Thirteen weeks of pregnancy back pain: fetus is growing

Thirteen weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may start to feel back pain. This is because the uterus is increasing and the body’s focus gradually moves forward.In order to make up for and maintain the upright head.As a result, the normal flexion of the spine increased, which caused the spine to bump the front of the spine, which caused the local muscle to pull. The symptoms of low back pain in the early stages of pregnancy.Although the degree is different, almost everyone has painful feelings.

Back acidity in the early stages of pregnancy is due to the gradual growth of children’s fertilized eggs, and the uterus is stimulated. Sometimes contraction occurs, and at this time, hormone levels have changed to a certain amount, so this is the backache caused by the stimulation of the uterus.If there is a slight abdominal pain, it may generally be related to the pregnancy reaction.

How to prevent low back pain in the early stages of pregnancy

Walk more

As the fetus grows up, the weight of pregnant women also increases day by day. Therefore, it is not advisable to choose an excessive exercise method. Walking is undoubtedly one of the best exercises, but it must be done.

Someone must be accompanied during a walk in the third trimester. When there is a sensitive contraction, stop and rest for a while.Pay attention to walking in a flat place when walking, because the abdomen of the abdomen in the third trimester can not see the feet at the foot, so as not to cause the road to prevent wrestling.

Swimming appropriately

Relaxing the whole body during swimming can help reduce the pressure on the waist.However, you must pay attention to self -protection when swimming, and you must not slide; you must not sit up to prevent upward infection from the vagina; your clothes must be stored separately and stored alone, and do not be polluted.

Waist massage

Pregnant women cannot perform physiotherapy, acupuncture, or plaster on the waist.The easiest way to relieve low back pain is that after rubbing the two hands on the middle of the lumbar spine, push 30-50 times from top to bottom to make the local fever, which can reduce the discomfort of the waist.

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