This is how the fetal gender development process is!Can boys and women control?

For clinicians, many Bao Da Baomao, while looking forward to the healthy growth of the baby in the stomach, will definitely be secretly poked: Baby is a male or female?So, what factors determine the baby’s gender?Can I choose to have boys and women by myself?

Let’s talk about it in detail today.

How does the fetus develop?

1 Fetal gender is determined by X, Y sex chromosome

The real difference between men and women is doomed at the moment of the combination of eggs and sperm.

Eggs and sperm have only half of chromosomes.After fertilization, it will re -combine into a new individual with 23 pairs of chromosomes. Among them, X and Y chromosomes determine the baby’s gender development.

I have studied biological classes. Women only have XX chromosomes and men have XY chromosomes. Therefore, men carrying Y chromosomes are the key to determining the baby’s gender.In ancient times, men who had no son who kept their sons kept up, and could only blame themselves.

Therefore, the baby’s gender is determined by the sex chromosomes carried by the sperm in the egg.

How does the 2 fetus develop gender?

This depends on the development of sex glands (ovarian or testicles), reproductive pipes (fallopian tubes, uterus, or vasia pipes, etc.).

When the baby develops to 5 to 6 weeks, the primitive gland is formed first.At this time, the primitive gonads can be developed in the direction of the ovaries and the direction of testicles.

When the baby grows up to the 8th week, if you carry Y chromosomes and the testicular decisive factor on the Y chromosomes, the gland develops in the direction of the testicular, that is, the man;Become a female baby.

3 When can you know the baby’s gender?

The gender differences that we can recognize the naked eye are external genitals.The first appearance of male babies and female babies was the earliest as early as 12 weeks; in 16 weeks, the gender of the fetus can be determined by external genitals.

However, if you want to understand the baby’s gender through non -invasive methods, it may be a little later.Only about 20 weeks can we initially judge the baby’s gender through non -invasive measures such as ultrasound.

In some special circumstances, the inheritance of the inheritance of sex chromosomes such as color blindness may need to reduce the occurrence of the disease through gender identification. It may not need to wait until 20 weeks, which can be achieved through science and technology early.

Commonly used such as pre -planting of genetic diagnosis, fluff tissue, detection of amniotic fluid, etc., but most technologies have trauma, which may affect the health of expectant mothers and babies. Generally, it is not recommended.

Can boys and women decide artificially?

The most common opinions on affecting the factors of boys and women are the most common statement is that the acid -base constitution affects the gender of the child.In an alkaline environment, sperm containing "Y" chromosomes is more active, and it is easy to preferential fertilization and form a male baby. Therefore, some people think that eating more alkaline foods can increase the probability of raw male baby.

In the same way, some people think that the vagina with alkaline solution such as soda water is also conducive to giving birth to a male baby by changing vaginal acid and alkali.

Of course, this has been rumored.It is lucky not to wash out vaginitis.

In addition, there are other sayings. For men who are engaged in high energy or exercise, too many acid metabolic substances accumulated in muscle and body fluids can affect the vitality of "Y" chromosome sperm, thereby reducing the baby and babyProbability, and so on.

There are many claims about giving birth to boys and women, and they basically surround the changes in acidic and alkaline environments.Although scientific evidence shows that the "Y" chromosomes are more likely to survive in an alkaline environment, but the difference is very weak. It is very difficult to control the sex of the child through this.What’s more, in order to maintain normal physiological activities, the human body has the ability to automatically adjust the acid -base balance in the body.

From the perspective of women’s health, normal vaginal flora will maintain an acidic environment to inhibit the growth of pathogen, which is called vaginal self -purification.Change the pH of the vagina at will, which can cause women to suffer from diseases such as vaginitis and even affect conception.

With the development of medical research, people currently through some cells on the pre -pregnancy, early pregnancy and in the middle of pregnancy, through the biopsy embryos, pill cells, or pumping amniotic fluid from the amniocentesis.To identify fetal gender.

However, these technologies are only applicable to those who carry genetic diseases, most countries, including China, have strictly forbid the gender choice of non -therapeutic purposes.

The purpose of developing these technologies is not to cater to people’s wishes to give birth to boys and women, but to consider eugenics.Due to certain diseases, such as hemophilia and hypertrophy, the pathogenic genes such as malnutrition are on the "X" chromosomes, and men only have one "X" chromosomes, so boys have a high incidence.

Given that these diseases are seriously endangered, they can choose female embryo transplantation into the uterus by planting before pregnancy, so as to expected female babies to reduce the occurrence of these genetic diseases.That is the third -generation IVF technology.This technology can accurately judge the gender of the embryo.

Can anyone do the third -generation test tube?

Slowly, don’t rush to do the third -generation test tube.

In China, if there is a non -medical need, it is forbidden to give birth to men or giving birth to men or giving birth to a third -generation IVF!

The third -generation IVF refers to chromosomal screening or genetic diagnosis before the embryo is implanted. It can screen the embryo with genetic diseases to a large extent to ensure the health of the embryo in the embryo.

The indications of the third -generation test tube include: patients with abnormal number of chromosomal or abnormal structure; carriers of the husband and wife are carriers of sexual chain genetic diseases (such as hemophilia, pseudo -macro -macarmus malnutrition);Or carrier and so on.

It can be seen that eugenics are the purpose of the third -generation IVF.And determining the gender of the embryo is just the "benefits" attached to it.

Although it is not advisable to give birth to a boy or girl through the third -generation IVF, for the infertile people such as elderly couples, patients with sexual chain genetic diseases or related genes, and some patients with some single gene genetic diseases, the third -generation test tubeBabies are indeed an important means to achieve eugenics.

In real life, although the probability of having boys and women is not absolutely one -to -one, it is generally equal, which is a natural law.Boy or girls is the best gift given to human beings in nature, and human intervention in infant gender not only violates the law, but also destroys the balance of nature.

We should keep in mind that we can’t choose the sex of the baby, and we don’t have to choose it. Naturally, it is the best.

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