These signals appear in the body when preparing for pregnancy, congratulations on you may be pregnant

Text 丨 Youyou

When preparing for pregnancy, I always hope that I can get a "winning" quickly, but how do I know that I might be successful?Compared with these signals sent by the body, if you have a few pieces, congratulations you may be successful in pregnancy.

1. frequent urination

In the early stages of pregnancy, the secretion of hormones in the body changes, causing frequent urination.Therefore, some pregnant women have just knew that they were pregnant and had begun to urinate frequently.The increasingly increasing uterus compress the bladder, and the increase of the fetus to compress the bladder is the cause of frequent urination during pregnancy.When preparing for pregnancy, he found that he had menopause and began to urinate frequently.

2. Men stop menstruation

The endometrium falls off during the holiday.After the pregnancy is successful, the endometrium is no longer falling off, and it shows that menopause is discontinued.If women’s holidays are always regular, they suddenly find that menopause is more than a week, and the possibility of successful pregnancy is very high.It is recommended not to take medicine during pregnancy.Early random medication was dangerous to the fetus.

3. Ozi is not tired of greasy

In the early stages of pregnancy, progestin increased, many hormones in the body changed, gastric acid was affected by changes in hormones, and the secretion of gastric acid was suppressed, which caused loss of appetite.You can eat more light and reduce oil fume stimuli.

4. Fatigue all day and get sleepy and want to sleep

In the early stages of pregnancy, hormones in the receptor to promote the softness of the uterine muscles and prevent abortion. It is a kind of self -protection of the body, so it is easy to cause fatigue.In addition, pregnant women metabolism is fast, energy consumes fast, and when energy is insufficient, blood sugar is not available and it is easy to be lethargic.When preparing for pregnancy, he found that he became drowsiness.The possibility of successful pregnancy is very high.

5. chest swelling

Affected by the changes in hormones in the body, the chest is prone to swelling and tingling after the pregnancy is successful.It may also be accompanied by the isola color.This is also a change that may happen after the pregnancy is successful.

6. Emotional irritability

The influence of hormones suddenly in the receptor, and the inexplicable temper becomes irritable after preparing for pregnancy.When mood is not good during pregnancy, you may have successfully conceived.It also needs more understanding and care of family members.

7. Basic body temperature is high

The ovarian secretion of progesterone hormones can stimulate the temperature adjustment center, and the increased body temperature increases.It is normal for pregnant women to reach 37 degrees.

8. Increase leucorrhea

Menstruation is stopped after pregnancy, the increase in estrogen in the receptor, and leucorrhea will increase.When women who suddenly feel that leucorrhea has increased significantly, they can consider whether pregnancy is successful.Pay attention to keeping the private parts clean and hygienic.

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