This kind of upper ring can be infertile or not

Many women choose to do the Shekuan surgery after giving birth to a safer contraception.In fact, the upper ring is indeed a very good way for contraception, but the damage to women’s damage to women cannot be ignored.So which ones are the most harmful to healthy? Let me explain it for everyone.

1. After taking contraceptive measures, I want to get pregnant again, how to prepare?

1) Upper ring.On the 3rd to 7th day after menstruation, take a ring to prove to be obtained by the gynecological clinic.Some patients need to take the ring for long time, age, and difficulty in taking the ring, failure to take the ring or suspect that the bred ring part of the incarceration.After taking the ring smoothly, you can try to conceive until the normal menstrual tide is once.

2) Donatal ligation.It can be carried out by the fallopian tube to perform the fallopian tubal resume surgery.According to the situation, surgery can be performed under the abdominal or undergoing laparoscopy.Successful surgery can try to conceive in one month after surgery.You can also go to the reproductive center. The auxiliary fertility technology is commonly known as "IVF", but it takes a long time and the cost is more.

3) Oral short -acting contraceptives.After 1 month of discontinuation of menstruation, you can try to conceive.

4) Condom.After a pre -pregnancy examination, you can try to conceive.

5) Frequent emergency contraceptives.Because emergency contraceptives are likely to cause menstrual disorders, it is recommended to try to conceive after menstruation recovery.

Elderly women over the age of 2.35 should be alert to risks

As age increases, ovarian function decreases, fertility has decreased, and incidence of infertility increases.If infertility occurs, actively seek medical treatment to avoid delaying treatment time.You can choose a laparoscopic examination in the gynecological department, tubal dredging, ovulation -promoting treatment, or the auxiliary fertility technology at the reproductive center, which is commonly known as IVF technology.

With the age of age, the quality of the eggs decreases, the abnormal probability of chromosomal abnormalities in fertilized eggs, and insufficient luteal function.That is, the risk of Tang’s syndrome is increased.

Therefore, for women over 35 years of age, they need to be diagnosed during pregnancy and check the fetal chromosomal to eliminate the possibility of fetal chromosomal syndrome. The testing method includes testing fetal chromosomes such as puzzle, amniotic fluid, and umbilical blood.The above examination is a creative examination, and there is a risk of complications.At present, some hospitals have carried out a new generation of non -invasive prenatal gene fetal chromosome examination technology, which can extract the fetal DNA from the mother’s blood for testing, with high accuracy.

The incidence of complications such as premature birth, hypertension during pregnancy, and pregnancy diabetes during pregnancy during pregnancy. Therefore, monitoring should be strengthened, and regular production checks in high -risk pregnancy outpatient clinics should be strengthened.

3. Choice of childbirth method

Some people are worried that age is not as good as young people. During childbirth, there is insufficient strength, and there is no confidence to give birth.In fact, natural delivery is mainly related to pelvic conditions, fetal size, production power, and the confidence and mental state of pregnant women.For mothers who have giving birth naturally, pelvic conditions are basically normal.When you are pregnant again, pregnant women need to pay attention to a reasonable diet during pregnancy. They can go to the hospital’s nutritional outpatient clinic to guide their diet and control their weight, and reduce the occurrence of huge children. In addition, appropriate exercise during pregnancy can keep themselves full of physical strength and increase the opportunity to childbirth.

The birth process of maternal delivery is usually faster than the first maternal, and there is currently painless childbirth method, which can reduce the pain during natural delivery.After the maternal passage is relatively loose, when the fetus is not large, there is no need for conventional perineal side cuts.With the increase of production and age, the postpartum function may be weakened such as leakage and vaginal relaxation, and the postpartum can be treated on the pelvic foundation.

For pregnant women who choose a cesarean section in the first child, they must understand the cause of cesarean section, cesarean section, and whether there are fibroids to eliminate fibroids before giving birth.If there is only a cesarean section surgery in the lower uterine section of the uterus, the wound recovered well after surgery, and the second child can choose naturally under strict monitoring.

