This thing hidden 6,000 parasites, but it was put on the table by the Chinese people as a food end!Many people don’t know if they eat it, it’s too disgusting

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Summer is here, and it’s time to eat various supper stalls again.

Speaking of the food on the supper, what do you like to eat the most?Beer crayfish, or seafood barbecue and skewers?

No matter what you like to eat, there is the same "food" to persuade you to avoid it.

This kind of delicious parasite is as high as 6000

Many people don’t know they have eaten

There is a kind of delicious. From the summer to the summer, many restaurants will make them into dishes.Unknown foodies are easily deceived by its appearance and pay for it.But in fact, there are many parasites. After eating, it is easy to be infected.It is the infamous "Fushou snail"!Fushou snails were originally produced in the Americas. As a large country, at the beginning, Fushou snails were introduced into our country as edible economy snails.Unexpectedly, after the introduction, Fushouluo quickly adapted to my country’s local environment and spread.Its breeding ability is amazing. Each snail can be spawned in a large number of eggs a year. An adult female Fushou snail has more than 325,000 eggs per year!

△ Fushou snail eggs, and their vitality is also very tenacious. Even if the snails can survive in dormancy even under the harsh conditions without water and food without food.However, this is not a terrible thing about Fu Shouluo. At that time, crayfish was considered an invasive species. As a result, it was necessary to eat artificial breeding by my country to supply market demand.The most terrible part of Fushou snails is that it contains a large number of parasites in its body. Some experts used to experiment with Fushou snails and found that there were as many as 6,000 parasites in a Fushou snail body!The "Guangzhou tube roundworm" hidden in Fushou snails enters the human digestive tract, and it will penetrate the intestinal wall into the blood, and then enter the brain from the blood.

This parasite can destroy people’s nervous system. It has symptoms such as headache, fever, and stiff neck. In severe cases, it can cause blindness, hemiplegia, dementia, and even death.Previously, some netizens posted on Weibo, telling the horror experience of parasitic invasion of the brain when traveling on a honeymoon when traveling on honeymoon.She has been pregnant for half a year for medical treatment. Not only has the effect of drugs and hormones deformation, but also had a drug abortion … During the nearly half year of hospital treatment, she did six waist punctures and tied nearly 300 bottles of nearly 300 bottlesWater, after taking a dozen boxes of insecticide medicine, you can recover.

In fact, many people know that Fushou snails cannot be eaten, but because their appearance Hetian snails are extremely similar, many people eat it by mistake.Moreover, due to the cheap price of Fushou snails, some traitors will also deliberately use the Fushou snails to sell the field snails for the benefit.In order to ensure the taste, many merchants do not completely cooked it, especially the cooking method of stir -fried. They will not kill the parasites at all, and people will be infected after eating.Therefore, in order to avoid eating mistakes, everyone must learn to distinguish the Fu Shouluo Hetian snail.

How to distinguish the Fushou snail and the field snail?First of all, from a head point of view, the adult Fushou snail shape is much larger than the field snail; from the color point of view, the color of the Fushou snail is yellowish, and the field snail is bullish brown. From the texture point of view, the Fushou snail shell is very crispy, and it can easily explode with his hands; and it can easily explode with his hands; and it can easily explode with his hands; and it can easily explode with his hands; and it can easily explode with his hands.The field of the field snail is hard, it is not easy to fall, and it is difficult to pinch with hands. The biggest difference between the two is their tail. The butt of the field snail is like a pagoda, three -dimensional; Fushou snail ass is like a stool, flat.

In the future, you can patronize the supper stalls. Be sure to recognize it. Don’t take the Fu Shou snail as a field snail!To Health Jun said that the name of Fushouluo has to be changed, it is too deceptive. People who do not know they think they have eaten snails that can be "happy and longevity".In addition to the Fushou snails, the following 5 types of food should be more careful.

The 5 major foods are hidden "insects" big households.

Drunk shrimp drunk crab

The popular gourmet drunk shrimp and drunk crabs in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are marinated with live shrimp, live crabs, and various seasonings.During this pickled process, it cannot kill the parasites and eggs contained in it.If you eat unscayed shrimp and crabs, pulmonary insects will enter the human body.


Blood pig, steak

Ricknivals are a kind of intestinal parasitic, which can grow to a long time, and is common in beef and pork.Eating blood with blood and pads are easy to eat tapeworm eggs into the body. The tapeworm eggs enter the human intestine and will develop into adults, adsorb on the intestinal wall, and constantly produce new sections.Therefore, it is best to eat pork steak steak. Although the taste is not so good, it is safe.3

Aquatic plants such as 等, rhombus, etc.

Aquatic plants such as coriander and rhombus cord may carry gingerworms. When the teeth are used to eat the skin or eat raw coriander, the larvae will enter the body, parasitize in the small intestine and develop into adults, causing gingerworm disease.

It is mainly parasitic in the small intestine of the human body. Its suction cup is developed and its adsorption force is strong, which can cause the adsorbing mucosa to necrosis and fall off. Inflammation, dotted bleeding, edema, and even abscess of the intestinal mucosa can form ulcers or abscess.Lightness is diarrhea, and anemia is swollen. For children, there may be intelligence or even death.Therefore, it is best not to eat aquatic plants such as coriander, rhombus, lotus root, and white white, especially to eat skin with your mouth, the most dangerous, especially being infected by parasites.

Even if the skin is cut, it cannot be 100%guaranteed, because you do n’t know if the gingerworms will be polluted inside the coriander and diamond corners during the peeling process.4

Fish raw, cold fish skin

However, many freshwater fish are carried with liver absorbers, which are prone to liver and insect disease after eating.Deep -sea fish may carry spiny jaw nest bugs and polytopsis.Therefore, based on safety reasons, it is not recommended to eat a large amount of fish for a long time, as well as cold fish skin.5 In the body of frog frogs, snake frogs, and snake animals, a group of cracks are usually parasitic, and the vitality of the cracks is very strong.Therefore, don’t say that you eat raw, that is, it is popular to stir -fry now, or wrapped with flour frying, and it may not be able to completely kill these parasites.

Like many people like to eat chicken hot pot, stir -fried chicken, cold snake skin, etc., they are "high -risk dishes".

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