These three performances appear in the tongue, most of which are "alarm" in the body!Here is here

TCM seeking a doctor is particularly important, and the tongue is a very important process. By looking at the tongue, the nature and location of the disease can be inferred.The five internal organs are all through the stomach.

There are 4 kinds of tongue elephants to help us understand the health of the body.

1 Healthy tongue

The healthy tongue image should be soft tongue, flexible exercise, and uniform and vivid light red; the tongue coating is thin and light, the dry and wet is moderate, and it is not sticky or greasy.

2 light white tongue

Insufficient yang, the power to promote blood operation is weak, so that the blood can not be fully nutritious, and the tongue color will become lighter and white. It may indicate that the body has a problem with blood and blood loss.

We can use Yiqihuixue Soup to condition, 20 grams of astragalus, 4 jujube, and 6 grams of maltose, and boil into water together.Drink a cup a day to nourish the stomach and promote blood circulation.Please consult a doctor before drinking.

3 Moss greasy tongue

The thick tongue coating can be said to be the most difficult tongue. It suggests that our body is plagued by wet evil, the spleen deficiency and dampness, the clear qi does not rise, and the turbid gas does not fall.It is characterized by sticking, often easily cause chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, etc., or aggravate the condition.

The tongue coating is yellow, thick, and greasy. It is prompted to have dampness and heat in the body. The tongue coating is white, thick, and greasy. It is prompted to have cold and dampness and spleen deficiency in the body. Although they are all caused by wet evilsNot exactly the same.

◎ People with damp heat are suitable for eating radish, and radish can be wet, spleen, and qi; you can also drink lotus leaf tea. Lotus leaves have the functions of weight loss, eliminating food, removing dampness, improving yang, and promoting blood circulation.

◎ People with cold and dampness can usually eat more foods such as ginger, jujube, yam, Chenpi, etc., which have the effects of strengthening the spleen and warm water.

4 blood stasis tongue

Often manifested as ecchymosis on the tongue.People with such tongue elephants are prone to fatigue and forgetfulness, and the risk of tumor and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is high.

We can use the blood circulation and sacred sacred cricket to condition, take 10 hawthorn, 6 cinnamon, 6 grams of rock sugar or brown sugar, first wash the hawthorn and longan round, put it in the pot and boil it, then turn it into a small fire to become stickyThick, add rock sugar or brown sugar seasonings.

Hawthorn has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening the spleen, eliminating food, and relieving qi and pain.Guiyuan can soothe the stomach, nourish the liver and kidney, and match the hawthorn, which can double the effect.However, it should be noted that hawthorn can easily promote gastric acid secretion, and people with stomach problems need to be cautious.

Summary today

The state of the tongue can often reflect the health of the body. Looking in the mirror every day, observe the color of the tongue and tongue coating, which helps us adjust our diet and prevent disease in time.

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