These superstitions during pregnancy should be eliminated, but some implies scientific principles. Can you identify it?

After pregnancy, expectant mothers have become the key protection targets of the family. Parents of the older generation always feel that young people are not working now, so they have voluntarily act as the leader of young pregnant mummy as a leader.Not only do they interfere with your schedule, they also "remind" everywhere in daily life, saying that this is impossible, that can’t, sometimes it is really impossible to cry.

I believe that many expectant mothers’ mother -in -law, neighbor’s aunts, and seven aunts, eight aunts, etc. After learning that you are pregnant, they will tell you some "taboos during pregnancy".Although they are all some superstitions, some are too exaggerated and have no scientific basis, but some think about it, but still implicitly contain certain scientific principles.Below, let’s take a look at the small superstitions about pregnancy that are often regarded by the old people.

Can’t tell people before three months of pregnancy

I personally agree with this statement, because I have experienced it in person.The article also mentioned before that my first pregnancy was about nine weeks of pregnancy.At that time, I knew that only my husband and my parents were pregnant. Think about how embarrassing to tell everyone if I told everyone about the news of pregnancy early, especially the father -in -law and mother -in -law who had been looking forward to holding her grandson.How disappointed and sad!In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus was extremely unstable, and most of the abortion incidents occurred in the early pregnancy. Therefore, before the fetus did not have "deep -rooted" in the stomach, the wise approach was not to be disclosed to the outside world for the time being.

You can’t hold someone else’s children when you are pregnant

Why can’t you hold someone else’s children?It sounds very mysterious, but there is actually a certain basis.Because after pregnancy, the center of gravity of the expectant mother changes. If you hold the child, you need to squat down and pour your body forward. The pregnant mother is easy to be unstable and fall.In addition, children like to move, and they are not controlled. In case of collision or kicking to the pregnant mother’s belly, it is very dangerous.We have seen some news reports before, saying that bear children have collided with pregnant women and pushed to pregnant women to cause abortion. This is a typical example.

Can’t move during pregnancy, can’t move the bed

The older generation believes that the "fetal god" in different positions every day, if you move or move large furniture like beds, it will affect the fetus.Of course, this kind of superstition is not credible, but from a scientific perspective, moving means to move the master and work hard, and the prospective mother as a heroine will definitely not stand by; and if the layout of the family is changed, the prospective mother may not be at the beginning.Adapt to a directional transformation, it is difficult to guarantee.Therefore, it is recommended not to move or move furniture during pregnancy.

Can’t lose your temper, you can’t cry

Old people often say that pregnancy cannot be lost or crying. Otherwise, the fetus will be dangerous.I believe everyone knows that before the fetus is born with the mother, the mother’s bad emotions will directly affect the fetus.Related data shows that if the mood of pregnant women during pregnancy is poor, the baby’s temper is relatively bad after birth, and there will even be a problem of "difficulty".In the early pregnancy, the fetus is unstable. If the long -term emotional fluctuations of expectant mothers, the risk of abortion will increase greatly!So if you want to have a well -behaved and healthy baby, pregnant mothers must pay attention to controlling their emotions.

Can’t participate in wedding funerals when pregnancy

In fact, from a scientific point of view, because of pregnancy, expectant mothers are more weak and need to be careful everywhere.There are many people in traditional weddings and funerals. They are very lively. The situation on the scene is complicated. People come and the air is turbid. Some scenes that may have great joy and sorrow will also come to the fireworks from time to time.If pregnant women participate in it, there may be accidents such as emotional fluctuations, easily collision, and frightened, so it is recommended to try not to participate.

It can be seen that some elderly people have been passed down from generation to generation. From ancient times, there are also reasons. At least they have played a role in protecting pregnant women and fetuses.However, pregnant mothers should not follow them blindly. If you feel anxious or sensitive because of some superstition, you should not be nervous every day.

Today, science is so developed and popular, in the final analysis, even superstitious, there will be a time to reveal the mystery.The following is also some superstitions during pregnancy, but it is foundable, let’s crack them one by one.

Can’t use electronic products, B -ultrasound, radiation affects the fetus?

Life now, there is nowhere to have no electrical appliances, there is radiation everywhere!But in fact, microwave ovens, induction cookers, computers, mobile phones, WiFi, etc. At the time of runtime, they all produced non -ionized radiation, the radiation volume is very small, which is harmless to the human body.And throughout our pregnancy, B -ultrasound is a very important test. It is essentially a sound wave transmission. As long as you follow the doctor’s arrangement, it will have no impact on the fetus.

Eat lamb to get fetal epilepsy, eat beef = beef temper?

Animals are really wrong!The doctor said that there are many reasons caused by epilepsy, some are inherited, some are infected with bacterial viruses, and some are brain injury … only have nothing to do with eating mutton!In the same way, the baby’s temper is not caused by eating beef during pregnancy. His character development is the result of the combination of various factors in congenital and acquired.It is pregnant mothers. During pregnancy, you can eat some lamb and beef in moderation to supplement your nutrition.

The tip of the belly is a boy, and the belly is round?

The belly is sharp or round, large or small, horizontal or vertical, etc., generally related to the size of the fetus, fetal position, amniotic fluid amount, and pregnant mother’s body shape and abdominal fat distribution, which is not related to the gender of the fetus.I have two babies, and my belly is rounded every time. As a result, I have two male treasures. It can be seen that this statement is not allowed at all!

Sour girl?

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have decreased appetite, sensitive to smell, sourness and spiny, and even want to eat some foods that I usually don’t like. This is a normal pregnancy reaction.After pregnancy, endocrine changes, hormone increases sharply, affecting gastric acid secretion, thereby reducing the activity of digestive enzymes, and ultimately affecting appetite and digestive function, which has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.

Dreaming about men and women?

The so -called "think of the day and dreams at night", the dream of fetal dreams is actually just a normal physiological phenomenon, and it does not mean much meaning.Boys and girls are determined by chromosomes. The moment the sperm egg meets, it is determined that it will not be affected by the acquired factors.Therefore, expectant mothers should look at the sex of the fetus rationally and be at ease.

Tong Yan predicts men and women?

This is also the topic of expectant mothers to talk about after dinner, especially the pregnant mother with Dabao at home. It is okay to let Dabao "predict" whether his brother or sister is in his belly.According to scientific statistics, the accuracy rate is about 50%, and it is just half of men and women. Anyway, it is either boy or girl, haha.

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