What are the side effects after the Sheung Wan?

1. Pain in lower abdomen or backache: After the ring is on the ring, a few women will feel this way. Many problems can cause uterine contraction and cause slight lower abdomen pain or backache.

2. Increase leucorrhea: This is also one of the side effects of Shekuan.If it is a contraceptive ring with a tail wire, it can also cause the cervical secretion to increase significantly, that is, the increase in leucorrhea.After a period of time, after the endometrium tissue was completely adapted, at this time, not only did leucorrhea increase significantly, but also accompanied by unwavering medical treatment such as fever and lower abdomen pain.

3. A small amount of bleeding: 3-4 days after the lane, for most of their women, there will be a small amount of bleeding, which can stimulate the uterus to cause shrinkage.Membrane or endometrium causes bleeding.Therefore, for some women, there is no need to treat it, and it has healed within one week after the lap.

4. Increased menstrual flow: In the early days of Shanghai, especially in the first three months, women will also be prolonged due to some menstrual periods, or irregular bleeding.Many problems can cause endometrial damage.

5. Infection: When the upper ring will cause infection in the Sheung Wan, doctors will strictly disinfect the vulva, vagina, and endometrium of women, and rarely occur in infection.For women, there is a history of reproductive tract inflammation in the past, or premature sexual intercourse and frequent sexual life after the loop is put.

6. Increased leucorrhea: Bareer can cause endometrium sterile inflammation and foreign body reactions, so it can lead to an increase in secretions, especially with tail wire.It can be treated with anti -inflammatory drugs if necessary.

7. The tail is too hard or the length is not suitable: it can cause the pain in the man’s house, and even hurt it during the house.You can ask the doctor to cut the tail to only keep it in the cervix.

Why is there any side effects of Shanghuan

1. The contraceptive ring itself is wrong: the contraceptive ring deforms, distorted, and abnormal location. The incarceration on the uterine wall can cause increased bleeding or dysmenorrhea.

2. Caused by the endometrium of the contraceptive ring: the endometrium of the uterine endometrium may be unwell, causing local congestion, edema, and even necrosis, and ulcer bleeding in the pressure site.Generally after a period of time, you can heal itself and treat it.

3. Infection when the upper ring or the upper ring is infected: the endometrium is very fragile. If the bacteria and viruses are brought into the uterine cavity when on the ring, or you do not pay attention to hygiene after the ring ring, it will easily cause uterine cavity infection, excessive bleeding occurred, and excessive bleeding occurs.Menstrual period extension, dysmenorrhea.If you are in a regular hospital, this situation rarely occurs.

4. Other aspects after the upper ring: The contraceptive ring can increase the activity of fibrin soluble enzymes.Increasing enzyme activity leads to the dissolution of fibrin, the blood coagulation function is damaged, and the bleeding volume increases.Individual women’s prostaglandins will also increase after going on their bodies, which will not only lead to platelet agglomeration dysfunction, but also increase the frequency of uterine contraction, resulting in increasing bleeding and dysmenorrhea.

5. Other reasons: If there are bleeding tendencies, coagulation dysfunction, chronic endometritis, or usually through more diseases, forcibly on the ring will cause the moon to pass.

How to alleviate the side effects of the upper ring

1. General reaction

With a small amount of bloody secretions or accompanied by small abdomen, hidden childbirth, and lumbaric acid within 1 week of the birthplace, generally do not need to be treated, and can heal itself.Occasionally, equivalent or small bleeding can also occur, which can be used to stop bleeding.

2. Increase leucorrhea

The heavier can cause endometrium sterile inflammation and foreign body reactions, so it can lead to an increase in secretions, especially with tail wire.It can be treated with anti -inflammatory drugs if necessary.

3. The tail is too hard or the length is not suitable

It can cause the pain in the man’s house, and even hurt it during the house.You can ask the doctor to cut the tail to only keep it in the cervix.

