This group of post -90s "Chaoyang" is guarding the "sunset"

Xu Yaxin, born in 1992, has worked in the pension industry for 5 years.When she first joined the job, she was questioned like this- "You don’t even know where to put a broom at home, can you go to serve the elderly?"I have always impacted her heart. She "questioned" herself: Why choose this line?

This is not surprising. Today, the post -90s generation is mostly the only child. He is spoiled by his parents and grew up. He can’t even take care of himself. How can you wait for people!

One year later, Xu Yaxin presided over a family of open days, which brought a turnaround to her career -the team of young colleagues in the team read out the handwriting letter to serve the elderly.Xu Yaxin remembers to this day.

"At 8 o’clock in the morning, a grandfather always sat on the first floor to read the newspaper, and then greeted me, which has formed a tacit understanding." "The toilet of the old man’s room was blocked.Clean up slowly by the toilet. "" An old man suddenly became ill. We accompanied the old man to the hospital. The family members of the elderly did not rush to the scene. We have arranged everything properly. "" My task these days isRetrieve the pension of being deceived by the fraud phone. "…

In the Sino -Railway Bai and Bai Le Kangyang community located in Hefei, Anhui, like Xu Yaxin, a group of post -90s care for nursing, rehabilitation, social work, and pension services formed the pension care team.Essence

Old and old and old

Five years later, Xu Yaxin organized hundreds of activities in large and small activities.This master’s degree in social work still remembers a heartwarming story.

Grandpa Wang liked to talk to someone to chat. He came to the elderly service desk and saw Xu Yaxin busy in front of the computer, so he was angry: "You are a service staff, you have to accompany us. Why do you face the computer every day?"At that time, Xu Yaxin was 6 months pregnant and also took into account the branch branch and materials.

"Grandpa’s rebuke made me wrong, but thinking in other places, he must be extremely accompanied." She decided to take a hour to chat with Grandpa Wang for an hour every afternoon.Regarding the topic of the elderly daughter, she heard hundreds of times and still responded enthusiastically every time.

Grandpa Wang was more stable with Xu Yaxin’s company.One day before Xu Yaxin’s maternity leave home, Grandpa Wang specially wrote a calligraphy "Da Shi Hong Tu" to give her an unborn baby.That day, the old man stood at the door with a cane and waved his hand, holding back his tears several times.

At that moment, she remembered that she had encouraged the elderly: "Grandpa, your words are well written, and we all look up at your calligraphy feelings."

These young people have also faced their families.One of the elderly was very poor. When the nurses finished medicine to the elderly, the family members always got the answer to the elderly, and they always got the answer to "no meals and no medicine."

Xu Yaxin and others had to recording the video while communicating with their family members.

When a grandmother with a cognitive disorder just came in, she didn’t even know her daughter, and her family was not assured that she had to drive at get off work every day.The little friends started from the small things such as feeding buns and doing exercise and communicated with the elderly.Once, grandma finally called out the name of her daughter, everyone was very excited, and the family members also let go.

"We are young and have a strong heart. Old people or family members lose their temper on us. We cry and hug each other. The next day, we are full of vitality, and the passion will not be worn." This is the common idea of young people in the team.

Let the elderly eat well and "play well"

"The team members are so young, they are ‘children’ themselves, can they manage and serve good elderly people?" Yang Dongrui, the person in charge of the team operation department, worked in the hospital. After coming to the pension industry, some new people and family members who lived in often askedHer problems.

She said that in the traditional concept, the children hope that the elderly will eat well in the institution and be guaranteed in life.But young people have different "gameplay", and they will also try to meet the emotional and self -actual needs of the elderly, and try their best to plan activities.

Some elderly people love Tai Chi, and the team guides him to become a "lecturer" and regularly carry out Tai Chi teaching.The team also planned the Chinese service and garden activities based on the family.The event is still in the preparation design. Some grandparents heard the news and took out the cheongsam and Tang costumes that have been treasured for many years.Young people also take the elderly to play with gesture dances, shoot Douyin videos, and "communicate with barriers" with grandparents.

