This "crazy" stone makes the pregnant mother’s pain unbearable!

"Doctor, doctor, my wife is pregnant. Suddenly the abdominal pain was half an hour, and it was too painful …" Recently, a pregnant woman had uncomfortable pain, nausea, and vomiting on the right back of the right side.Pu Rui Hospital.

It is understood that Ms. Zhou (pseudonym) has been pregnant for 10 weeks. Before everything was normal, her body was not uncomfortable, and such symptoms suddenly appeared at home.After the experienced obstetricians who have been experienced by Purieo Hospital excluded the possibility of obstetrics -related diseases and carefully checked the ultrasound doctor, they considers the patient as "pregnancy with ureteral stones."

This kind of back pain should be vigilant!

Renal colic occurred during pregnancy is a very dangerous thing. Not only is the pregnant woman’s own pain, and the severe colic can also induce contractions. It is easy to cause abortion for patients in the early stages of pregnancy.The safety of pregnant women and fetuses.

Therefore, if there are symptoms such as low back pain, fever, urination, hematuria, nausea, and vomiting during pregnancy, you must be vigilant and beware of misdiagnosis. Do not delay the treatment time.

The pregnancy of the urinary stones with pregnancy is relatively rare, with a incidence of 0.04%-0.05%. Among them, in the middle and advanced urinary stones in the middle and late stages of pregnancy are more common than early pregnancy.

With the change of hormone in the body throughout pregnancy, the urination function of the kidney Meng and ureteral tubes has changed accordingly, the shrinkage function is reduced, which slows down the speed of the urine flow. At this time, it is easy to induce urinary tract stones.

On the one hand, during normal pregnancy, the increasing uterus and thickened blood vessels around you will compress the bladder, and symptoms of urinary tract stimulation (such as urgency, frequent urination, etc.) will occur.The doctor may be ignored by accident.The urinary stones during pregnancy are more common in the right side, which is related to the low right kidney position and the right rotation of the uterus.

B -ultrasound is the first choice for diagnosis of pregnancy with urinary stones.The ultrasound department of Changsha Pruri Hospital has the current most advanced queue king-the US GE-E10 four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound instrument, high-definition accurate to capillaries, simple, fast, harmless to the fetus, can better and accurately detect that the pregnant mother is inInternal conditions during pregnancy, as well as the probability of increasing the baby’s malformations, and effectively reducing the birth rate of deformed children.

How to prevent urine stones during pregnancy?

Do a routine examination before pregnancy.During pregnancy, I went to the hospital for color Doppler ultrasound screening. It can detect asymptomatic urinary stones and ureteral obstruction, so as to perform early intervention treatment, which can reduce the occurrence of urinary stones during pregnancy.

Appropriate activities every day after pregnancy, the activity is advisable to take a walk, which can enhance physical fitness while promoting stones to discharge as soon as possible.Drink more water and don’t urinate.A large amount of drinking water can increase the formation of urine, and it can timely wash the kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urethra, so that stones can be rushed out of the body in time.

Reasonable diet.During pregnancy, nutrition should be balanced, avoid excessive intake of purine, sugar, sodium salt, oil, and protein, and increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, coarse grains and cellulose.

Proper calcium supplement.Keeping calcium intake and balance, especially the calcium intake in the diet is essential.Calcium intake will not increase the formation of stones, so don’t worry too much.

The ultrasonic doctor of Changsha Pruri Hospital reminds the majority of pregnant mothers: regular production examination is the first level of protecting the health of the baby. This can not only effectively help us understand the situation of the fetus in the palace, but also help to discover the early pregnancy hypertension during pregnancy.Diseases, problems can be given early treatment.

Correspondent Huang Ge Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Xia Sheng

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

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