, confinement cautious; breastfeeding can be eaten)

Luo Han Guo is cool. Pregnant mothers with cold spleen and stomach are better not to eat it. They can diarrhea, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, which may cause fetal movement.

(Careful eating; breastfeeding, confinement can eat)

It can be eaten in moderation, but it should not be excessive

(Pregnancy, breastfeeding, confinement cautious)

The tannic acid content of mulberry is high. If the stomach of the pregnant mother is not good, eat it carefully.

In general, women eat pineapple, longan, durian, persimmon, hawthorn, mangosteen, watermelon, Luo Han fruit, papaya, mulberry … these common fruits during pregnancy.

In fact, it is not difficult to see that some of these pregnant mothers eat cautious fruits: high sugar content, high tannic acid volume, allergenicity, and so on.

No matter what fruit, too much consumption will cause discomfort, pay more attention to healthy diet.I hope that pregnant mothers will take care of their bodies, wish you!

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