This year’s "Mother’s Day", the team organized a flower arrangement activity. A grandfather accompanied his wife’s flower arrangement throughout the whole process.Warm and very moved. ""We often discuss between our colleagues. In the future, we must operate a relationship that is like a grandparents, not a fast -food love."

"When getting along with the old man, as long as he is sincere enough, he can feel your intentions." In these years, Yang Dongrui has more and more appreciated the weight of the four words "sincerity".She also felt the spiritual gain from the experience of the elderly, such as the seriousness of everything.

A 96 -year -old grandfather had participated in the Huaihe River governance project. After the check -in institution, he never regarded himself as a service group. He always tried to contribute to the event. His wife had experience as an elderly model.On the eve of an elderly model planned by Yang Dongrui and others, from hosting words, planning to event standing and direction, the grandfather wrote a stack of manuscripts and pictures, and he also fully blamed everyone to rehearse and take positions.

Regarding the problem of choosing the pension industry, Xu Yaxin and other young people have gradually answered: Everyone likes to see the laughter of the elderly in the event, and is proud of being able to properly handle the various problems of the elderly.

Facing the "last ring" of life, I have a different thinking about life

Xu Yaxin also had another layer of gain."There is a paragraph on the Internet, saying that young people have given their best temper and brought the worst temper back home. Since we do the old -age care work, we are more peaceful and warm to our family. I usually see the elderly in the nursing home., I will have a "stunned ‘in my heart. When I go home, the first thing is to greet the elders’ physical condition in person."

"Doing this job sometimes feels owed to the family. During the epidemic, we can’t go back, we can only watch the family from remote videos every day."A mother of more than one year old.

On April 20 this year, the Nursing Institute accepted a critical disabled elderly man, carrying duodenal nutrition tubes and ureteral tubes, with poor mental appearance and suffering from many diseases.After discussing with the director of the Nursing Department, Li Li and the director of the Nursing Department took care of the plans formulated by the multi -disciplinary group.On the afternoon of the same day, Li Li received an emergency phone call from her mother -in -law to inform her children from physical discomfort and vomiting and diarrhea. She could only help register online and continue to invest in busy work.

During the 3 days of the child’s infusion, she stayed in the park to take care of the elderly. Two hours of nasal feed nutrient solution, dinner, apple juice, milk and other nutrients, turned over every two hours, two times of ureter care and oral care … Li Li alsoYou will use small speakers to play the favorite songs of the elderly by the bed.Later, under the careful care of the rehabilitation division and others, the elderly could take a wheelchair 5 months later.

"Many elderly people here have reached the last step in the ring of life and need more help. We will also encounter unacceptable facts. For example, when the house was checked the previous day, he also made a rehabilitation game with his grandparents.The old man is gone. "Li Li remembered that there was an old grandfather who took a picture of him in the afternoon and said and laughed, but the old man was suddenly uncomfortable at night. He immediately rescued after the ECG, and died in the early morning.

"Young people must cherish the present and fear their lives." That day, Li Li silently told himself.

Working in an aging environment for a long time, Li Li’s subconscious consciousness is always considered for the elderly.When taking the elevator in the mall, she will unconsciously think of: "The elevator is fast here, will the elderly be uncomfortable when riding?"

"The team of young people has strong learning ability and brings new insights. Why can they insist on serving the elderly?" Fang Mei, secretary of the party branch of the career department where the pension team is located, observed that young people have harvested differently from the care of the elderly career.Experience.On the one hand, they realized that the happy life of young people originated from the struggle of the elderly, and the pension industry returns to the elders in another form.On the other hand, some young people in the society have emotions such as unevenness, grief and anger, and have faced aging, exposed to death, and perceived their lives in the pension industry, which can make young people calm in their hearts.

(Tao Junbao also contributed to this article)

China Youth Daily · reporter Wang Haihan Wang Lei

Source: China Youth Daily

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