These colors appear on the underwear during pregnancy, which will affect the fetal treasure.

Pregnancy is the most complicated stage of women’s feelings in life, and a very important turning point in life.For the first time, you have to "speculate" what the fetus is doing. Many times, pregnant mothers ignore the needs of the fetal treasure.But sometimes, the fetal treasure will say hello to the mother through some special ways, and one of them will be reflected in the mother’s trousers.

Pregnant mothers have not read the "signal" of fetal treasure, miss the best fetal time protection time

Liu Dan is the financial director of a company. After 6 years of hard work, he climbed into this position and cherishes himself.Shortly after marriage, she became pregnant, because she didn’t feel any discomfort in her body, so she kept high -intensity jobs.For 2 or 3 days in a row, brown secretions appeared on Liu Dan’s trousers. She checked on the Internet and found that many people had pregnancy during pregnancy, so she didn’t care and continued to work.

Just once, Liu Dan suddenly felt a little pain in his stomach, and then the trousers turned bright red. Then she felt wrong and immediately went to the hospital for examination.Then the doctor told Liu Dan that the fetal treasure had stopped, and the reason was likely that the needs of the fetal treasure that the body hormone did not follow.

There were some small accidents during pregnancy, and eventually caused a big accident. These were unwilling to see it, but they had to face reality because of their faults.These colors appear on the underwear during pregnancy, which will affect the fetal treasure that must be paid attention to, and these points must be done.

1. Transparent water color

During pregnancy, the hormone of the pregnant mother’s body will change a lot, which also causes the amount of secretions. Therefore, the pregnant mother often finds that the panties just changed, and it didn’t take long for the wet.In fact, this transparent secretion has no effect on the pregnant mother. What really affects is that the trousers are not changed for a long time.

Correct practice: Wet trousers are too easy to breed bacteria, so in order to avoid breeding bacteria that cause inflammation, affect the health of the fetal treasure. Therefore, pregnant mothers must replace clean, cotton, and good breathability in time.

2. Brown or bright red

Although pregnant mothers are pregnant, they still have some trivial things such as jobs or housework to be busy, or even if they do nothing, they may make brown or bright red in the inside.Bao is asking for help with his mother.

Correct approach: Pregnant mothers must go to the hospital to check in time to see if they have moved their fetal gas, or whether there is a problem with the body’s hormones, and then according to the doctor, to regulate their children and keep the fetal treasure.However, when pregnant mothers see these colors, don’t worry, a good mood will be more conducive to fetal treasure.

3. Yellow or yellow -green

For these two colors, the pregnant mother has inflammation.Some pregnant mothers will feel that they have never had these diseases before pregnancy.In fact, during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s resistance was reduced a lot, especially in private parts. At this time, it was easy to be "disturbed" of bacteria, and inflammation was easy to find.

Correct practice: During pregnancy, you need to pay more attention to the hygiene of private parts. The inflammation is not very serious, so pay attention to hygiene.If inflammation is more inflammated, go to a doctor to avoid affecting the fetal treasure because of inflammation.Do not use medicine at home at home. Many medicines are not used by pregnant mothers.

Pregnancy seems to be only 40 weeks, more than 9 months, but in fact, this stage and every different symptoms will make pregnant mothers worry.Therefore, pregnant mothers understand the knowledge of pregnancy and the color of the trousers.Sanitary habits are the most basic attention points during pregnancy.

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