4. Little abdominal pain and backache

It is caused by the shrinkage of the uterine shrinkage after the placement of the birthplace, and sometimes it can also be caused by excessive or locally moved to the lower part of the uterine.Those who do not need to be treated are generally adaptive; those with severe cases can try to treat symptomatic treatment of relief or other anti -inflammatory drugs; if the symptoms continue to be alleviated, a proper model can be replaced;Can correct the position of the birthplace.

5. Comprehensive heart and brain reaction during the operation

Very few recipients due to their mental tension or excessive local stimulation during the operation (such as expanding cervix), comprehensive response of the heart and brain may appear, manifested as pale, dizziness, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting, even sweating, blood pressure decreased, blood pressure decreases, blood pressure decreasesA series of vagus nerves such as abnormal heart movement and heart rate disorders, such as hyperactivity, in severe cases, can cause fainting or even convulsions.Although this comprehensive reaction occurs rarely clinically, it cannot be ignored.Generally, the intravenous injection of Atto is 0.5 mg, which can improve after 5 minutes. If it fails to improve for about 1 hour, it is advisable to take out the birthplace.

6. Menstruation abnormalities

It is the most common side effects of the nourishing device, which can be manifested as too much menstrual flow, extension of menstrual periods, irregular menstrual bleeding period, and shortened menstrual cycles.Its incidence rate is about 15%to 20%, which is often the reason for terminating the placements.This side effect is mostly within half a year when the birthplace is placed. As the placement time increases, the situation will improve.

Precautions after on -board

As the most common way of contraception in Chinese women, Shehuan is both safe and reliable and cautious. After all, it is a foreign body put in a female body. If it is not handled properly, it may cause post -troubles.So, what are the precautions after Shekuan? In addition to paying attention to rest and avoiding heavy physical work, you should also pay attention to intercourse and diet.

1. After placing, there may be a small amount of vaginal bleeding and lower abdomen discomfort, and most of them will disappear by themselves; the main complications of the main complications of the internal aduction ring in the palace are bleeding.The main symptoms are excessive menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual period, irregular bleeding period, etc.Generally speaking, there are always a small amount of bleeding after leaving the ring, but it will not exceed one week.If bleeding exceeds one week, or the amount of bleeding is like menstrual flow, it is an abnormal response.If there are more bleeding, abdominal pain, and fever, you should go to the medical unit for treatment;

2. Do not do too much physical labor within a week; you should rest in bed within three days.

3. Within 3 months after placing, pay attention to less activities to avoid heavy physical activity, including walking everywhere, sitting for a long time, standing, etc. If the menstrual flow may increase, you should pay attention to whether the birthpool device falls off during menstruation.Bleeding in the vagina cannot be in the same room or a bath.

4. Basin and intercourse life are prohibited within half a month after surgery.

5. If one of the following situations occurs, go to the hospital for treatment immediately: severe abdominal pain, fever, pelvic area pain, increased vaginal secretion; menstruation may not be transferred or there may be pregnancy;Irregular bleeding or bleeding, etc.

Pay attention to the abnormal leucorrhea after the on -board

Normal leucorrhea is a white dilute or egg whitening, height is thick, has no smell, has a small amount, and is not bad for women. It is called physiological leucorrhea.The influence is periodic changes with a large amount and small amount, and the quality of the quality is thick.If the leucorrhea is abnormal after leaning.It needs attention.Creed whether it is caused by a birthplace or gynecological inflammation.If it is confirmed that the breeding ring is caused by the need to consider whether this ring is not suitable or other pathological factors.It is necessary to take a ring.

Conclusion: Shanghuan is a very important operation. If it is not done well, it is easy to have infertility, so female friends must pay attention.Women must do a good job of health care after the Shekuan, and eating and drinking is the most basic job.It is hoped that the above knowledge about Shanghai will attract everyone’s attention.

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